Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate Episodes 416 – 417


Abhi compliment Pragya and calling her cute. Pragya is taken by surprise and confused when Abhi praises her. She turns away in order to hide her feelings but when she shows her surprise, he does not react in any manner.

While Pragya prefers to ignore Abhi, she continues to wonder if he is actually speaking about her. Abhi comes near her and takes out the doll. He starts talking to the doll that she is looking so cute and he want to kiss her. Pragya shouts. Abhi asks her to turn her face and talks to the doll. He says she know that he love her very much and that the more he see her, the more he love her. He want to sleep in her lap and looks at Pragya while talking to the doll but he is indirectly expresses his feeling to Pragya. He asks her to say something. Moments later, Pragya realizes that Abhi is purposefully talking to the doll and leaves the room.

Abhi asks if she love and miss him. He asks why is she quiet. He sees Pragya not there and then thinks it is very difficult for him to be with her. Pragya thinks whether Ronnie convinced Abhi to sit with her on Puja. She says she has to do something to convince him and hopes that Abhi will sit next to her during the Puja.

Abhi thinks how to woo her, and thinks to hug her. He then thinks to help her and thinks girls like helping boys. He goes towards her. Pragya asks if she need anything. Abhi says he will search for it. Pragya thinks he wants to stay with her, and thinks why is he talking normally as he said that he will not talk to her. Abhi thinks how to start the conversation.

Mitali comes there and tells Pragya that someone came to meet her. Abhi stops Pragya and asks her to make coffee for him. Mitali says she will make coffee for him. Abhi asks her to bring lamp’s milk before that.

Meanwhile, Tanu and Aaliya still trying to convince Daasi to pester Abhi to accept their plan. Tanu tells Daasi that she couldn’t convince Abhi. Daasi says if Pragya trapped Abhi in her love then her marriage plan will be ruined. Aaliya agree with Daasi and asks her to convinced Abhi to get her signatures on the papers.

Daasi says she is right, but she have to wait for a chance to talk to him. Just then, Ronnie approaches them instantly, Tanu and Aaliya change the topic. Ronnie asks Aaliya to sign on the papers, and that he have to get the money from them for the spent money. He asks why is she standing when she knew about the curfew. He says he will shoot them if he sees them standing there. Tanu says she will shoot him.

Daasi praises Pragya for making a good rangoli. Daadi asks why is she praising their enemy. Payal comes to Pragya and asks her to teach her rangoli making. Pragya agrees. Sarla, Purabh and Bulbul come there. Abhi talks to them. Daadi suggests they start the puja and then they have to fire the crackers. Abhi stares at Pragya and smiles looking at her. He decides to woo her.

Pragya thinks what has happened to him? Why he is smiling looking at me. Pragya asks Ronnie, if he talk to Abhi? Ronnie says no. Payal says he will not sit in the puja. Pragya thinks how to make him agree. Abhi decides to do as she says. She tells Daadi that she don’t think that he will sit for puja. Daadi asks her to sit for puja. Pragya sits in the puja alone.

Abhi comes to her and says this house is his and no one can stop him from doing Lakshmi puja. Pragya is surprised. They do the aarti together. Bulbul, Purabh and Daadi are happy to see them doing the puja together.

Pragya thinks how did he sit and is surprised. Purabh gives crackers to Bulbul. Bulbul says she wants to fire crackers behind them. Purabh asks if she have gone mad? Bulbul goes to Ronnie that she has a good idea. She says she will tie crackers on Aaliya’s foot and then it will be good. Ronnie likes the idea and gets Aaliya engaged in his talk that he know Pragya’s secret and it would benefit them.

Tanu asks what is the secret? Ronnie asks them to promise before knowing the secret. Aaliya asks what is the promise. Bulbul ties crackers on Aaliya’s foot. Tanu says he is wasting their time. Ronnie says he know and will tell her. Tanu asks Aaliya to come and they turn to go.

Bulbul scolds Ronnie for not been able to stop Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya comes there and asks what is she doing here. Purabh makes an excuse. Pragya asks her to tell the truth. Ronnie says Bulbul want to tie crackers on Aaliya’s feet. Pragya asks Bulbul not to do anything which will harm Tanu or her baby.

Diwali preparations are underway at Abhi’s home. The members of the family jovially participate in the decorations while Raj’s parents teases each other regarding the candle, Pragya’s assistant and Abhi’s assistant argue with each other regarding the place. Later, Mitali thinks where to keep diya.

Mitali collides with Pammi. Pammi chides her as she comes in her way and they both argue. Soon she change her way and falls down after stepping on the oil which was spilled on the floor and shouts for help. Mitali says she is a cat and will cut her way. Pammi asks her to pick her up. Mitali refuses. Ronnie and Payal comes to her help and fall down.

Taya ji comes there and helps her get up. Pammi asks Mitali to clean the oil from the floor. Mitali refuses. Pragya on the other hand, feels suspicious about Abhi and thinks why Abhi is following her and thinks that he might have known about her plan. Abhi thinks why he is nervous and thinks she needs flirt type boy. He thinks he is a good flirt.

Pragya asks Bulbul and Purabh to handle Abhi and enquire with him and says she will hide. Bulbul says she will spy on him and asks her not to worry. On the other hand, Abhi hears them and says he was searching for someone as he seeks an opportunity to flirts with Pragya. Bulbul asks if he was searching someone special.

Purabh asks if he is searching for Tanu? Bulbul asks if he is searching for Pragya? Abhi says yes and that he is having some personal work. Bulbul asks if he have started loving her. Abhi says his relation with her is not on personal front, and asks her to inform Pragya that something is urgent. Pragya comes out and wonders what to do?

Meanwhile, Tanu too is searching for Abhi as she expect him to take her on a long drive. Abhi thinks what to do. Pragya thinks to talk to Daadi. Abhi waves his hand. Pragya asks what? Abhi is about to say something when Tanu sees them together and asks Abhi what he is doing with her. Pragya says he is signaling her strangely and asks why she is unable to take care of her soon to be husband.

She asks if he wants to talk to her, then to come to her room. Abhi thinks it was his idea to flirt with her, but she is flirting with him. Tanu gets angry with Abhi. Abhi says he was following her idea, but rather than helping him but she is complicating things and he will not woo her.

Tanu says she didn’t know that he is acting and she will help him. Abhi acts like her and behaves like being jealous. He asks her to get papers ready that he will take Pragya signatures and he will get back his everything. Tanu asks him to catch her weakness. Abhi says he will see.

Pammi and others feel that Diwali is boring. Bulbul asks whose idea is this not to burn crackers. Sarla says it is a good idea not to burn crackers and talk about pollution. Daadi agrees with Sarla and says happiness should be spread. Daasi also talks about Diwali. Mitali and Pammi argue again. Taya ji asks them to buy crackers from the market and says Pragya did right.

Mitali tells Pammi that they will celebrate Diwali by adding extra oil on the diyas. Pragya asks Ronnie to see the food arrangements and says they will eat together. Pammi is happy. Mitali asks why she is happy and taunts her. Abhi asks Payal to help Ronnie and they will eat with family.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she is happy as Abhi agreed to woo Pragya. Aaliya reminds her that Pragya is very smart. Tanu says Abhi is double smart and knows how to handle girls. Aaliya says yes as he is handling Tanu. She goes to attend the call.

Daadi asks Pragya why Abhi is behaving nicely with her. Pragya says she don’t know and he is behaving weird and he was signaling her from behind the curtains. Daadi assures her that she will do something and laughs. Nikhil comes to Tanu and holds her hand.

Tanu says she has given him enough liberty and he sits on her head. Nikhil says whenever he comes there, he makes sure nobody doubts on them. Pragya hears him and comes towards there. She pulls the curtains and sees Aaliya standing with Nikhil. Aaliya panics.

Pragya doubts them. Nikhil says he was requesting Aaliya to convince Abhi to do concert. Pragya says they are celebrating Diwali today and no work. Tanu comes from behind and says he will get her caught. Aaliya warns him to leave.

Sarla tells Daadi that she will leave now. Daadi asks her to have food. Sarla says she is not feeling like eating and she will come some other day. Abhi insists, but Sarla refuses. Bulbul tells him that she is on diet and will go with her mother.

They leave. Pragya emotionally looks on. Abhi thinks he has to work on his plan and worries if he shares his plan with Daadi then she might fail his plan. Pragya sees Tanu, Aaliya and Nikhil coming there, and thinks they might be hiding something.

Bulbul is upset as she realizes that her mother has lost all hope for Pragya and tells her her that Pragya might tell that she is acting all these days. Sarla gets emotional and asks Bulbul as to why she is keeping her hopes pinned on Pragya and informs her that she is unable to understand why Pragya is behaving so.

Purabh tries to change the topic and asks Sarla if she wishes to have an ice cream on the occasion of Diwali. Meanwhile, Pragya is confused and busy thinking of Tanu and Nikhil as she suspects something going on between them and recalls seeing Nikhil with Tanu and Aaliya and wonders what is the matter? Just then, Abhi enters the room and says he needs to talk to her.

Pragya says she is not in a mood to fight. Abhi says they will have lovely talk today, and expresses his sadness seeing her all alone and lonely as no girl can stay alone. Pragya says it is her life and her wish.

Abhi asks if there is any reason? Pragya keep saying it is her life and it is none of his matter. Abhi says he want to know who will enjoy his money. Pragya says she has not decided and she has to work now and wants to show to the world that she can live alone. Abhi says he wants someone to love him and he can’t stay alone and wants to move on.

Although, Pragya herself is surprised to see Abhi showing concern his for her, she ignores Abhi’s questions saying it’s her decision and she don’t want any interfere and leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Tanu asks Aaliya not to talk to Nikhil else he will trouble her. Aaliya gets upset with Tanu for encouraging Nikhil mistake and reminds her that Nikhil gave her a necklace. Tanu says he gave her and she haven’t asked for it.

Aaliya says she is letting him do as he please, and giving him chance. She adds that they couldn’t do anything to kick Pragya. Tanu asks what they have to do? Moment later, Raj walks in with some papers and gives them an idea that will help them buy some time and earns some money.

He explains the plan to Aaliya and Tanu in detail and explains that he need Abhi’s signatures on certain documents so that the plan can take shape then the money will come to them as they will become Abhi’s half partner. He says Pragya will win the case, but till then they will enjoy the profit. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. Abhi thinks something is hidden in Pragya’s heart which she don’t want to tell. He decides to find out what is more important to her than money.

He thinks to get close to her, and thinks it will be risky. Pragya comes back and asks why he didn’t sleep yet. Abhi says he couldn’t sleep and asks her to help him. He says he wants to call his fuggi. Pragya asks how can she help him?

Abhi asks her to sit and that whenever he didn’t get sleep, he used to keep his head on her lap and then he used to sleep. He wants to forget her and places his head on her lap and thinks what she will do now. He thinks he is genius.

Allah Wariyan song plays in the background. Pragya keeps her hand on his head. She thinks what is she doing? If he is testing her and thinks something is going on in his heart. She keeps his head above the pillow and leaves.

Tanu asks Pragya why did she call her? Pragya says she called her to give her warning, and tells Abhi can cross the limit. She says he insisted to rest his head on her lap and then she can’t say.

Tanu asks if he misbehaved with her. Tanu thinks he is acting, but can fall for her. Pragya thinks Tanu will control Abhi now. Abhi wakes up and sees her sleeping. Pragya comes from outside and wist him good morning. Abhi sees Tanu sleeping next to him and is shocked.

Pragya says she brought her here as he was feeling lonely yesterday. She says she is going to have breakfast, and asks him to decide till she finishes food. She leaves.

Source: Zeeworld International.


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