Friday Updates on Sands of Time

Daakshi moves out of Kshom house and confides to him that she has developed a soft corner for her. Verbal confrontation takes place between Jia and Kshom in which Daakshi and the mysterious man are able to hear it through the bug they have implanted in the house. Daakshi methodically inform Shekhar that Jia and Kshom are in financial soup motivating Shekhar to help Jia. Simultaneously she sends Kshom to his residence. Kshom sees Shekhar helping Jia by forwarding the suitcase of money.

Kshom sees Shekhar helping Jia with the money and it infuriates him. He pukes his venom and angst by throwing the suitcase back towards Shekhar. Jia tells Shekhar that it is Daakshi’s intricate plan of creating mistrust between Kshom and her. Jia tries to convince Kshom that Daakshi is a girl not to be trusted. But Kshom is not convinced. Shekhar warns Daakshi to leave Jia and kshom alone otherwise he is going to anguish her.

Kshom confronts Shekhar asking how dare he assault Daakshi, accusing him to be intervening in his personal life. Shekhar contradicts telling that Daakshi is a liar. Devyani out of anxiety gives a call to Jia compelling her to come. Gyan and Rukmani are witness to the verbal confrontation-taking place with Shekhar and Jia on one side and Kshom and Daakshi on the other side. Then Jia falls down unconscious. Everyone realizes that Jia is Pregnant. Kshom walks out of the Pandey house agitated. Nethra infuses insecurity in Jia based on the fact that Kshom didn’t come once to pick up the call. Jia tagging a condition to Kshom that she will not come till he does not pick her up from Pandey residence personally.

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