Wednesday Update On Reach For The Stars Episodes 214 – 216


Kalpana is trying to stay away from Raghav but destiny continues to bring the two of them together. She question God what to do and that the more she want to go away from Raghav the more he comes in front of her. How will she see him with Pakhi and she can’t see him with someone else. He filled her mang in front of God and how can she see this. She don’t know what happens to her when he is in front of her. She takes the vermilion and puts it in her hairline and hides it under her hair. Kamla comes there and asks if she didn’t wash the vegetables. Kalpana says she have to go and ask for some goods for the hotel and they have to do it today.

Kamla reminds her that she told her yesterday and she is telling her today that they have to face the reality and her Kalpana has to move on and go forward. She have to go ahead that much that when she see Raghav, she feel like he is much behind her and for the hotel they need so many support and that’s all she think as her mother. She should be strong enough to face Raghav and the rest is up to her. She leaves. Kalpana steps forward.

Nettu is downstairs busy filling water. She sees Manda buying the vegetables. Nettu goes there and tells her to give her one kilo of potatoes and inform her that her daughter and her husband are coming. She have to make paratha for him and won’t get the chance again. Nettu leaves and tells the vegetables seller to take the money from Kamla. Manda tells the whole chowl.

On the other hand, Pakhi is getting ready and she is so excited to go but she wonder where Raghav is and if he want to go or not and Kamla won’t feel good if Raghav doesn’t come.

Kamla tells Kalpana that she have made all the dishes. Kalpana asks about the yogurt. Kamla says she forgot it and asks if she can make it. Suddenly they look at each other. Nettu says she know all about Raghav and she could make a good couple with him but poor Kalpana have a bad fate. Kamla asks if she say something.

Nettu lie that she was saying Pakhi and Raghav are so lucky that Kamla care this much about them and that it’s 9pm, Raghav is not here and she think he won’t come. Kamla says she have invited him over. Nettu asks where Vitthal is? Kamal says he will come late. Nettu says he should have come earlier and It would be fun.

Pakhi is anxiously waiting for Raghav as it’s 10 pm. She calls Raghav but his phone is off, she then calls Sammy but he isn’t receiving as well. Pakhi says she better go alone. A worried Kamla wonder where they are? Nettu says she told her that they won’t come and suggests they eat as she is hungry. Kamla says they will eat together, she trust Pakhi and she will come for sure. Kalpana says In her heart it’s better that they are not coming.

Kamla goes out to look. Manda and other neighbours try to taunt Kamla and Kalpana and say that Pakhi and Raghav will not arrive for the dinner. She have placed water in her fridge and asks how can they and Pakhi must have stopped him since she knows that her husband love Kalpana. But just then, the two of them arrive and the people move aside when they hear Pakhi calling out to Kamla.

Kamla is happy to see them and they both touch Kamla’s feet. Kamla says she knew she’d come and asks Kalpana to bring the arthi plate and does the arthi of both. She asks them both to come in and makes them sit together. Pakhi asks Kamla what has she made for both of them. Kamla asks Kalpana to bring cold water while Manda and some ladies are looking in.

One of the lady says Pakhi and Ragahv look happy together and that Manda always lie. Nettu tells Pakhi that she look so good in saree but Pakhi ignore her and tell Kamla there is so much peace here. Kamla replies that peace is all the poor people have and they can’t get happiness easily but they reach out for them.

Pakhi goes to Kalpana and asks how she is doing? Kalpana replies her that she is good and asks about Pakhi too. She says the same as Kalpana. She tells her that Kamla told her about her restaurant idea and to let her know if she can help her in any way and asks Kalpana what is the red thing in her hair line.

Everyone is shocked for a moment. Kamla says she went to the temple and some vermilion must have been put in her hair. While Kalpana is making the drink, Pakhi takes the glass and gives it to Raghav.

Nettu tells Raghav he must have been enjoying in that house and that she too is enjoying in Kamla’s house. Nettu then asks Kamla to put some black dot on Pakhi to be be saved from bad eyes. Kamla says it’s not needed and that Raghav will save her from everything.

Neetu tries to play her cunning trick and spills drink on Raghav’s shirt in the pretence to gives him the glass. He asks what is she doing? Nettu says she did it by mistake. She tells him to go and clean it and she later asks Kalpana to go out with Raghav and help him clean his shirt.

Kamla then tells Pakhi to go and help him clean it but Nettu stops Pakhi that she is a guest and asks him to sit. Pakhi insists on going but Nettu is not letting her and tells Kalpana to go and help him as they are guests. Kalpana then goes out with the water.

Kalpana is helping Raghav to clean his shirt outside and asks why did he came and he could have said no. Raghav replies that Kamla would have be hurt if he didn’t come and while cleaning his shirt,

Raghav gets close with Kalpana and tries to talk to her about his love for her by holding her hand and says even God wants them to meet and that he didn’t come by his own, but just then Vitthal arrives and sees them together. He grunts Kalpana while Kamal, Nettu and Pakhi go running out.

Vitthal gets angry seeing Raghav with Kalpana and is about to scold them and says Raghav don’t have any shame but just then, Kamla comes and tells Vitthal to keep quite. She asks Pakhi to take Raghav in and Kalpana to serve the food. Nettu says where are the people of the chowl. They should see this drama. Vitthal asks Kamla what is this and why have she called Ragahv and Pakhi here after so much that has happened.

Kamla says she asked when she called him and he agree. Kamla then explains the situation to him that she have called him to show the people of the chowl and everyone that Raghav and Pakhi are one and their Kalpana is moving on. Manda comes with other ladies upstairs. She tells Vitthal to look at them and suggests they go in.

Later, Kalpana served the food while Kamla asks Vitthal to sit as well but he refuses and says the guests should eat first. Kamla asks Kalpana where the youghurt is. She stops for a while. Pakhi and Raghav have the dinner and Pakhi compliment that the food is so tasty. Vitthal sees Manda and others looking in.

He tells Pakhi it’s better that she came, Kamla was missing her for so long. Pakhi says she is done. Kamla washes her hands. Ragahv says okay to Kamla and they should leave now. Kamla gives them some money saying they came for the first time after their wedding. She gives Pakhi the vermilion as prasad she brought from her yatra.

Kamla and everyone sees them off. Raghav and Pakhi leave the house happy saying bye to kamla while Kalpana is looking from upstairs. Raghav looks at her as she goes in. Ragahv sits in his car and they leave.

Kamla’s neighbours praise Kalpana and are convinced that Kalpana is not involved with Raghav and that they should never trust Manda. They should not have doubted Kalpana and says how can Kamla’s up bringing be wrong.

Pakhi and Ragahv reaches home. Gauri is angrily waiting. Ragahv tells his mother that he didn’t want to hurt her. Gauri asks why did he went there. Ragahv says he couldn’t say no to Kamla and he haven’t forgotten her promise.

She replies that he should never and seeking revenge from these people is the only mission of her life. Ragahv says in his heart how can he tell his mother what he have lost in this fire of revenge. It has caused him and Kalpana so much pain. Ragahv leaves.

Mummy ji comes there and asks why Gauri are still up? She says she was waiting for Raghav. Mummy ji says maybe what she is going to say will hurt her and that Neetu and Sahil did so bad to her and they deserve the punishment but Pakhi is not responsible for anything.

Gauri says when she see Pakhi, she reminds her of them. Mummy ji says it’s not her fault and she wish one day she will accept them. Revenge does nothing and the only thing that heals the wounds is time.

Meanwhile, Nettu says in her heart that Kamla has made her so much good image in front of the people. Kamla gives Vitthal the food. Kamla’s neighbours comes there and later apologize to Kamla that they didn’t trust her but they trusted Madna instead. Kamla tells them not to be sorry.

The other one says but they still think investing in this hotel would be a risk. Kalpana says she don’t have to invest and she just have to provide them a dish and they will take loan from the government. The other says still this is so difficult and don’t agree to help them with their business. They leave.

Next morning, Vitthal says he have been so angry on Kalpana these days but this doesn’t mean that he don’t love her and this dream that she saw of hotel, he will stand by with her. She is in pain and he will stand by with her.

First he was angry for inviting Raghav and Pakhi but later he realized it was for better people of the chow are way more quite now. Kalpana comes there and hugs Vitthal.

He hugs her too. He tells her not to worry, they will arrange money for her hotel. They see a chowl guy distributing sweets. Vitthal asks what is this for? He says he have brought this rickshaw on loan and it’s not on rent anymore. He wil pay the bank. Kamla says this is such a good idea.

Kamla and Vitthal later plan to apply for a loan from the bank in order to get some financial help for their business and that Kalpana should get the loan too. Kalpana says she will download the form.

Gauri asks Ragahv to have the breakfast but decline and says he is in a hurry. Pakhi comes there and asks Raghav if he can drop her to her friend s’s house. Hee driver is not here and she got some bruise on her hand by slipping in the bathroom.

Mummy ji asks where? She smiles and winks. Gauri is angry and she says in heart that Pakhi is trying to come closer to Raghav and she should stop her. Ragahv nods while Pakhi follows him.

Nettu come to the bank in order to tries to foil their plans to get the loan and says she came where there is AC and she should stop Kalpana from taking the loan. On the other hand, Kalpana, Vitthal and Kamla are already in the bank for the loan. She asks the man to give her the loan for her hotel. He asks what is the security?

Kalpana asks why would they ask him for the loan if they had security. He replies that bank has some rules. Kalpana says first they says she have schemes for poor people then when they come here with dreams he create different problems. He gives Kalpana the form and say he will proceed it but it’s not easy to get the loan without security.

Pakhi and Raghav are in the car. Pakhi asks if they can have the lunch somewhere out? He bluntly refuses and says he don’t like that food. Pakhi says anywhere? He says he will be bored. Pakhi says in heart how can she make him agree to this. Kalpana is filling her form. Nettu says they ask so much. She drops her bag.

Kalpana is collecting her stuff. Nettu writes something on the form. Kalpana is done with the form so she doesn’t see it. She submits the form. Raghav’s hand touches Pakhi’s hand and suddenly his phone rings. He says he is coming in a moment.

Kamla and everyone is out looking for an auto. The manager comes there and says her form will be approve soon and asks her to please come in. They go in. Kalpana looks at the form and says why is Raghav’s name on the security column? The manger says she wrote it. Kalpana decline that she didn’t.

The manager says she filled the form and they have even called him and he must be coming soon. Kalpana is shocked and tells her parents that she didn’t write this. Suddenly Raghav and Pakhi come in. Everyone is shocked.

Kalpana, Kamla and Vitthal come to the office, Kalpana looks at the form and says the guarantees name is Raghav Singhaniya. Kalpana gets shocked when she sees Raghav’s name on her bank loan papers as a guarantee.

The manager says she filled this form Kalpana refuses. He says they have talked to him and his name is so important. Kalpana decline writing his name and tells her parents that she didn’t write it. Raghav and Pakhi come in. Everyone is quite shocked.

The manager thanks him for coming and that he just came on a call. He just need to sigh some papers and this loan will be claimed. Kalpana refuses to take loan with Raghav’s help and drops her decision to take the loan.

The manager try to convince her but she tells her parents they should leave the bank and she don’t want this loan. They leave. Nettu bid farewell to Pakhi that she have to leave as everyone is going.

Kamla and Vitthal are upset about what happened. Nettu asks why did she left and she should have stayed there. Vitthal asks if she is mad after been kick out of the house. She says she was asking just for concern. She leaves. Vitthal asks Kamla when will she go away from here.

Raghav says on a call that Kalpana has so much self respect and she won’t take loan in his name. She has so much self respect like Kamla and he will ask the bank to not mention his name and give her the loan.

Raghav sees Pakhi putting on vermilion. Raghav asks her what is this? Pakhi replies that they are just friends and there is a rule in friendship that people don’t interfere in each other’s matters. This vermilion is the belief of her and her Kamla. Maybe is wrong but she can believe it. Raghav gets a call and leaves.

Later, Kalpana is in another bank, Raghav comes there too. Kalpana goes in the elevator, she is shocked seeing Raghav coming in her direction, Kalpana starts to leave the bank and tries to close the door immediately and Raghav’s hand gets hurt by this.

Kalpana hurriedly opens the door for him. Raghav enters the elevator. Raghav comes closer to her. Kalpana is worried for Raghav’s hand. She holds his hand and caresses it. Raghav comes closer but Kalpana runs out of the elevator.

Raghav tells her to stop and asks why is she doing this and why is she running away from him. Kalpana says because she don’t want to meet him for a whole year. Raghav says he know and he have kept his promise but fate makes them face each other and she know why this happens because they are made to be with each other.

He asks why is she leaving when she came here for loan and when Raghav asks her the reason for this, she tells him that she does not want his help to get the loan from the bank as she don’t want loan on anyone’s bases and she want to do something. She asks if he will make his Kalpana so weak that she can’t do anything by her own.

Raghav agrees to stay away from her and says he know his Kalpana is so strong that she can win the whole world by her own. He apologizes that he won’t help her by now and tells her to go and apply for the loan. He just want her to be successful. Kalpana leaves.

Pakhi is in the house. She swears she will wait for the day when their friendship will turn into love. Raghav comes in. She asks if she can make the tea? He refuses. She sees his wound hand and asks what happened to his hand? She offers to bring the medicine for him that it must be hurting. Raghav refuses and tells her that some pains don’t need a medicine.

Meanwhile, Nettu tells Kamla that she is having a headache. Kamla suggests they watch TV. Nettu says It will increase the headache and that it’s same old channels. Kamla decline that from 8 pm a new channel will be aired. On the other hand, Pakhi comes to her Daadi and asks what is she watching?

Mummy ji says she is waiting for the new channel and the show is zindagi gulzar hai and that it will make her recall Lahore. Kamla too tells Nettu that their culture may be different but their feelings and emotions are same. Pakhi tells her Daadi that Kashaf’s love story is really cute. Mummy ji says it’s related to the heart and that all the stories on zindagi channel will be related to life.

Manda inquiries from Kamla about what had happened and why they all look so upset? Kamla replies that they couldn’t get the loan and that now Kalpana has gone to the other bank and they should see what happens. Nettu says she could get the loan if guarantee.. Kalpana interrupts and says guarantee is not needed.

She will get it and prove herself. Kalpana comes in and Manda asks if she get the loan? Kalpana says all bank has some rules but she have applied at another bank. Manda and other neighbours encourage Kalpana to get the loan and show her their support to her.

Kalpana comes upstairs and says she is not going to give up. Vitthal asks if she upset on not getting the loan? Kalpana says not at all. Her father too shows his love for his daughter and asks her to not give up and to remember what they taught her.

At night, Kalpana is talking to her friend on phone as it’s her engagement. Kalpana agrees that she will come for sure. Nettu asks where is she going? Kalpana says it’s her friend Ria’s engagement.

Nettu tells her she is Pakhi friend too. Kalpana agree that she is their mutual friend. Kalpana leaves. Nettu says she should go there too maybe Raghav and Pakhi will come there too. She should stay there and anything can happen.

Sources: Zeeworld International.


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