Wednesday Updates on Young Dreams: Episodes 382- 383

The kidnappers leave Rachna outside and someone sees her. They try to wake her up. Everyone in the family is confused and are surprised when they see Rachna and says she was unconscious outside. Rachna says that she doesn’t know but that she went to the kitchen and someone pulled her and then she fell unconscious and that she doesn’t remember anything after that. Everyone is trying to find Gunjan.

Mayank finds the newspaper with Gunjan’s photo encircled on it. He shows it to his family and everybody is shocked to know that Gunjan has been kidnapped. Mayank files a police complaint and goes to Shalini Pandey to inform her about the incident. He ask her to help find Gunjan. Shalini assures him that they will surely find her as her secretary overhears their conversation. On the way home near the construction site, Mayank finds Gunjan’s dupatta and earring and goes home and shows it to the family. Mayank and Rachna decide to find Gunjan. Shalini suspects Vachan is involved in Gunjan’s kidnapping.Gunjan’s father reaches Dayal’s house and starts yelling at everyone for not taking care of his daughter Gunjan and for not informing him about her kidnapping and scolds Mayank. Later, the police come to Garg’s residence and tell them that they have 3 suspect and they are Shalini, Opposition party and Shalini’s member. Mayank is upset and remembers his moments with Gunjan. The news reporters announces on TV that they need to find Gunjan at any cost. Dayal, Mayank and Aakash start searching for Gunjan. The Garg family men paste Gunjans posters in the streets and ask everyone. Initially Gunjan refuses to eat anything offered by kidnappers and pushes the food plate away saying her Mayank will come and teach him a lesson but soon she plans her escape and starts behaving normal with them. Gunjan steals one of the kidnapper’s mobile.

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