Tuesday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 480-481

Neil coming to Roshni’s office and shutting her laptop screen. Roshni says don’t you
dare touch my laptop. Just then she sees Neil and says wow, look who is here, the
dashing Mr. Neil. I am sure girls have fainted seeing him, and asks who do
people get affected by you. Neil says you know well what I am going to say? Roshni
says Ragini what are you doing here whenyou have injury. Neil sits down and says
even I couldn’t figure out why do people get afraid of you. She says you couldn’t

impress me till now, and says you can’t do. She says I am worried about business
and says you can ruin the business if I leave. Neil asks her to go and rest. Roshni
says okay, it is your office and I will leave. Neil says you should go home. Roshni
gets emotional hearing about home. Neil says you don’t believe on home, as hotel is
your home. He says first we will go to my home. Roshni asks about Anya. Neil says

Anya have returned with that guy and has married him. Roshni says if that guy is
alive? Neil says mom’s condition is very bad. Roshni asks about the guy. Neil says
I don’t know. He says Mama called me and told that they have come home. Sid
asks why didn’t you tell her anything. Anya says why did you save me then.
Mama informs Anya’s mum that Sid Khurana is a number 1 play boy of
Mumbai. Anya tells him that Neil’s girlfriend left him on the mandap, and her

mum got heart attack because of it. She threatens to commit suicide. Sid says
where is your brother. I will explain to him. Anya says my Dada is against love
marriage after whatever happened with him. She promises him not to tell
anything to them until she finds Arya. Sid asks do you want me to act like Jamai in
the house. Anya requests him. Sid agrees. Anya’s mum says reporters write
fake news, she says Sid is Jamai and should get respect being Anya’s husband.
Door bell rings.

Roshni thinks about DD’s death and her conversation with Sid. Kesar comes and
asks her to drink coffee. Roshni says I am getting nervous….Kesar says same Sid,
family, everything started again. He says 2 years have passed. If he comes near
you then you shall move on with him. He says this is not you, and you have to
become Roshni Patel. Roshni says Roshni is dead and this is truth. Kesar asks why
did you hate him so much. Roshni says no…how can I hate him. He didn’t do any
mistake. He is the person who taught me to live and made me understand the

meaning of love. He loved me madly. If he comes to know that Roshni is alive
then he will search me even if he dies. He might kept Roshni alive in his heart, but I
am scared of his love. He says that love had ruined everything. He says our love
have ruined my identity. She says I can’t keep my love alive, on my mum’s death.
She says if we get back together then everything will start again. She says this
loneliness is good. Everyone is happy and normal. I will stay like this. She says our
love story has no ending and can’t complete. Kesar calls Roshni. She says she

is in lobby. Simran sees Kesar and asks you? Kesar says yes. Roshni is coming
towards him. Kesar says I will meet you later and takes Roshni with him. Simran
couldn’t see her face. Simran thinks if he came to meet Sid, and why?
Neil comes home. Sid introduces himself as Sid Khurana. Anya looks on tensedly.
Neil says I am Neil, Anya’s elder brother. Sid says nice to meet you. Sid says I am
sorry, we are meeting this way. Neil says I am surprised to see you. My sister is
very young, just 20 years. Sid says I am 28 years old and asks why they are

playing age game. Neil says I believe people mature with age and asks why did
he marry by eloping. Anya says what is the use of this talks. Neil says yes you are
right. He says just for my understanding, you know about mum’s condition. Didn’t
think about mum before doing this. Sid says Anya didn’t do any mistake. Neil says
I can talk to family members and not with outsiders. Sid looks on and says sorry to
Anya. He is about to tell truth to Anya. Just then his mum comes and asks when
did you come. Anya says dada and Sid met each other. Anya’s mum says they

have married but party is remaining. We shall throw a small celebration party. She
asks Sid to let Anya stay with them for some days. Sid says sure, she is your
daughter. He says I will leave. He shake hands with Neil. Anya says I will drop him
and come. She goes to drop Sid. Sid says everyone is misunderstanding him. Anya
says you wanted to bring me here. Sid says you are a small kid and says we have
to search Arav, and asks her to give details. He says I will bring him. Anya
says okay.

Mami sees them smiling. Anya apologizing to Sid for the trouble in
which he has landed because of her. Sid says okay, and says play boy Sid Khurana’s
36 girlfriends’ heart will break. He asks for a hug and asks her to take care. He
leaves. Mami thinks they love each other a lot. Roshni asks Neil to stop creating the
suspense. Neil says there is nothing good about him. He is the play boy of the city,
and my sister have chosen him for her, awesome. I was reading about him in the

magazine. Roshni smiles and says you can never praise anyone. She says I am sure
that Anya’s choice must be good. Neil asks her to see his pic in his phone. She
is about to take the phone and it falls on the floor. Someone picks the phone and
gives it back to Neil. Roshni sees a man staring at her, and asks what happened?
Can you stop staring? The man goes. Roshni sees some other pic instead of Sid’s pic,
and says Anya’s choice is good. Neil goes after the man. Roshni looks for Neil. Neil

comes back after beating the guy. Roshni is surprised. Neil says this is Anya’s
choice, did you see the pic. Raj is tensed knowing about Anya’s family
misunderstanding Sid. Sid says Anya is asmall girl and I am afraid that she will
attempt to commit suicide again. He getsup, happens to look at the buiding and
recalls DD’s death. He gets teary eyes, and says few things is out of my control. I
can’t handle heights, my sasumom died and I couldn’t do anything. Now God has

given me a chance, and nobody will die because of me. Raj hugs him and says you
started walking holding my finger, now you can run. He says I am with you, don’t
worry. He asks him to look and see that the world is under his feet. Sid hugs him
and says I can’t do it. My sasumom and my Roshni had left me, and I am so
alone. I am living a suffocated life. Raj hugs him and says my son…I won’t leave
you alone. Sid says if I am so bad that everyone left me. I am so alone……Raj

says I won’t let you lose, and asks him to give a chance to life. I will be with you
and will support you. Roshni puts ointment on Neil’s wound,
and asks why he thought to impress her. She says she is not at all impressed with
him and asks not to tell her that he was taking anger out because of Anya’s
husband. Neil says what I should do, shall share joke with him. He says I can’t bear

if someone misbehaves with you. He asks her to come home. Roshni asks him not
to make an excuse and says I know you very well. Sid gets Anya’s call and she
informs him that Simran came to her home. Sid asks Raj to do something.
Naina asks Simran to have sweets. Simran thinks what happened? Naina says kids
have married, and we didn’t get any chance to do anything. Simran is surprised
and says may be it is their choice. She says Anya is like her daughter, since the

time she worked with Sid. Mami thinks she might be having affair with Sid. Anya
comes. Simran asks her to hug her. Simran takes out shagun bangles. Naina
asks her to take it. Mami says diamonds are beautiful. Anya is surprised. Simran
makes her wear bangles. Once Simran reaches home. Sid asks Raj to explain to

Roshni comes to Neil’s house. Naina gets concerned for Neil. Roshni says he is
having head injury, and I am scared. Neil says I will be fine, ragini have applied
antiseptic. Naina says he is kid for me. Anya comes and greets Neil and Roshni.
Roshni hugs her and says I am happy for you. Anya thanks her for understanding
and says Neil is still angry on her. Neil says he will find out if he deserves her.

Naina tells Roshni that groom’s mum came and have accepted Anya. Neil gets
angry and says it shall be our choice. Roshni says guy seems to be good. Roshni
looks at the bangles and says it is my mom’s designs. She says I am glad that
these are still in demand. Naina hopes she gets her bahu soon. Neil is tensed.
Naina asks them to do something soon. Roshni says I have meeting to attend and
goes. Neil tells Naina that Ragini is not yet ready for it. Naina says I will make the

arrangements. Neil says Ragini don’t believe in marriage and is scared of
relation ships. He says I don’t want to lose her friendship. Naina asks him not to
lose Ragini for friendship. Sid gets Bunty’s call and asks him to reach
office soon. Sid is sitting in Ragini’s office and waits for her. Ragini comes and asks
if the client is here. Receptionist says yes. Ragini walks towards her cabin.
Roshni coming to her cabin, but Neil comes and tells her that he wants to talk

to her. Roshni says she has a meeting to attend with a client. Neil says it is urgent.
They leave. Sid thinks what nonsense. Neil takes Roshni to a restaurant and
apologizes for Naina’s sayings. Roshni asks him not to apologize and holds his hands.
They laugh talking to each other. Sid asks receptionist if Ragini Desai left.
Receptionist says yes. Sid talks to receptionist and says he will not come
again and send mail to Ragini instead. Roshni asks Neil why did you get scared of

me. Neil says I don’t get scared of anyone, except my past. Roshni says Neil.
Neil says you know my past now. My mum have proposed you on my behalf.
He asks her to take time and says our friendship will not be affected with
it. Roshni thanks him and says I really appreciate it. Neil says your client. Roshni
says I am sure he must have left by now. Anya checks friendsbook, and thinks Arya
is missing there. Simran calls Anya and asks her to come with her for shopping.
Anya says I can’t come as I have many meetings to attend. Mami thinks why is

she running away from her saas. Simran asks her to think about Sid and says I am
coming to pick you in the morning. She disconnects the call. Anya thinks what is
this new trouble. Raj tells Simran that Sid have explained to you, but you are not
understanding. Simran says Sid and Anya love each other, and she is so good, I
won’t let her go. She goes to make tea. Raj is tensed. Sid asks Bunty and Pinto to find out about Arya. Sid gets Anya’s call who informs him about Simran’s call. Pinto asks him to

come with him. Sid says I have some important work and asks them to findhim. Sid comes to the florist shop and buys all the bouquets for the special day.
He imagines Roshni asking him what is the surprise. Sid says there is so much,
and asks what he will get. Roshni kisses on his cheek and looks lovingly. They

dance on the song Tum Se Hi……………………..in the beautifully decorated place. His imagination ends and he looks at Roshni’s pic. He kisses on it and says I am all alone. Just return or call me near you. He wishes her happy birthday.

Next day Roshni gets Neil’s call and he wishes her happy birthday. Door bell rings, Roshni opens the door and gets flowers sent by neil. She opens the box and sees strawberry cake. Neil says it is for you, low carb. Roshni reminisces Sid bringing cake for her and thanks Neil. Simran comes to room and sees Roshni’s pic on the table, and asks servant to pick the garbage from his room. Sid says this is not trash, but Roshni’s memory…Only I

have right on it, and says nothing can go out of my room without my permission.
Simran says Naina Devi called you at her home. Sid comes to Anya’s home. Naina
greets her and says Anya went out. We have to do many arrangements. She says
today is Ragini Desai’s birthday. She is my Neil’s fiance. Sid thinks Ms. Hitler is
marrying Mr. Hitler, and thinks Ragini shares her birthday with his Roshni. Naina
says she has planned surprise birthday party for Ragini, and says that’s why I

called you for help. Sid says why did you call me? Naina says you are our family
now. Servant asks about decorating the flowers. Sid says white out, red in. Mami
says Neil doesn’t like it. Naina says she is doing this to make Neil and Sid come
closer and talk. Roshni and Neil are in the meeting. Neil
asks the client to let Ragini speak and asks why did you need my opinion.

Mr. Shaw says just because you are ownder. Neil says my company were in loss, but
just because of Ragini it has become profitable, and refuses to work with him.
Mr. Shaw leaves. Roshni apologizes and says it was a big deal. Neil says I don’t
like people who don’t respect woman. He gets a call and goes. Roshni thinks about
his words.


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