Wednesday Update ON Sands Of Time

Kshom is looking infuriated assuming that Shekhar and Jia are having an arduous affair; Jia and Shekhar decide to inform Kshom. But Kshom is not receiving Jia’s call. Kshom is so upset that he is not receptive to Daakshi’s call practically sabotaging Daakshi and Karan’s plan.

Daakshi psychologically blackmails Kshom by yearning for help through her hysterical cries. Jia with the police barges in Daakshi’s house. Jia proclaims that there is an co-conspirator with Daakshi. But she gets baffled to see that Kshom is coming out of the room with blood splattered on his shirt

Kshom is expressionless. While he is being taken to the jail and he reminisces what had actually happened. Kshom barges in the house fuming with anger. He sees Daakshi battered. Physical confrontation takes place between Karan and Kshom where Kshom hits Karan with an object.

He assumes that he has killed Karan. Co- incidentally Jia barges in with the police. Jia and Shekhar try to make Kshom communicate with them but in vain. Kshom is baffled to realize that he is blamed to kill Aman not Karan.

He has a notion that he killed Karan. Later, Karan and Daakshi are exhilarated at the success of the plan. Nethra being able to poison Kshom’s mind against Daakshi.

Nethra able to mind poison Kshom that Jia knew that Daakshi was entrapping him. Nethra is successful in mind poisoning Kshom against Jia.

Jia is lamenting to Shekhar that they should have recorded Karan and Daakshi conversation. Jia decides to tell Kshom about the facts.

Source: Zeeworld International.


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