King of Hearts: Monday Updates (Episodes 461- 463)

Amol is about to place the ring in Roshni’s hand and as expected, Amol steps on the drink and falls down. In the meantime, Siddharth grabs the ring off of Amol’s hand and puts in around Roshni’s finger. Siddharth asks someone to lift Amol up. Amol looks for the ring. Siddharth says he made her wear it. Everyone claps for him. Amol is surprised and looks at Roshni and Siddharth as they were signaling each other. He understands something. Later Amol comes to Siddharth. Siddharth says he have come at the right time and asks him to have sweets. Amol asks what did he think that he will not know who he is? Siddharth thinks how did he know that he is Siddharth. Amol asks him to say truth and asks who have sent him here. He asks if Siddharth Khurana sent him here. Siddharth says no and asks who is Siddharth Khurana. Amol threatens to send him to jail for mixing something in his food.

Siddharth comes out of the kitchen and holds Durgardevi’s feet. He says Amol is accusing him. Amol says he will reveal everything with a slap. He raises his hand to slap him, but Siddharth holds his hand stopping him. Siddharth says everyone has eaten food made by him, but nobody got any pimples or rashes on their faces. He asks them to question Ganpath. Durgardevi asks Ganpath. Ganpath says he didn’t do anything. Sid says may be he is also innocent and may be Resham aunt gave something to Amol. Resham denies doing anything. Just then she gets Siddharth’s message. Durgardevi reads the message from Siddharth, that he will give her 10000 Rs for the work. Durgardevi accuses Resham for Amol’s condition and threatens to kick them out of the house. She asks Amol to come with him.

Amol exercise in Durgardevi’s garden area. Durgardevi comes to him. Amol greets her. Durgardevi says she want to thank him for helping them genuinely. Amol says he have taken antibiotics and will be fine. He says Roshni didn’t do any mistake and everything is done by Siddharth. He says Roshni is too innocent and childish and Siddharth is too dangerous and can do anything. He says she have snatched the golden stick from Siddharth by snatching Roshni, so he is desperate.

Durgardevi agrees and thanks him. She asks him to carry on and goes. Roshni tells Siddharth, she doesn’t know what to do to know Amol’s plan. Siddharth says they have to do some to make this rat come out of the net, and make him meet that man again. Next morning, Ganpath serves food to everyone. Durgardevi asks where Tadka is? Ganpath says he went to Gurudwara. Just then Amol gets Siddharth’s call and asks if he is having food. Amol says wrong number and cuts the call. Durgardevi asks Kesar to give him CA’s number. Amol again gets Siddharth’s call. Siddharth says he will be beaten when Durgardevi will come to know about his secret. Amol excuses himself and comes out. He asks what did he need? Siddharth says 10 crores rupees.

Amol thinks who is this new player. Roshni tells Siddharth that they have to do this, and once they get everything then they will distribute. Durgardevi hears her and thinks Amol was right. She couldn’t realize that she is betraying her own mum. She calls the lawyer and says it is urgent. Amol traces the call and comes to the location (a factory). He asks if someone is here. Bunty, Pinto and a man beat him.

Bunty holds Amol and says they knew that he will trace the call and come here. He says they need 10 crores of rupees else he don’t know what will happen. He asks him to inform his partner as well. They take out the mask and laugh. Amol cleans his wound with dettol. Siddharth sees him and decides to expose him in front of Durgardevi. Amol comes out of the house and goes to meet Yash, while Siddharth follows him. Amol comes to the Police station and goes straight to meet Yash. Siddharth also comes inside the jail. Yash asks Amol to say. Amol tells him about the money. Siddharth tries to see Yash’s face, but just then Siddharth’s phone rings and he couldn’t see Yash’s face. Yash asks Amol to activate property plan and do not meet him for some days. Siddharth tries to see his face. Someone closes the light. He fails to see his face.

Amol asks Roshni to take care of her beauty and that next week is their marriage. Roshni replies that this is her house, and she will do all the work and that Siddharth is her husband and will always be her husband till 7 births. She calls him loser and leaves. Durgardevi comes there and asks what happened? Amol asks her to come to a side. Siddharth thinks Roshni hit sixer. Amol tells Durgardevi that he can’t control Roshni, and that Siddharth is manipulating Roshni and trying to get the property. Durgardevi recalls Roshni talking to Siddharth, and says she will keep her property papers in the locker.

Resham comes to Tadka Singh’s room and thinks to prove herself innocent, and Tadka Singh as a betrayal. She searches for the proofs in his room. She finds a face glue in his bag and thinks his beard might be fake and she have to find out everything. She keeps his stuff and leaves. She uses binoculars to keep an eye on Siddharth. She sees Roshni with Tadka and says she don’t believe it. Siddharth says she have a plan. She thinks why Roshni have stoop so low, and it is very bad. She sees Roshni hugging Tadka, and thinks she is doing wrong and accused her and she will not leave them. Durgardevi checks some papers. Amol decides to steal those papers and change everything.

Durgardevi check the files. Amol looks at her and decides she is getting trapped in his net. He will change everything once he steal the papers. Tadka singh/Siddharth brings tea. Amol spills the tea intentionally on Durgardevi and apologizes to her. Durgardevi says it is okay, she will go and change her clothes. Siddharth says she will bring another tea. Amol takes the original papers and replaces it with fake ones. He gives the papers to someone and thinks Yash will get justice now, will get Roshni and Durgardevi’s property. Durgardevi comes downstairs to have food. Tadka Singh brings the food. Resham looks at him carefully. Roshni asks if she needs anything. Durgardevi asks her to sit silently. Resham says okay and sits down. She asks Tadka Singh to serve her food right away. Tadka Singh agree. He serves rice in her plate.

Resham asks him to serve dal. He serves dal. Resham asks for roti and asks Durgardevi, what is wrong with her. She says she is normal but he is not normal. She attacks his beard and takes out his fake beard. Roshni is shocked. Resham says he is a betrayal. Siddharth takes out his mustache and turban and shows his face. Amol, Durgardevi and Resham are shocked. Siddharth keeps his turban and asks Durgardevi to say something. Durgardevi says he is bloody and disgusting human being and how dare he play a prank on her? She says Roshni always supports outsiders. Roshni says mom…..Kesar says she said right and they should get him arrested.

Roshni calls out to his uncle…Durgardevi says obviously and is about to call the Police. Siddharth sits down on the sofa and asks her to ask Amol to call the Police, as he knows some policemen. Amol says it is a nonsense. Durgardevi says he is always a street man. Siddharth refuses to go. Siddharth says he is the owner of the house, and nobody can throw him out of the house. Durgardevi asks what is he saying? Siddharth says he will clear her doubts. He asks Roshni to bring some papers from their cupboard. Durgardevi asks Kesar, what is he saying? Roshni brings the papers. Siddharth asks Durgardevi to read it and get the answers. Roshni asks Siddharth what is this. She reads the papers and says how can this house be in his name. She has got these papers kept in the bank. A flashback is revealed, Siddharth sees Amol changing the papers, and decides to do something. Durgardevi asks Roshni if she is also involved. Amol says he said right that his eyes are on her wealth. Siddharth says he is going to be her son-in-law, Roshni’s husband and asks who is he, an outsider.

A flashback is revealed again, Bunty and his gang take the papers from the goon and hand it over to Siddharth. Flashback ends. Siddharth thinks he is sorry mom-in-law, this is the only way to save her property from going to Amol. Durgardevi tears the papers and asks Siddharth to say it. Siddharth asks who made her big business icon, and says there are many copies of these papers. Durgardevi says he can never be her son in-law. Siddharth says the truth is that her daughter is his now. Amol thinks what will he tell to Yash now. Siddharth says he was about to tell him, but Resham was in a hurry. Durgardevi is about to slap him, but Siddharth holds her hand. Siddharth says mom in-law and her daughter is with him now. He have everything now, money, bank balance etc. He asks Durgardevi not to worry, and he is going to be her son in-law soon.

Durgardevi gets teary eyes and leaves. Siddharth thanks Resham. Kesar scolds Resham. Roshni asks Durgardevi what was he doing? Siddharth says he don’t have any other way. Amol thinks what to tell Yash now. Siddharth comes to Amol and beats him. Amol tries to get his phone but Siddharth keeps his feet on his hand. He says he have taken this son-in-law for granted and thought he will play with them and that he is a big goon, thought to loot his mum and daughter. He says Roshni is his wife and Durgardevi is his mum. He saw him changing the papers and he have beaten his goons so badly that they will never work for him and asks him to back off.

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