Tuesday Updates on King of Hearts (Episodes 488-491)

The function commences but as the family and the guests are busy, Roshni is in the room when someone kidnapped her from the house and takes her in his car forcibly. Mithul’s husband sees Ragini being taken away in the car. Neil thinks where did Ragini go? A guest says history is repeating itself. Mami says Neil’s destiny is bad. Neil tries her number. Mithul’s husband rushes inside and informs the family that someone has kidnapped Ragini. He tells everything. Simran says she know who has kidnapped Ragini.

Roshni is in the car and asks what the kidnaper want? Why did he kidnapped her? The kidnapper shows his face and he turns out to be Siddharth. Siddharth says she will be relieved that she will be fine with him. He asks her to believe him. Roshni is surprised when she realizes that it was Siddharth who had kidnapped her and asks what did he do? Siddharth says he is taking his wife out. Roshni asks him to take her home. Siddharth stops the car. Roshni called him a criminal. Siddharth says he is her husband and she have done enough now and that he will decide now. He want to spend the rest of his life with her and will not let her go anywhere now. Roshni asks if he is crazy? Siddharth says yes, he is and that nobody understands him better than her. He know she is hungry and he will bring something for her to eat. Roshni says she don’t want to eat anything.

Anya asks Naina to have medicine else her BP will shoot up. Naina refuses. Neil thinks about the possibilities and wonders if her ex husband have kidnapped her. Roshni tells Siddharth that he can’t impress her and that she needs independence from him. Siddharth says from him and their relation and asks what wrong did he do that she want to separate from him. He madly love her and what is his mistake that she called him a criminal and with whom she have taken vows. She said that their relation is a curse and they are not destined to stay together and if they are not destined to happen then why did they meet again, as God wants them to be together. Roshni says their relation will ruin them.

Roshni asks how can he be so selfish? Siddharth says he will lose everything. Roshni says she couldn’t tell Neil that he is her ex husband and he is Anya’s husband and if he keep following her then it will ruin everything. She asks him to let her go. Siddharth asks if she really want to go and nods.

Neil’s family members are worried about Ragini Desai’s disappearance and at the same time, Anya thinks about Siddharth asking her to not let Neil and Roshni engaged. She realizes that Siddharth is Ragini Desai’s first husband and also understands that Ragini Desai is the Roshni that Siddharth had been always talking about. Mami says it is very inauspicious and tells that there is some connection of between son in-law and Ragini. Naina gets angry with her and asks what is the connection between them. On the other hand, Siddharth says she is thinking about everyone except them. She want to go, even after knowing that he will be hurt if she leave. Roshni says yes. Siddharth says enough and asks her to go. He asks her to get up and go. Just as Roshni is about to go, Siddharth hurts his hand and says he told her that he will hurt himself with her every move. He breaks glass on his head. Roshni cries and feels his pain. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background.

Siddharth continues to hurt himself. Roshni cries as she is unable to see his pain. Siddharth falls on the grass and says her tears have proved that she is concerned for him. Roshni thinks about Naina, Anya, and Simran. She goes near Siddharth and sees him fainted. Neil comes there searching for her and calls Ragini name. Roshni cries and runs from there, leaving Siddharth heavily injured. After awhile, Neil manages to find Roshni as she runs to him, hugs him and cries continuously when the police try to question her about the kidnapper. Neil asks the Inspector to check for the kidnapper. The inspector asks the Constable to check. He asks Roshni if the kidnapper are one or many. Roshni thinks she has to leave Siddharth there itself else their truth will come out.

Later, Kritika opens the door and she is horrified to find her brother bleeding and lying unconscious in front of the door. She calls her mum and family immediately attends to him. Simran scolds Siddharth. Later, the Inspector comes and arrests Siddharth and is put behind bars for causing trouble to Ragini Desai and this makes Siddharth’s mother curious. Roshni calls the Inspector and asks him not to tell anything to Neil about Siddharth as he is unaware that Siddharth is her ex husband. It seems Roshni has filed case against Siddharth. Mami hears her and decides to find out about her ex husband. Neil calls the Inspector. The inspector says he couldn’t find anything till now. Simran asks the Inspector how can he arrest her son? And says she will talk to Roshni. The Inspector says Ragini Desai is coming here. Roshni is going in the car. Anya comes in front of the car, and asks where she was going secretly. She says she was kidnapped by her ex husband.

Roshni asks what is she saying? Anya call her Roshni and says this is her real name. Her ex husband is Mr Siddharth Khurana? Right. Roshni is shocked to hear that. Anya asks her to tell her and asks if she love him even now. Mami comes there and asks Anya to give her the magazine. Roshni goes in her car. Mami thinks where Ragini is going? Neil looks for Ragini in the house. Anya informs him that Ragini went back to her hotel. Neil says she would have also taken rest here. He will go and check. Anya says she must be tired. Neil thinks why Anya is talking to him like this.

Simran asks the Lawyer to get her son out of jail and that her son is innocent. The Lawyer asks her to calm down. The inspector warns Raj not to do any drama. Raj asks Simran to relax. Simran says how can she relax. Just then they see Roshni coming there? Simran goes to her and asks if she don’t have any shame. She reminds her that her son has done so much for her and her family. Raj says he will talk to her and address Roshni as his daughter. Roshni says there is nothing to talk and whatever she want to say, she will talk to the Inspector. Raj says he is feeling as if everything is changed.

Mami comes to the police station following Roshni. She gets caught by the police as they misunderstand her to be thief. Roshni tells the Inspector that she wants to get some additions in her complaint. The constable says they have arrested thieves. Inspector asks them to make them sit there. Simran asks how can she do this? Roshni asks her to stop her drama and threatens to get her arrested. Simran is shocked. Roshni says Raj is a good man, and she want want her ex husband to stay in jail, but she want him to be punished until his bones break and his mind comes to his senses.

Roshni talks rudely with Raj, Simran and Krtika. She asks the Inspector to break his bones until his mind gets on right track and that he couldn’t see that she has moved on in life and is marrying someone else. She says he should realize that it is all over. He says it was someone earnest desire and looks at Simran. Siddharth is shocked with her behavior. Siddharth tells the inspector whenever his wife demanded anything till now, he has given her and today his wife wants to see him in pain, see him breaking and he won’t back off. He asks the inspector to beat him so ruthlessly that no bone remain in his body, so that he don’t get strength to live and his soul comes out of his body, after all it is his life’s wish and he will fulfilled it. He want to see who will dried up soon, his body’s blood or Roshni’s tears.

Simran asks if he have gone mad? Roshni asks the inspector to inform her once Siddharth gets over of his mad love. Simran tells Siddharth that Roshni has really moved on. Roshni comes out of the police station and cries badly, Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. As instructed by Roshni, the inspector beats Siddharth badly and gets tired. Siddharth looks at him and asks the inspector to beat him harshly as asked by his wife as there is still life in him, and asks him to beat him. The inspector and the constable beat him up. Roshni cries and apologizes to please forgive her. She asks why did he force her to take this step. She is not his Roshni anymore. Neil too comes to the Police station in search of Ragini. The inspector says she didn’t come. Neil goes. Mami tells the Police that she is not a thief as she is with the gang.

Later, Roshni is about to get inside her house while she is on call but just then, Siddharth comes there. Roshni looks at his wounds and says it seems the inspector has freed him. Siddharth tells her he is very stubborn and can’t get over her with the beatings. He asks this is what she wanted, they had beaten him up badly and then freed him, but she is killing him till now. He says he was in dreams, thought his Roshni is upset and he will make up with her, but she have betrayed him and took him out of dream world. When he came out of dream world, he came to know she was very far and was manipulating him with a remote control, his emotions, love, etc just to make him agree. He says okay, what did she need that he should go separate ways, that their relation should break. Siddharth finally agrees to free her of all the bond and agrees to leaves her forever. He adds that she will never be suitable to him and it is over Ragini Desai. He admits that she have won and he lose. He says one last thing, she was alive even after death, but now she is alive but killed his Roshni and he consider her dead from now onwards, Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background.

Siddharth calls Anya and asks her to come out of the house. Anya asks what happened to him? He tells her that he has done enough and now he has to fight alone. Anya asks how can he say that? Siddharth says he have faced enough just because he was helping her. He further informs her that he cannot help her anymore and he cannot continue pretending to be her husband. He asks her to spend her life with Aarav and informs her that he will be leaving the city and lets her know that he has found Aarav for her. Siddharth comes home. Simran asks where was he? Siddharth asks the men to do as he said. Simran asks who are these men. Siddharth takes them inside the room and says he don’t need any Roshni’s memories in his room or house. He tears Roshni’s picture taken from the diary. Simran and Raj are shocked. Rabba Tu itna batade song plays in the background. One of the person said that he couldn’t take out the photo frame from the wall. Siddharth takes it out and breaks it on the floor.

Neil’s mother Naina organizes a Shanti Puja and surprisingly, Siddharth sits next to Roshni for the Puja shocking Roshni. Naina notices the injuries on Siddharth’sbody and asks him about his injury and wound but Siddharth only makes an excuse about it that he has learnt from the injury and he has to follow whom and not run behind useless things. Later, the pundit asks the couple to hold their hands and Siddharth gives out his hand and calls out to his sweetheart. Roshni is shocked believing that Siddharth has referred to her as his sweetheart but just then, Anya arrives and holds Siddharth’s hand. Siddharth says actually Anya wanted to sit in the Puja, but as he was injured she stayed back. Anya says this is also his house. Mithul’s husband comes to the Police station and gives bail papers to the inspector. He lets Mithul out of jail and asks why she came here. She says she followed Ragini and landed in jail instead. Mithul’s husband asks her to come home as everyone must be waiting for them.

The pundit asks Naina to distribute the prasad. Siddharth says her son in-law will distribute it. He gives prasad to everyone. Roshni’s feels the prasad is hot and shouts. Siddharth asks Anya to eat carefully and blows on the prasad to make it cold. He makes her eat the prasad and says Neil will take care of Ragini.

Simran sees the wedding decorations pictures. Raj tells Simran that she is hurrying up for marriage. Simran says she got Naina’s call and she told her that Siddharth sat with Anya for the Puja. Raj says it is bad. Simran says it is very good. Raj wonders what Siddharth is upto.

Siddharth is talking on phone when Roshni comes to him and asks what do he think of himself. She says Anya was nothing for him, but now he is showering love on her to get her back. Siddharth says he love her more than his life and he is doing this to get her. Roshni is shocked. Siddharth asks if she want to hear this and to tell me what else did she want to hear from him. He asks why did she think that this world revolves around her, she is not sun but Roshni and she is looking desperate. She wanted him to move on and he is trying to move on with Anya and it is not his fault that Anya’s brother is her fiance. He says Siddharth Khurana is not her property any more. He madly loved her. He ran fast, but couldn’t run like her and was left behind and that she have killed him, and have moved on in real means. He says if she call herself Ragini, then she will not become Ragini, but will only be Roshni. He asks her to think and if her relatives come to know that she is not Ragini but Roshni, and that he is her husband, what will happen then? He pulls her dupatta’s side. Siddharth asks how she is feeling as he is not there to take care of her.

Naina asks the Servant not to add chilli as Neil and Ragini don’t eat spicy. After a while, Mithul comes and tries to induce doubts regarding Siddharth in the mind of Neil’s mother that her son was not yesterday as he has bruises on his face all around. But moments later, Anya meets Mithul and asks her where was she? She asks about her wound. She warns her aunt against speaking about Siddharth, who is her husband and that she loves Siddharth very much and don’t want her to interfere in her personal life. Roshni hears her.

Anya comes out and laughs seeing Siddharth. Siddharth thanks her for stopping him. A flashback is reveal, when Anya asks Siddharth why is he running from his true love? Siddharth says she will not understand about their love. Anya says Arav is in coma, and she got hope from him that he will be fine. She asks why is he behaving like him and asks him to give Roshni a chance to run after him. Siddharth says he didn’t understand. Anya tells something to him in mute. Before Siddharth could says anything, Anya says she will help him as he has done so much for her. She says she don’t want Neil to marry Roshni as she don’t love him, and asks Siddharth to give her hi five. Siddharth gives her hi five. They both smile.

Flashback ends. Anya tells Siddharth that Roshni is getting jealous. While Roshni is in her office, Siddharth comes there and calls Anya. He asks her to come for lunch. Neil says this is office and that Anya is busy. Siddharth asks Anya to let elders speak and says they are like cute love birds who are inseparable. He says he got true love after many years.


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