Thursday Updates on Reach for the Stars (Episodes 207-209)

Kamla prays to God, my both daughters love the same guy and wanna make him their life partner. I can’t be with whats wrong. Vitthal and Pakiya come there. Vitthal says let’s go. Kamla says take care of yourself and of Pakiya and Kalpi. VItthal says God will take care of everyone. Pakiya goes with her to Kalpi. Vitthal prays for her safe journey. Kamla has left Kalpi’s parshad there at the praying place.
The convey has started its journey to the destination.Nettu says Kamla has left and I can’t even get food. Kalpi is so lost in her love and I am dying with hunger. She says Kalpi I am so hungry are you making anything. Kalpi nods. Vitthal says no one is anyone’s servant. Who ever is hungry can make for themselves. Make for yourself and make for us too. Nettu says don’t taunt. I will make it I know how to make good food. She burns the stove and puts oil in the pan. I will make for everyone. 

Vitthal and Pakiya make fun of their cooking. She has burnt the dish. Nettu says its ready. Should I serve ? Vitthal says I ate on the work. Pakiya says I have to go to a birthday so I will eat there. Vitthal says me and kalpi are going to enjoy soda and you better enjoy your cooked food. Nettu says Kamla at least gave me good food and on time. Come back Kamla.Kamla is in deep though a lady comes to her and says why are you so tensed ? You should keep your heart calm. Kamla says how can I ?Kamla says both my daughters want the same guy. Which wedding should I consider ? The lady says marriage is not just a piece if paper or a building on a road. It is based on love and the promise that they will be together forever. We meet a lot of people and there is just one person who stays with us forever. Where there is love and trust only that wedding is upright. There is no condition and restriction for it. kamla says I won’t be unfair with Kalpi this time and can’t snatch pakhi’s right. Show me the right path.

Kalpi is in balcony. she recalls the promise she made with Kamla and then how she hugged Ragahv. she says I have hurt Ai so much. What should I do that can lessen her pain.

Ragahv says I wanna meet Kalpi and share her pain. But I can’t give her rights to her. At least I can call her. He calls her but Kalpi disconnects. Ragahv texts her that this is not right I miss you so much. Kalpi says I can’t stand on this turn anymore. I have to choose a path.

Kamla and her convey reach the temple. Kamla enters the temple. She fulfills all the religious rituals, She gives pandit ji the parshad she has brought. She says I have come here with a lot of problems. I won’t go until you show me the path. A lady says 101 rounds of the temple will make all your wishes come true. Kamla says I will do it then. I will fast until I complete my task.

Ragahv is in the park and says I will see Kalpi after two days. Why hasn’t she come. Maybe Kamla maa has stopped her.

Kamla starts her rounds. She completes some. Its hot there and she looks exhausted.

There at the park Kalpi sees Raghav and Raghav smiles. Raghav smiles and says I knew you would come. Kalpi says tell me why you called me here. Raghav opens his fist. He says this is the wedding locket I made for you and Kamla maa returned it. You have all the right on it. Kalpi is quite bewildered. Kalpi says sorry Raghav I can’t accept it.
Why aren’t you accepting this. Just one year and we will be one. We love each other. I filled your hairline with sindur whats wrong with this wedding locket. Kalpi says its about my family noy just us. If our meeting hurts them then we won’t meet for one year. Ragahv is shocked at her words. Kalpi says I have decided that we won’t meet for rest of the year and won’t talk to each other. Raghav says what are you saying I won’t be able to live with you. He holds her. Kalpi takes his hand off. He says if you want me in your life then you have to bear this pain. We will live like we don’t now each other. You should complete your revenge in whole year and I will wait for you, until then we won’t come close to each other. Raghav says Kalpi I.. She says stop it Raghav. If it hurts Pakhi and Ai then we are not meeting anymore. He says how will I live with you whole year. Kalpi says just the way I will. You are pakhi’s husband and this is not right. It will hurt Pakhi and AI if they come to know that we are still meeting. If you love me the you have to consent with my decision. She is about to go. Raghav holds her hand and stops her. He says Kalpi please. Kalpi leaves.

kalpi comes to the temple and says I don’t know whm have God decided there and had accepted the pooja. Whatever it is, I love Raghav.
Kamla enters the temple after completing the rounds. She says both are my daughters how can I take happiness from one and give it to other. I want Kalpi to mover on and do something with her life. I want her to be successful. If this is your decision too then I have no problem. What I was doing was right. You gave the same signal I have got my path. Thank you God. Kamla does the pooja afterwards. Kamla leaves.

Nettu is fighting with Sahil. She says if my mom knew hat this was going to happen to you she would never have got me married to you. Nettu is about to take the tea. Vitthal says I made it for kalpi. Kalpi comes in vitthal says will you go to market with me ? Kalpi says yes. Sahil says I have to go and find a job.

Kalpi calls Kamla. Kamla asks how are you ? She says I am good and tells about the 101 rounds. Vitthal takes the phone and says are you mad ? Why you got so tired ? Are you okay ? Kamla says yes I am fine. Vitthal says when will you be back ? Kamla says will reach by the evening I am the bus stop. She says bus is here I am coming. Vitthal says to kalpi she sounded s happy. I felt like she has got a new hope.
Kalpi prays to God and vows that she will live happily with her family this year.

Ragahv is in office. He feels like he sees kalpi at her seat. He goes out she is not there. He recalls Kalpi saying that their meeting will hurt pakhi and ai so much. If you love me then you should stay away from me for whole year. Sammy comes and says this is an important fle check it ? He finds Raghav in thoughts He asks what happened ? Raghav says sometimes I hope that I will make everything all right but then everything messes up. I can’t love anyone else but kalpi. She thinks we should stay away from each other.
Pakhi is in kitchen. She says I shuld make salad for Raghav before Gauri aunty comes. She will ruin my plan. Suddenly she hears Gauri saying where is my tea manda. She is coming towards the kitchen. Pakhi along with the lunch box hides behind the wall. Gauri enters and says no one is making tea. Pakhi runs out. Gauri feels like someone was there. She says what you want will never happen. Raghav will never be yours.

Pakhi goes to the office. Everyone congratulates her for the wedding. Ragahv comes ut and says why you came her. He takes her in the cabin. Raghav says I can have the lunch from cafeteria. Pakhi says you like home cooked food. Sammy comes in and says conference room is ready. Raghav leaves. Pakhi says this is my mistake is should have informed him.He has a meeting he must be busy. SHe says trying is all I can do. She sets his stuff in his cabin. She calls and orders some plates.

Kamla is on her way back to Mumbai in the bus. She looks peaceful and happy.

Ragahv comes in his cabin and sees all the lunch arrangements in his cabin, He says Kalpi used to do this. We used to have lunch like this. Suddenly he feels like Kalpi is there. Kalpi says food ? She gives him the plate. Kalpi smiles. He makes her eat. Kalpi makes him a bite too. he says the food is so tasty. He comes closer and says I like it when your hair are all over your face. And these hand that made this food are to be loved. He is about to kiss her hand. Suddenly phone rings and he looks at her. Its Pakhi not Kalpi. He goes out. Pakhi is so happy she smiles and says I love you Raghav.

Ragahv comes out and says what was about to do. Why I see you everywhere. You are so unfair to me. I don’t agree to any promise that keeps us apart for a whole year. I can’t live without
you. I have to meet you.

Kalpi is about to go out. Nettu stops her and says are you going somewhere ? Kalpi says yes. She says yeah you must be frustrated in the house. Let me tell you that sometimes we have to choose the wrong path to reach the right destination. our neighbor fell in love with some her parents did not agree. So she ran away with him. His parents were so angry but later everyone consented. Everyone is happy now. It happens. I said to Pakki that if you love someone and we don’t agree for our marriage then you should run away with him. True love happens only one time. Kalpi says yes I am getting what you are saying. Nettu says oh you are so smart, Kalpi says Our ai told us that wedding is not just between two people its between two families. She has taught us that we should only choose the right path and she has always stood by with us. Nettu says This is all rubbish. Pakiya says you should never destroy the people who helped you. Nettu says what did I say ? Pakiya says I heard all that you said to kalpi. Nettu says you are so lout.

Kamla is on her way, she looks at the rain drops and says I know now that I was right. God has told me what to do now. I know what should I do to my daughters. Gos has shown me the right path.

Ragahv is about to leave. Pakhi comes and says can I come with you ? I sent the driver for Gauri aunty. He nods. Its starts raining. Pakhi is smiling. She says this is the first rain on this season. I love rains, do you ? Raghav turns on the music and recalls all his beautiful moments with Kalpi. He says in heart what should I do to see you once again kalpi ? Pakhi says in heart what should I do to make you mine Ragahv ?

Pakiya is worried for Kalpi. He calls her over and over again. Vitthal asks what happened ? Pakiya says kalpi went out she for interview she is not back yet. Vitthal says it happens she must be late. She will come back or we will go to see her.

Kalpi is looking for an auto. SHe says my phone’s battery is dead too. Baba must be worried. SHe says its the first rain I am not enjoying. I wish everything was same. Mine and Ragahv’s relationship too. She is under a tree and recalls all her moments with him. Ragahv’s car passes her by. Raghav sees her back and stops the car. He has recognized her.

Ragahv is starring at her. Kalpi turns back and sees him. He comes out of his car. Pakhi takes the umbrella and covers Ragahv. sHe says Raghav you will be wet. Ragahv takes the umbrella and goes to Kalpi. Pakhi is shocked. The song “Barish” is playing in the background. Raghav covers Kalpi with the umbrella. He says you won’t get a taxi in this rain. I will drop you. Kalpi says I can’t. Ragahv says non of us has met each other. Its the fate that brought me here. Ragahv holds her hand. KAlpi looks at Pakhi and leaves his hand. Pakhi is quite disappointed. She comes closer to them. She wants to touch Raghav but she can’t. Ragahv says come on Kalpi. Pakhi says if auto won’t come and iff you get sick I won’t feel good. Come you are wetting us too. Ragahv opens the front seat door for Kalpi but she goes and sits at the back. Pakhi comes and sits at the front seat. Raghav goes in the car.
The three are on their way. Raghav is constantly looking at kalpi from the mirror. Pakhi is noticing this. Kalpi swipes her tears.

Vitthal says Pakiya call kalpi again. Nettu says she is not a kid. Vittahl says she is a kid for us and we take care for her. Lets go our pakiya. Nettu says I should call pakhi maybe something happened there. She calls poki and asks how are you poki ? Pakhi says when did you start caring about me ? Nettu says blood relations never break. Pakhi says you better not talk about relations. Kalpi says pakhi tell Nettu that inform baba that I am with you and coming in a moment. Pakhi tells nettu. SHe asks is she with you ? Pakhi says yes she is with us and we are coming.
Nettu says oh this is the right moment, I should tell Vitthal that kalpi and Ragahv are together.

Nettu goes to Vitthal says I know that kalpi went to meet Ragahv. Poki told me that.Ragahv is so stubborn. HE is not leaving kalpi. He is making kalpi fool with his words. Kalpi is innocent. What will people say when they see kalpi with Ragahv. Vitthal says if there is one percent truth in your words I will kill Ragahv. Nettu says you better see yourself He is coming to drop her. And there is one more thing.. Vitthal shouts stop. Vitthal is so angry. Nettu is chilled. She says not the storm will rage with the rain.

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