Friday Updates on Twist of Fate (Episodes 406- 408)

Raj asks Vijay about Pragya’s whereabouts and also tells him to do whatever he wishes to do with her. Then, Vijay takes Raj to the place where he had kept Pragya tied to the Ravan back. Raj gets shocked seeing Pragya who is been tied inside the lord Ravan’s statue. Meanwhile, Raj employs another wicked trick to avoid any chance of being caught for Pragya’s murder. He prevents the man, assigned the job of burning the effigy, from reaching the venue and hands over the task to Abhi. Knowing well that Abhi shall be pulled up by the police, by default, for planning Pragya’s murder; Raj heaves a sigh of relief to foresee that finally he will get rid of his enemies and Abhi will be blamed for it. Later, Tanu comes there and asks about Pragya and this irks Vijay. Vijay shows her that he has tied Pragya up.
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Tanu is shocked and is informed about the plan. Pragya is unconscious. Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for Pragya, but Abhi feels that something is amiss. The sponsor asks about Pragya. Daadi says she will come and they misbehave with Daadi. Abhi comes there and asks how dare he to misbehave with his Daadi and threatens to cancel the event. Purabh asks them to apologize to Daadi and end the matter. They apologize and ask Abhi to wait till she comes. Abhi refuses to fire the arrow and asks them to find another Ram for Ravan Dahan. Purabh asks them not to worry. Pragya gains consciousness and thinks why is he doing this with her. She says she will never forgive him if she dies with Abhi’s hands, and then he will be blamed. She prays to God to protect Abhi and says this is her last wish. Purabh says she might be in some problem. Abhi says she must be hiding somewhere to show her importance, and he will rest till then. He asks Purabh to come when lady mogambo comes.
Abhi thinks it seems like ego crashing between Lady mogambo and Ravan. Pragya sees him and tries to alert him. Suddenly her jewellery piece falls near Abhi. Abhi wonders whose jewellery it is and asks Ravan. He comes near Ravan and asks him to fall on lady mogambo. Pragya cries as she couldn’t signal him. Purabh comes back and tells Abhi that Pragya is not here. Abhi asks Ronnie about Pragya and asks him to find her.

The sponsor tells that Pragya and Abhi are missing and state that these organizers are unprofessional. Daasi says if anything happens to Pragya then they will slap case against his company. Daadi says he will not be in the position to deal with anyone then. The sponsor says that if they delay, then people will get angry and that they will end the event and then find Pragya. They say Abhi is not here. Pammi asks Raj to fire the arrow on the Ravan. Raj refuses and says he don’t want to kill anyone. Pammi and Mitali try to convince him. Raj refuses and goes. The sponsors ask them to convince Abhi to do the honors.

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Purabh calls Bulbul and asks where she is? Bulbul asks him to turn and see. Purabh says she should have taken rest. Bulbul says she will leave. Purabh tells her that Pragya is missing and gets afraid thinking she is in problem. She asks where Aaliya is? Purabh says Aaliya is not here. Bulbul says they should ask Tanu then? Purabh says they can’t accuse them and asks her to sit. Bulbul refuses that she will come with him. Tanu asks Raj, why he have refused? Raj says if he fires the arrow then he will be jailed and he don’t want to be trapped. He will take Abhi’s name and will tell that Abhi has murdered her. When Tanu threatens Raj to expose him if he dares to put the blame on Abhi, Raj warns her to keep her mouth shut or else he will reveal it to all that she is the main culprit behind the wrongdoings. He also reminds her that it was her plan and he will give more money to Vijay and will ask him to take her name. Tanu is shocked and wonders what to do.

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Pragya thinks Abhi has to hear her voice today. She calls from her heart asking Abhi to come. Purabh asks Abhi to agree and do Ravan Dahan. Abhi thinks Pragya might be showing attitude, and then thinks she might be in problem. Meanwhile, Pragya cries and prays from the bottom of her heart to the Lord to save Abhi because her death would bring harm on Abhi. She sends out vibrations to Abhi urging him to come to her rescue. Abhi gets Pragya’s thoughts via telepathy and senses she is calling him. Pragya thinks she love him very much and can’t let him in any trouble. Abhi feels that someone dear is in trouble. Purabh tells that he didn’t hear any voice but Abhi does not take any action

Indu calls Abhi to end the program by killing the Ravan. Abhi comes there and asks them if they wish to end the program without pragya. Soon Abhi gets ready to light the effigy of Raavan but he however feels very uneasy while doing so. Meanwhile, Pragya is hopeful that Abhi will come to her rescue but time passes and Pragya receives no help. She thinks why her voice is unheard to Abhi. She thinks she has no power in her love. Purabh lights the arrow tip. Abhi looks at the Ravan and thinks why his heart is asking him not to burn Ravan. He thinks why he is worried. A song plays in the background. He recalls his marriage with Pragya. Pragya recalls their sweet moments and cries thinking it would be her last. Purabh asks him to fire the arrow. The sponsor says just 20 second are left. Tanu awaits eagerly. Pragya thinks about him. A flashback is shown. Abhi also thinks about Pragya and wonders why he is thinking about her. Vijay meanwhile, boasts of his successful mission, he tells Raj that the job is complete and asks him for the cash. Raj asks him to take the money from someone and get under ground fast. Vijay tells him that the police will never find him and asks him to see the Ravan and Pragya’s dahan. Abhi aims the arrorw towards the Ravan’s statue in order to check if it would reach it or not. As the countdown ends, Abhi shoots the burning arrow at the effigy and instantly the effigy catches fire and bursts into flames. Everyone is happy. Abhi feel uneasy and he walks towards the other side of the giant statue. Pragya prays that Abhi saves her. Raj asks Tanu to be normal while she says she is scared.

Abhi continues to feel uneasy, he asks Purabh to bring something for him. Purabh comes back with a drink and suddenly, he catches a glimpse of Pragya tied up inside the burning effigy of Raavan. Abhi takes time to make up his mind whether to save Pragya or not. He remembers Pragya’s arrogance, but resolves to save her anyway as he then thinks about their love. Tanu thinks Raj is right. Pragya falls and thinks this is her end. She thinks she wants to see Abhi for one last time. Abhi takes his bike and dashes forward to save Pragya. Daadi shouts Abhi name and everyone panics. Abhi gets inside and calls Pragya. He asks if she is okay? Pragya thinks Abhi heard her heart talk and her love is genuine. Purabh stops Daadi and inform her that Pragya is inside. Bulbul cries and worries for her. Abhi asks why she is here? Pragya hugs him emotionally and says he came to save her. Abhi asks her to hold him tightly. Pragya falls on him. Abhi asks her to open her eyes. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background. Pragya looks at him. Abhi asks what she was doing with Ravan. Everyone panics seeing the raising fire.

In a matter of minutes, he manages to salvage her in time and comes out safely from the giant-sized effigy. He asks why everyone is crying? Purabh asks where Pragya is? Abhi says he left Pragya inside. He then says joking that he made her rest inside the house. Tanu and Raj get angry. Abhi asks the family to come and meet Pragya and others to watch Ravan dahan.

Later, the worried members of the family including Daadi, Bulbul, Purabh and Pragya’s mother Sarla reach home to check on Pragya. Sarla asks someone to bring water. Bulbul asks Ronnie to bring water. Pammi asks what she was doing inside the Ravan. Ronnie brings water and gives to Daadi. Pragya drinks and asks other not to worry. Abhi asks what she was doing inside Ravan. They question her about the person who dared to kill her and ask her to reveal his identity. Pragya tells someone took her forcibly and then tied her with Ravan. However, Pragya realises that by sharing the killer’s identity, whosoever has been a part of the plan of Tanu, would get alert. Therefore, Pragya keeps her mouth shut and decides to investigate the matter herself. Abhi says she is the one who did this, and she wants to trap him. On the other hand, Raj and Tanu get alert as they gauge Pragya’s intentions behind not revealing the identity of her killer. Tanu asks Raj, why is she lying? Raj says she might have something in mind. Pragya says someone wants to take revenge from her and says she will not leave that person. Abhi says may be her mind is not working because of heat. Tanu tells Raj, why did she lie? She says Abhi would have taken an action. Raj says Pragya is smart and want to catch the person who is helping them both. Tanu asks why is he not scared. Raj says Vijay is hidden and not in the city. He will do all the planning and asks Tanu not to talk to him.

Pragya thinks Abhi always saved her, but she hurts him every time. She says she have to save him from his enemies and prove her love for him. She feels bad about not succeeding in her attempts to save Abhi from his enemies and makes a firm determination to find out the real father of Tanu’s unborn baby by Karvachauth and decides about keeping fast for Abhi’s long life. She thinks Daadi, Purabh and Bulbul will not agree, but she will keep the fast. Abhi comes and asks what she have decided.

Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her about her decision. Pragya get confused as she is unable to understand his words. He asks what she was doing with the calendar and then informs her that he knew that she is thinking to run away with his property as her life is in danger. Pragya avoids his words and says she don’t want to explain anything to him. She applies ointment on her feet as she is suffering from pain and asks Abhi to turn his face when she was applying ointment on her back. She tries to apply but her finger can’t reach her back. Abhi offers to apply the ointment on her back and asks if she was not ashamed to hug him. They argue. Pragya takes the medicines and says she will apply herself. Abhi thinks what has happened to him, and why did he want to help her. Pragya refuses. Abhi gives her idea and asks her to put ointment on the wall and then rubs her back against the wall. Abhi takes an ointment in his hand and asks her to wear his fuggi specs. He makes her wear the specs and applies the ointment on her back. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background. He asks if he can change her saree. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks her not to think like that and asks her to rest. Pragya smiles.

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Later, Pragya comes to the restaurant to meet Daadi, Purabh and Bulbul. She tells she asked Ronnie to keep an eye on Abhi. Bulbul asks if she saw the kidnapper’s face. Pragya says she saw him, and he was not important, but the important person is who hired him. Purabh asks who was he? Pragya tells he was the same decorator. Purabh says Payal’s doubt was right. Pragya says she came for some work, and she needs a day leave from acting. Bulbul asks her to take 2 days leave. Daadi says they will also send Abhi. Pragya says she don’t want to go out and expresses her desire to be herself again. Daadi asks what is she saying? Pragya tells that she wants to keep fast for Abhi on Karwachauth day. Daadi agrees. Bulbul says she is wrong and asks how will she break the fast. She says Abhi will get to know that they are acting and their plan will fail. She says they can’t give her leave. Pragya says Bulbul is doing wrong and gets up. She says Karwachauth is important for her and asks why they are stopping her and that he might hate her, but whenever she needed him, he stands by her side. She asks if she can be his wife secretly. Bulbul tries to reason with her. Pragya says she is not asking her, but informing her and that it is her turn to fulfill her duties as a wife, and it is her right to keep the karwachauth fast, even her husband can’t snatch this right from her. She leaves.

Meanwhile, Tanu is upset that her plan has failed and begins to cry. She then talks to Aaliya on phone and tells her that Abhi jumped in the fire and saved Pragya like always. She thinks someone is coming and disconnects the call. She thinks it is Abhi and turns to look at Nikhil in her room. Nikhil says he went to get the money and he thought her mood will be good. He gives her the money and asks about the gift she wants on Karwachauth fast. He asks her to keep fast for him and that he will break her fast. Tanu says he can’t roam around her on that day. Nikhil says she is everything to him, and he will break her fast being ideal husband. He asks her to wait for the special gift. Tanu curses the night which she spent with him, and calls Aaliya again, but her phone is out of reach.

Abhi asks Daasi about Daadi. Daasi tells that Daadi is hiding something from her and says she can’t be wrong about her. Payal tells Abhi that Ronnie is hearing him silently. Abhi asks why he is spying on him. Ronnie acts to cry and says he was finding ring which his Daadi gave to him before dying. Abhi gets emotional and says we will find the ring. They try searching for the ring. Ronnie puts the ring in Payal’s purse, and tells Abhi that he has a doubt on Payal. Daasi asks about his ring. Ronnie says it is golden. Abhi asks Payal to let him check. Payal says he is calling her thief. She puts the stuff on the table and finds the ring. Abhi looks on.

Ronnie sayss it is his ring and thanks Abhi. He acts to be emotional and asks his Daadi not to get angry with him. Abhi asks if his Daadi wears gents ring. Ronnie says it is his ring, but given by his Daadi. Abhi asks Payal why did she steal the ring. Payal says she didn’t steal.

Bulbul tells Purabh that it is difficult to hide from everyone’s eye when she is fasting. He asks her to call Pragya. Daadi calls Pragya and asks her not to let anyone know about her keeping the fast. Pragya says how can this happen, and says Abhi will break her fast. Daadi says this is her order. Pragya wonders what to do to make Abhi break her fast without knowing anything.


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