Monday Updates on Sands of Time

Dakshi diffuses the tension existing between Shekhar and Jia and advises them to go for their honeymoon. The couple is very overjoyed at this thought. Dakshi meets mysterious man and confides that she is going to create a drift between Jia and Kshom. Dakshi goes to Pandey house to check Shikaj. She chloroforms Shikaj and creates a situation out of it. On nick of time, she infuses insecurity in Kshom’s mind by informing him that Shekhar wants them back from their honeymoon. Kshom knowing wards off the call coming from Pandey family. Jia knowing that Kshom tried to debar her from having any form of communication when her own son Shikaj is ill.Jia enters the room and is able to perceive that Kshom does not want her to receive any form of communication from Pandey Family. She immediately orders for a cab and moves back to Mumbai without informing Kshom. She finds that Shikaj is back in good condition. A certain level of confrontation is taking place between Kshom and Jia where they accuse each other of being callous towards them. Shekhar is reprimanding Gyan not to involve Jia in such petty things. So they can be given enough space to blossom. Dakshi instigates Kshom by telling him that it is Shekhar who must have given chloroform to his son. Shekhar meets Kshom where a certain amount of verbal altercation takes place where Kshom blatantly describes him as an insensitive father. Kshom getting a slap from Shekhar.

Shekhar tells Kshom to keep his mouth shut. He does not want to keep any relationship with them advising him and Jia to be out of his and Shikaj lives. Jia is at Pandey house when Shekhar barges in an aggressive mood. He vents out his frustration on Jia telling her that her husband is acting irrational and is accusing him that he has used his ailing son to get them back from their holiday. Jia goes back and reprimands Kshom for talking to Shekhar.

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