Monday Motivation Quotes

It’s Monday again and many of us are most likely feeling blue like Sadness in Pixar’s Inside Out. Monday can be absolutely terrifying, I know. All those deadlines and targets and emails and meetings can be exhausting. But, I’ve got good news for you. They don’t have to be terrifying or exhausting to you. You just have to think positive, be positive and act positive and you will be just fine.

Here are some Monday Motivation Quotes to help you get rid of those Monday blues.

You ready?

You just gotta love Mondays no matter what.
Thank God it’s Monday! It’s a fresh start!


Make those targets at work happen today. You don’t have time to waste!!!
You’re in charge of your life. No one else is.
Be positive today and get ready to do great things.
Positive thinking is key if you want good things to happen.
I suggest you give life your all. Better to do that than to be a slacker.



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