Young Dreams: Monday Updates (Episodes 376-378)

Vihaan inside is so restless and starts to search for something inside the room.
Upon seeing Vihaan being quite, Savitri gets relief for a moment. Meantime she hears sound of some glass broken from the room and runs inside. Vihaan is about to cut his vein but Savitri stops him from doing that and pleads him not to be mad like this. Vihaan with tears doesn’t answer anything. She hugs him to console him. Back at college, All the girls are tired for their first days’ training class and taking a water break. The instructor questions Gunjan that whether she learned Karate. She answers him that she has learned Dance. He asks her to learn.

At Garg residence, Gunjan at the dining table. Dholu comes running inside and greets Gunjan. Sangeeta talks rudely to Gunjan and keep Dholu away from her. He has broken his hand already still he is back to Gunjan. Dholu sweet boy, winks and says to Gunjan that he will help her. Just then there door bell ring, Dayal opens the door and is surprised to see Vihaan and Savitri at their door. The whole family are shocked.

Savitri and Vihaan enters the Garg house while Rachna and Vihaan eye lock. Savitri explains them the purpose of coming there and she doesn’t want to step into the house but due to Vihaan she is here now. She starts bad mouthing about Rachna and she doesn’t know what magic Rachna did but Vihaan wants to marry only Rachna. Savtri declares that she doesn’t have any problem with Rachna and Vihaan relationship. Rachna objects with angry note that she have problem with this relation.

Rachna goes near Vihaan and says everything is over now and nothing is left to talk about. Vihaan tries to convince her but Rachna objects him to talk. Vihaan says, he convinced his mother so hard and requests her not to give importance to the mistake he did. He already apologized her many times and for her love, he has done a lot and asks her is there any value for his deeds and says a lot and requests her not to punish him so severe for his one mistake. He continues to say she is his life, Rishtey will not break so easily. Rachna says, nothing is easy to forget and whatever he has done to her. How he have showed so low about her and what have he thought before coming here. That she will say Yes for this relation? In front of whom he haveill treated her. She finally says that him, Vihaan cannot give her love and in fact he can only give her pain.

Savitri asks Vihaan to forget everything. Shail tries to convince her not to take any decision in angry. Rachna firmly says, no need to think about anything further and that the relationship is over now. Vihaan too says with lot of pain, he is also breaking the relation and that whatever is there is between them. Before leaving Vihaan tells Rachan, not to expect to meet him in future. VIHAAN and RACHNA part their ways with heavy heart and both are in inexpressible pain and uncontrollable tears. Gunjan says she will be with Rachna for sometime. Dayal stops her and says he will go and talk to her.

Vihaan is upset and Savitri Devi tells him Rachna finally took revenge and that she will never get a guy or family like her. She offers to ask the priest for better proposals.He tells his mother his heart will beat only for Rachna and it’s all his fault that his anger dominated his love. On the other hand, Rachna is crying looking at the pictures, tearing them and throwing the memories away while Vihaan is packing and looking at them as well. She is about to throw her trophy and Dayal asks her why is she doing that, she tells it’s a memory Vihaan has done on her. He asks her to tell truthfully if she broke this relation because of them. Rachna denies and says it’s all the past and she has hurt them because of her stubborn nature. Dayal says to forget everything and to take it as a lesson. Even Shail says she will be there for her and asks her to promise never to cry and the entire family comes. Gunjan asks her to stop crying for khadoos. Meanwhile, Savitri Devi and her son and asks her to give slangs to Vihaan. Rachna says Vihaan is her past.

Gunjan and Dholu promote new weekend shows DID 4 and Bhade

Gunjan tells Mayank about politician Shalini Pandey asking her to join the party and a new hottie instructor. for self-defense. Mayank keeps thinking she is talking about the instructor while she is actually talking about the politician. Gunjan teases him and makes him more jealous. Mayank has a dream about the instructor inappropriately touching Gunjan and wakes up. He is dressed the same as Rajeev.

Next morning all the ladies are extra nice to Seema when she has to go to the temple. She is amazed and they keep buttering her up and ask her for favors for their husband’s transfer.They think Gunjan is a daughter and she is the daughter of her mother-in-law and that Gunjan will be joining the party and she will become very happy thinking about it. Next morning, Rachna has made breakfast for everyone. The whole Garg family looks at her with questioning eyes and she says she is fine. Everyone praises her food even Seema admits she was wrong in getting worried about Gunjan and announces it’s the best if Gunjan joins the party. Shail says the last decision will be Gunjan’s.

Everyone asks Gunjan if she wants to join the politics and she refuses but Seema flips out on her and says that she should listen to her and that she never listens to her. Sangeeta goes to Seema and says she need to eat something. Seema then says that she have figures out something that Gunjan will for sure say she will always say no. She says that Gunjan should have listened to her. She then says even she, Sangeeta have changed and that even she didn’t help her out. The opposition team says that they need Gunjan on their side. He says that they need to get rid of her. He then says that but while doing this he doesn’t want any kind of killing or blood. Gunjan is walking with Rachna and she feels as if someone is behind her. The guys then go to Gunjan and tells her to stay away from Shalini. Gunjan is surprised. Gunjan freaks out and says he just wants to go home. Gunjan tells Rachna to go home and that she will come in a little bit. Gunjan goes to Mayank and tell him everything and says because someone is forcing her that is why she want to join her. He tells her to think and that no one is making her join the party. She says she’s sorry for coming and that she won’t do it again. Someone throws a note at Gunjan which says stay away from Shalini Pandey or else. Gunjan then decides to go to Shalini Pandey’s house and Shalini tells her to sit down then she tells her that she also was only 19 when she started doing her work. She wants Gunjan to be on the cove of the magazine and that it is for the youth. Seema flips out that she has to do all the work as Gunjan is not home yet. Gunjan then comes home and gets yelled at by Seema and says she got late as she went to Shalini’s house. Gunjan says that she is going to join Shalini and Seema gets very excited. On the other hand, Vihaan is lookin at Rachna’s picture and looks sad as he feels he has lost her.


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