Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episodes 413 – 416


Abhi comes to his room and thinks he has to see Pragya’s face again. He thinks he will not open the door of his room today. He rests on the bed and then happen to see fuggi’s specs broken. He thinks Pragya has broken it, and he will not spare her. Tanu peeps in the room. Aaliya pats her on her shoulder. Tanu says she is waiting for the Diwali bomb to burst which she has planted in her room. Aaliya asks her to talk straight. Tanu asks her to wait and watch. Abhi calls Pragya. Tanu asks Aaliya to come and see what will happen to Pragya.

Abhi asks about Pragya whereabouts. Daadi thinks what might have happened? Daasi asks why is he searching for her. Abhi asks Ronnie to call Pragya now. Daadi asks what happened? Abhi says she has broken his favorite thing. Pragya asks what happened? Whenever she go outside, they gather here. She asks why are they tensed? Abhi asks how dare she touch his thing and looks on angrily. Pragya asks what did she do? Abhi takes her from there.

Tanu tells Aaliya about breaking Pragya’s specks. Daadi decides to make Abhi calm. Abhi angrily takes her to the room, and shows her fuggi’s broken specs. Pragya is shocked to see her specs broken and says she don’t know anything. Abhi says it is broken. Pragya says she didn’t do this. Abhi says then who has done this.

Pragya asks what will she get by breaking it. Abhi says his sentiments are attached with this specs, and she got peace. He says it is his fuggi’s specs and it is her last memory. He says it can’t talk to him, but he talks to it at least and she have snatched his fuggi from him and then this specs.

Aaliya says Abhi is not having power to kick her out and Pragya might call the Police. Tanu suggests they should go and see. Pragya says she will never accept this. Abhi says it is his mistake as he is letting her do all this. Pragya asks him to say what he wants and says she is not afraid of anyone. Abhi says humans get afraid, but she is no longer a human and she will be punished, and he will not hear or talk to her even though it she wants him to talk.

Aaliya gets a call and she asks Tanu to enjoy the drama. Pragya refuses to acknowledge the blame and decides to stop talking to him until he understands that she was not the one who had broken the spectacles that is very dear to him. Tanu sees Pragya crying and gets extremely excited and says she has decided what to to do?

Pragya tells Abhi that she didn’t break the specs and asks him to do whatever he wants to do and informs him that she also will not talk to him until he believes that she didn’t break the spectacles that is very dear to him. She goes inside and thinks as to why would she break the spectacles and cried and thinks this spectacles have connected them. On the other hand, Tanu peeps in the room and sees Pragya crying.

She thinks as to why is Pragya crying and gets extremely excited as she thinks Pragya gets affected by Abhi. She decides to defeat her using Abhi as her weapon. She gets an idea to get back everything from Pragya, and thinks who can convince Abhi for this. She thinks Aaliya can convince Abhi for this plan. She meets Aaliya and tells her that she saw Pragya crying with her eyes. Aaliya smiles. Tanu discuss a plan against Pragya. Aaliya says it is a brilliant idea, but she will not talk to him as Abhi will not agree to her.

Tanu asks then who will talk to Abhi? She says Daadi. Aaliya says Daadi is traditional and will not agree. She says she will think of something. Meanwhile, Daadi enters Pragya’s room, sees her crying and asks her what had happened. Pragya goes on to inform Daadi everything that Abhi kept her old spectacles, but it was broken and she didn’t know how it was broken. Daadi says she will scold Abhi.

Pragya also expresses her happiness over the fact that Abhi holds a thing, as simple as a pair spectacles, so dear to himself, since the spectacles had earlier and that she didn’t feel bad when Abhi scolded her, and says she felt good as Abhi loves her very much and that she is afraid that her love in his heart will end. Daadi says they have to hurry up and bring Tanu’s truth infront of him, and then things will be fine.

Pragya tells her that they will not talk to each other from now, but she is sure that Abhi will make excuses to talk to her. Daadi says they both can’t stay without each other. Pragya smiles shyly. On the other hand, Aaliya gets an idea and says they have to convince Daasi. Tanu stops her. Daasi asks why did she stop her? Daasi adds that she is spying to know what is going on in the house. Aaliya says they need her help. She says Pragya is the problem and they are finding way to kick Pragya out.

Tanu says she don’t know who can do this tough task. Aaliya asks if she will refuse. Daasi asks her to tell. Tanu says they have to convince Abhi to deal with Pragya and she think she can’t do this. Daasi asks them not to take her lightly, and says she can do anything to teach Pragya a lesson. Aaliya asks her to decide. Daasi agrees. Tanu shares her plan with Daasi. Daasi asks if she have gone mad? Will Abhi agree? Aaliya says she said she will agree to her.

Daasi says she can convince him but Tanu requests her to help her. Daasi says Abhi will not do this. Meanwhile, Abhi and Pragya argue and tries talking through Payal and Ronnie. Pragya says may be his thing was broken because of him. Abhi tells her that he can also break her head. Pragya and Ronnie leaves.

Abhi thinks he has taught a good lesson to Pragya. Tanu asks Daasi to talk to him. Abhi tells her that he taught her a lesson. Daasi says she should do something to deal with her, and she have a permanent solution. Abhi says he can do anything for his family. Daasi asks him to trap Pragya in fake love. Abhi asks if she is fine and asks her to take rest. Tanu says they are not joking and are serious.

Abhi says he knew that this cheap idea is hers. Tanu asks him to impress, love and then cheat Pragya. Abhi doesn’t like the idea. Daasi asks what is wrong in this. Abhi says he gets angry seeing her. Daasi says he can try. Abhi refuses and asks Tanu to keep her cheap tricks to herself. Aaliya says she knows that Abhi would react like this. Raj comes there and asks what is going on? Aaliya expresses her anger towards him that he couldn’t handle the killer which she hired to kill Pragya.

Raj says he was a useless man. Abhi talks to the broken specs that he will punish the guilty. Pragya hears him and thinks she is missing the real happiness. She thinks Abhi loves her so much, and wishes she was with him instead of the specs. Abhi thinks Pragya might be thinking of him as stupid and wonders why she left him and oversee his love.

Daadi asks the servants to decorate the house well. Pragya too gives instructions to Ronnie. Daadi asks Pragya who will do the puja. Pragya says Abhi. Daadi says husband and wife do the puja together. Pammi says Tanu will sit with Abhi. Daadi says she is intelligent. Pragya says she will sit with Abhi as she was his ex wife. Daadi agrees. Pragya asks her to make her grandson understand not to roam around her. Abhi says he is a rockstar and people roam around him. Daadi thinks they are still fighting and how would they do the puja.

Indu comes with Prem and calls all the family member and ask everyone to share their problems with the guests. Everyone comes in the hall and Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor was there, Abhi asks who was he. Salman thanked him to clear his misunderstanding that everyone knows him.

Salman informed him that Indu had bought him to fulfill the need of love in the family and that’s why Prem has come here on the occasion of Diwali. Salman offered his help to them and ask them to put forward their problems.

Everyone just messed up as the family members instantly starts to fight among themselves regarding who will be stating his problem first. Aaliya shouted on everyone that they have to ask help from guest. Aaliya asks if he really solve other’s problems. Prem says yes. Aaliya then tells Prem about her problem and states that Pragya is her biggest problem and the problem of the whole family.

Everyone remain stunned. Aaliya told him about how she transferred everything on her name by cheating them. She is troubling them and making them to work. Tanu too joins Aaliya to complains about Pragya that she is not letting them marry. Daadi gets upset with all for revealing their family problems before an outsider.

Daasi says she need independence. Tanu asks Abhi to tell that Pragya has cheated them and took over his property. Abhi also said that Pragya is 85% problem. Pragya offered Mithali (Sonam) to come with her and she went with her.

Daadi takes Daasi inside and asks why did she bring Prem here. Daasi asks her to sit and says she wants to clear the troubles from home and that Prem is the expert in solving the problems of everyone. Daadi told her that family matters should be kept within the walls and scolds her to keep the things secret and that it is Abhi’s insult if outsider comes to solve their problem.

Daasi says she didn’t think like that and told her that Prem is a good man and looks a responsible person and Prem want to help them. Daadi gets angry and leaves. Daasi thinks why everything is wrong.

Meanwhile, Mithali offered help to Pragya that she has seen pain in her eyes and asks her to share her problem. Pragya says Abhi is her husband, was her husband but they are separated now. Maithali says lucky is the person who got prem ratan dhan paya……Pragya smiles. Ronnie informed Pragya that it might be possible that Prem is the agent of Abhi. Pragya replied that Abhi is not their enemy, he would not do this and asks him to talk with respect.

Ronnie asks why she talk to him arrogantly. Pragya asks him to give respect to Abhi. She takes Maithali’s advice and later asks Ronnie to arrange her to be seated next to Abhi during the Diwali puja. Ronnie reminds her that Abhi don’t want to see her face. Pragya says Daadi wants her son to sit with his wife, but as Tanu can’t sit, she asked her to sit with him. She asks Ronnie to convince Abhi.

Ronnie wonders what is happening? Payal who is listening to all this, comes to Abhi and informs him about all this. Abhi is surprised and appreciates her for giving him the information and says Pragya is trying to torture him like this. He increments Payal salary to 5 times. Payal says she didn’t get the previous salary. Abhi says she will get all the salary with interest. Payal gets happy.

Nikhil called Tanu to come to meet him. Tanu repeatedly denied and asks him to let her focus. Aaliya comes there and takes the call. She told Nikhil that she would do something wrong if he keeps following Tanu. She reminds him of the deal and asks him to keep the phone down. Tanu gets tensed and worries if he creates problem. Aaliya told Tanu to focus on her relationship with Abhi.

Pragya and Abhi shared an argument regarding pooja, Pragya tells him that it is Daadi’s decision and asks him to talk to her. She says she don’t want to sit with him, and says Laxmi might leave from his house for forever or might be a chance that Laxmi would come back to him if he sits for puja.

Abhi says she is confusing him and they decided to put the facts in front of Prem ji, Salman aka Prem told him that there is the lack of love in between two of them and Abhi is needed to realise her that he actually loves her. Abhi thinks that this plan may work perfectly and says he will take Pragya’s signatures on the papers by acting to love her. He tells Prem that he want to gift him something.

Maithali and Prem discuss about Prem’s advice to Abhi. Prem says they will come closer if they follow my advice. Abhi comes and gives him a small Ganesha idol as a gift. Salman invited them to watch Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and promotes his film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. He tells about the song Prem Leela and says it unites the family. The song plays and everyone dances on Prem Ratan Dhan Payo title song afterwards and enjoy the dance.

Pragya comes in her room and thinks why she is feeling tired. Abhi comes from back and thinks what should he do to make her love him. Abhi thinks to leave his ego to get the money, house and power back in his hand. Abhi comes there and compliment her that she is looking cute, Pragya left totally stunned.

source: Zeeworld international.


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