14 Ways To Know Your Man Really Loves You

Your man may say he loves you but can you really tell that he truly loves you? What if he has never even really said those three amazing words to you? Fact is being able to tell whether a guy really loves you or not can be tricky but I have some tips for you to know whether he’s real or not. You will need to look for different signs but keep in mind that every man is different so not all these tips may apply to him. You may just have to have a little faith in the fact that he really does love you.

But here’s the first way to know if your man really loves you;

  1. He treats you right.

Men who truly love their women treat them with respect. Your man cares about what you’re going through and cares enough to listen to you when you’re talking…even when it seems you don’t make sense. I have someone like that so trust me when I say I know.


If your man values you and your opinions and notices even the littlest things about you, especially those things you like, then it’s a sign he loves you.

  1. You don’t doubt his feelings for you.

Do you question his feelings for you all the time? Because if you do, you may not be so sure about him. But if a guy really loves you, you won’t be doubtful or even question it. Because he makes you feel his love one way or the other- he shows it to you by what he does, how he behaves around you and even how he tells you.


However, don’t let your insecurities overshadow the obvious signs of his love. It could be your anxieties talking when you say or think he doesn’t love you. So, you need to be really sure that you’re not doubting him for nothing. For instance, if your partners in your previous relationships have said that you’re too clingy or too managing, it could be that you’re insecure. It could also be that you’re really going out of your way to claim his love by doing any and everything without thinking about how you really feel about him.See, love is a two-way thing.

  1. He spends quality time with you.

When a man loves a woman, he definitely wants to spend time with her. If he goes out of his way regularly to see you and to spend time with you, what do you think?


To know a man doesn’t really care about you, he blows you off and doesn’t make time for you as often as you’d like. Even when he does make time, the bloke may cancel your date at the last minute, However, if your man really cares about you, he may have a really genuine reason why he’s canceling your date but he will call you or text you in advance to tell you this. Your man will also be very interested in rescheduling your date.

  1. He comes up with plans for both of you.

Yep. If you’re the one scheduling all the dates and plans and movie outings and stuff, he probably isn’t really interested in you. If you want to know how willing he is, he makes plans too without being prodded by you. But, you shouldn’t plan anything if you want to know this. Give him a chance and if he takes up that chance, he cares about you.


  1. He’s willing to compromise.

Sacrifices and compromises are important in any relationship. This means when you give a little more, he gives a little more too. If your man is willing to take part in some give and take, then he’s really your man. Give and take may involve you watching a football match with him, even though you don’t like football. It could also be him watching a chick flick with you even though he doesn’t like all the sappy romance and tears. Do you get my drift? It may not be both your thing but you’re both willing to make compromises for each other’s happiness.

  1. He does the small romantic things.

This part totally makes me happy. When he does the small romantic things, it means he notices the little things you like or don’t like. For instance, does he anticipate when you need a back rub from having a stressful day?


Or does he ask if you want water on his way to the kitchen? Or does he give you a piggyback ride when you’re all sad and moody? Does he plug in your phone when he notices the battery is low? Or does he give you a hug when you least expect it? And not just because you asked him to? If he does these and more, then your man really cares about you.

  1. He isn’t embarrassed by you in public.


Your man shouldn’t be embarrassed by you if he loves you and wants to be with you. He should be willing to introduce you to his family and friends. If he’s not, that could be a red flag. He’s either not sure about you yet or has other reasons like differences in political affiliations, religion, beliefs and more. But if he can’t take you out in public or acts embarrassed by you when you’re together publicly, then he may not care about you.

  1. He likes being close to you in public.

36931279 - two lovers at santa monica beach holding each other

This definitely is related to the previous sign. If the bloke is embarrassed by you, he definitely won’t want to be close to you in public. Does he hold your hand when you’re walking together? Does he hug you spontaneously? Does he pull you close when he’s introducing you to a friend? If not, it could be he doesn’t like you that much or he’s shy in public. So it’s left to you to really know which one it is.

  1. He communicates with you very well.

If your man calls you regularly to ask you how you are and just normal stuff about you, then he’s totally smitten with you. But if he only calls once a week and even then doesn’t have anything to say, then it may just be a red flag. But, guys are different so he could have his reasons for not calling, texting or emailing frequently. He could be an introvert who doesn’t like spending so much of his time with someone…even someone he loves. So you need to figure out exactly what is that’s making him act the way he does. Don’t jump to conclusions.

  1. What does he care or talk about when he’s with you?

Funny couple laughing with a white perfect smile

Does he ask you questions about your day or stuff going on with you whenever you’re together? Does he ask about your family and friends and work and your interests? If he does and genuinely listens to you, he cares about you. Does he hoard all the attention and doesn’t give you room to talk when you’re together? Then it could be a red flag that he really isn’t that into you.

  1. He remembers the important stuff.

It is normal to forget. We all do…at times we forget the important stuff. But if he makes an effort to remember the important dates and also tries to please you on those days, then he really does care about you.

  1. He cares enough to fight with you.

This sounds odd, right?  But research shows that if you truly fight with someone, you care about the person, then you find ways to make amends. But, if he doesn’t care enough to fight with you or brushes off arguments without concern, he may not care so much for you.


This doesn’t mean you guys need to have a knock-down kind of fight or scream and shout publicly. But, you guys will need to express your thoughts and opinions even though it leads to an argument, especially when you don’t agree on stuff. But if he shrugs everything off, you need to watch it.

  1. You have your own couples language.

Having a language or inside jokes that only you both understand is a really cool thing. If he has a pet name for you and you alone, it is also a good sign. It means he cares enough to be free with you and to fully be part of the relationship.

  1. You’re not afraid or embarrassed to talk with him.

Yep. If the bloke is someone you can have a conversation with about every and anything, and he tells you any and everything, then you’re in a healthy relationship. But if you’re still not sure about how he feels, you should be open and ask him how he feels about you. You can also tell him how you feel about him. You know what to do next whatever the outcome is. Use your heart but take your brain with you.


Here you have them, some of the signs to watch for to know your man really loves you. But, be careful. Your man may be different. It’s left to you to know what makes him tick. Best of luck in your relationship!

If this helps, please leave a like, share or comment. Gracias!

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