Reach for the Stars: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 223-225)

Kalpana tried to explains her that if she knew that she love Raghav, then she would never have come closer to him. She would never have loved him and she don’t want bad for her, not even when her mother gave her time to her, her milk to her and even when her mother became her Kamla maa.

She never wanted to be between her and Raghav. She apologizes to Pakhi If she hurt her but make it clear to her that she and Raghav love each other and Raghav just married her for revenge.

She know this is wrong but what happened to her was wrong as well as she was waiting for him as a bride but Pakhi does not listen to her and instead continues her argument and asks if she think she responsible for that and that she showed that she never came out of slum mentality and call her bloody chowl people. Kalpana shouts. Pakhi tells her not to shout and that she know why she made Raghav hers.

She asks her to tell her what’s the price of this love and vermilion. She will give her this car, this house and everything but in return to give her Raghav to her. Raghav is hers for infinity. She love him and asks if she understand that? Kalpana replies her that vermilion has no price.

Pakhi then reminds her that law and society doesn’t accept her marriage. Kalpana says marriage is a relation between two hearts and Raghav and her relation is of love. Pakhi says hers is legal and she don’t trust this vermilion of cheap prices.

Kalpana says she made him her husband in front of God. Pakhi then challenge her that Raghav will accept her as his wife in this one year. Kalpana too says she have faith in God and this vermilion and that she accept this challenge.

Kamla comes there. Kalpana ask her mother if she is okay? Pakhi leaves there ignoring Kamla. Kamla asks Kalpana if everything is okay? Did they both fight? Kalpana says no there is no such thing and suggests her mother they should go. Pakhi enters the house. Gauri asks where was she.

While Kamla and Kalpana are heading back home, Kamla says she wants to talk to Pakhi. Kalpana tells her to meet Raghav as well. Kamal asks didn’t she meet him? Kalpana says no that she went to meet him but Gauri aunt stopped her so she just saw him. Kamla leaves. Kalpana says she can’t tell her what challenge Pakhi gave her and she know she must be worried for her.

Pakhi enters her house and asks Gauri if she allowed Kalpana to meet Raghav and Gauri denies. Pakhi smiles and says that’s so good and she have always favored her. Pakhi reminds Gauri she know that she did all this for Raghav and even sent her parents out of the house and asks what would she do to Kalpana and how can she send her away from her.

She worked with Gauri but now she have to work with her and she have to fulfill her promise. Gauri replies that she remember when she called her at first and she asked her to come.

The show then takes a twist as it turns out that Pakhi and Gauri had actually planned to support each other from the earliest and Pakhi was all this time aware of Gauri being Raghav’s mother and she had gone against her parents as per her plan with Gauri as she recalls Pakhi came out of the car. She asked why she called her here? Gauri tell her it’s about her bad luck and the Raghav she love is going to marry Kalpana. Pakhi refuses to believe.

Gauri said she know she can do anything for Raghav. Pakhi asked what can she do? She said whatever she want is because she is Raghav’s mother Gauri Singahniya. She lost her memory. Pakhi asked why she want to help her? Gauri had promised to help her achieve

Raghav’s love in return for her support and that it’s a deal that Pakhi will help her and she will help her as her parents killed her husband and they took him from her. They made her like this and her son has been an orphan even when she was alive. Pakhi asked what she want from her? Gauri said she want revenge.

Pakhi said if she is right then she have to seek revenge from Kalpana and Kamla and how can Kamla get Kalpana and Raghav married when she knew that she love Raghav. Gauri said she can decide if she want Raghav or her parents. A determined Pakhi said she can do anything to get Raghav. Now, Gauri tells her that she will help her in her fight for love and that she will do anything to get her Raghav.

Gauri adds that she helped her and she don’t need to ask for help because this is her right and she will get it for her. Pakhi is thankful to her and address her as Gauri aunty. Pakhi swears to show Kalpana her worth in Raghav’s life.

She have challenged Kalpana that she will get Raghav. Gauri says he didn’t divorce her just because of her and she didn’t let Kalpana meet Raghav neither will she let him.

Pakhi says that’s so good but just then Kamla enters and is happy to see the two of them bonding with each other. Pakhi sees Kamla and she is so shocked. Pakhi goes to kamla and asks why is she here. Kamla says what could she do.

She left and she was so worried for her so she came here to meet her but after seeing her and Gauri talking like this, she feel so good. Gauri leaves. Pakhi says they have decided that until Raghav is not well they won’t do anything that will hurt him and that what different does it make for her.

In her eyes Kalpana is Raghav’s wife. Kamal says Raghav’s wife is just her and no one will come between them. She comes forward but Pakhi continues to behave rudely with Kamla and turns her face to the other side.

Kamla tells her to pardon her that she concealed all this and she didn’t want to hurt her and there was no other intention. Pakhi says they will talk about it later and asks her to leave the place when she hears Raghav coming. Kamla is about to leave when Raghav stops her calling her name.

Kamla smiles and stops. Raghav comes to her and she asks how is he doing? He says he is better now. Kamla thank him for saving her and Kalpana. Raghav says who says thanks to their own people and asks if Kalpana is with her and he thought that she’d come with her.

Raghav finds out from Kamla that Kalpana had come to his house but Gauri didn’t let her meet him and is confused as to why his mother had lied to him and decides to ask her. He goes in. Kamla says there is something that’s not right. She leaves.

Gauri says Kamla shouldn’t doubt that she and Pakhi are on the same side. She will be on Kalpana’s side and there will be no one to stop Raghav and Kalpana to meet. Raghav shouldn’t know this truth. Raghav comes in and asks why she look upset?

He tells that Kamla told him that Kalpana came here. Gauri says she came here and he was sleeping so she said she won’t disturb him. She just saw him and left. Raghav says he is just waiting for the year to get over and he will make her his and he can’t wait for that day.

Nettu says this is so good as Kamla is stuck between Kalpana and Pakhi again. It was so amazing when Pakhi threw the vermilion at her. She sees Kamla and Kalpana. She asks where Kalpana was and she ashamed them in front of the whole chowl. Kamla tells Nettu to stop but Nettu says she was just asking and she leaves.

Kalpana asks her mother if he meet Raghav?. Vitthal comes in and asks how are they both doing and how was their day? Kamla replies that everything is good. He asks Kamla to make the tea. Kamla tells him what she saw was weird and wonder how Gauri accept Pakhi like this as she has always hated her.

While Kalpana is in the balcony. Raghav on the other hand says he knew Kalpana would come as she can’t live without him. Raghav calls her. Pakhi comes there and takes the phone from him and tell him to do the dressing and take the medicine.

Meanwhile Kalpana has received the called listen to their conversation. Pakhi tell Ragahv to leave it. He asks what she is doing. Pakhi says he is tickling her and asks him to leave her hand. Raghav who is unaware of Pakhi trick says she leave what she is doing? Pakhi keep saying Raghav should leave her.

Kalpana who is on phone is so shocked and switches her phone off. She then recalls Pakhi’s challenge. Raghav takes the medicine and says he is done now and asks if their is anything else? She gives him his phone back. He call Kalpana and realize that her phone is off.

He says why is her phone off? Pakhi says in her heart that what she listened to on the phone must have switched her mood off. Pakhi goes out and says stop dreaming Kalpana. They prick when they shatter.

Kamla tells Vitthal that Raghav is facing all this because of them and that he saved them. Vitthal says she know he don’t like talking about him as he ruined their life. While he is taking pills, Kamla asks what is it and why is he taking pills?

He says sleeping pills because he can’t sleep. Kamla offers to bring him water. She replaces it with some other and tells him to lie down that she will massage his hair. He sleeps off after some time.

Kamla says in her heart that both are her daughters and she is on the same spot where happiness of one of her daughters will ruin other’s. She have always been with Pakhi and her own daughter Kalpana has seen so much pain and she don’t want to do any injustice with her. Kalpana comes there and offer to massage her mother’s feet. Kamla then sits while Kalpana does her massage.

Next morning, Kamla gives Kalpana the stuff to make tea and coffee. Kalpana says she will make fresh for the costumers. Manda come with the dish. Kalpana starts her new business with the help of her neighbours and Manda too come with the dish.

Kalpana tells them to place it in the kitchen that they will list and give the money in the end and tells Manda to handle the counter. A beggar comes there. Kamla gives her the food. Nettu says to give them everything and that they make food and Kamla will keep giving it to beggars. Manda tells Nettu to stop it.

Kalpana is worried and asks if someone will come in this weather? Nettu says yes that more and more beggars will come. Pakiya also made the menu cards for the restaurant. Kalpana asks if he make it? He says yes and that he is the hero.

Meanwhile, Pakhi is making food for Raghav and says in heart if husband gets used to his wife’s food then he never leaves. Pakhi asks where is he going? Raghav says office. She says she was making this for him.

Raghav replies that he can’t and that he have an important meeting. Pakhi tries to stop Raghav from going to his office and spend time with her and asks why don’t he get a day off. He says he wanted to but some foreign delegates are coming and that he will come late as well.

When Pakhi realizes that Raghav is not listening to her, she burns her hand on purpose and then screams. Pakhi finally gets Raghav’s attention as he comes to her and asks what happened? Pakhi says her hand got burnt. Raghav then says who asked her to work. He holds her hand, washes it and asks if she is feeling better? Pakhi says no. He does the icing.

Seeing Raghav caring for her, Pakhi feels happy and says this is all she want that he care for her. Raghav decides to take her to the hospital and Pakhi tells him to let it be that she will be fine. Raghav says it’s a serious burn and doctor is on the way to the office.

Kalpana goes to the restaurant. Kamla asks Kalpana to do different arrangements. Kalpana asks Pakiya to distribute the pamphlets. Vitthal suggests they paste the posters on the roads. Kamla says Kalpana will be busy in work and she will forget everything Vitthal says he want that too and she should forget Raghav.

Kamla reminds him that Pakhi is angry with her and when she went to her house, she saw her with Gauri and wonder how they change so suddenly. Vitthal says these rich people change very often and she don’t know when their rivalry turns into friendship.

First costumer comes to the restaurant. Kalpana takes the order as she is worried in the beginning, but later many customers arrive at her new restaurant and seeing this Kalpana feels very happy. Pakiya comes up with a TV and that he have got a cable connection as well. Kalpana has got good response from the first costumers.

Pakiya says big cafes have these TV’s and india’s best cine star is coming on Zee TV. He will watch that show. Manda says who know what this show will be like. Pakiya says the judges are Pareniti Chopra and Sunali and not to forget to watch.

Raghav stops the car at the store to get medicine. Kalpana too is there. Pakhi sees her before they could see each other. She is dazed. Kalpana gives her money and leaves.

While Kalpana is looking for an auto, Raghav is about to see her and Pakhi immediately opens the door and it hits Kalpana. Her umbrella fall on the ground. Raghav holds her and places her umbrella over her. Pakhi is shocked. He asks Pakhi couldn’t she see her and offer to drop her but Kalpana insists to go in an auto.

Raghav then tells her to wait in order to get her an auto. He leaves while Pakhi comes out and smiles at Kalpana. She also tells her not to get his sympathy as love. Kalpana asks what happened to her hand? She says she got burnt and Raghav cares too much for her and he took her to see doctor. Pakhi says this auto is her identity and this car is hers.

Kalpana tells Pakhi not to forget that she had half of her milk. Kalpana leaves and sits in the auto. Pakhi then tells Raghav they should go and it was her mistake and she should have seen her while opening the door.

Source: Zeeworld International


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