Wednesday Update On King Of Hearts (Episode 491 – 493)

Simran sees the wedding decorations pictures. Raj tells Simran that she is hurrying up for marriage. Simran says she got Naina’s call and she told her that Siddharth sat with Anya for the Puja. Raj says it is bad. Simran says it is very good. Raj wonders what Siddharth is upto.

Siddharth is talking on phone when Roshni comes to him and asks what do he think of himself. She says Anya was nothing for him, but now he is showering love on her to get her back. Siddharth says he love her more than his life and he is doing this to get her.

Roshni is shocked. Siddharth asks if she want to hear this and to tell me what else did she want to hear from him. He asks why did she think that this world revolves around her, she is not sun but Roshni and she is looking desperate.

She wanted him to move on and he is trying to move on with Anya and it is not his fault that Anya’s brother is her fiance. He says Siddharth Khurana is not her property any more. He madly loved her. He ran fast, but couldn’t run like her and was left behind and that she have killed him, and have moved on in real means.

He says if she call herself Ragini, then she will not become Ragini, but will only be Roshni. He asks her to think and if her relatives come to know that she is not Ragini but Roshni, and that he is her husband, what will happen then? He pulls her dupatta’s side. Siddharth asks how she is feeling as he is not there to take care of her.

Naina asks the Servant not to add chilli as Neil and Ragini don’t eat spicy. After a while, Mithul comes and tries to induce doubts regarding Siddharth in the mind of Neil’s mother that her son was not yesterday as he has bruises on his face all around.

But moments later, Anya meets Mithul and asks her where was she? She asks about her wound. She warns her aunt against speaking about Siddharth, who is her husband and that she loves Siddharth very much and don’t want her to interfere in her personal life. Roshni hears her.

Anya comes out and laughs seeing Siddharth. Siddharth thanks her for stopping him. A flashback is reveal, when Anya asks Siddharth why is he running from his true love? Siddharth says she will not understand about their love. Anya says Arav is in coma, and she got hope from him that he will be fine.

She asks why is he behaving like him and asks him to give Roshni a chance to run after him. Siddharth says he didn’t understand. Anya tells something to him in mute. Before Siddharth could says anything, Anya says she will help him as he has done so much for her. She says she don’t want Neil to marry Roshni as she don’t love him, and asks Siddharth to give her hi five. Siddharth gives her hi five. They both smile.

Flashback ends. Anya tells Siddharth that Roshni is getting jealous. While Roshni is in her office, Siddharth comes there and calls Anya. He asks her to come for lunch. Neil says this is office and that Anya is busy. Siddharth asks Anya to let elders speak and says they are like cute love birds who are inseparable. He says he got true love after many years.

Siddharth gives advice to Neil, and asks him to take Roshni out. Neil says he don’t need his suggestion and angrily leaves. Siddharth tells Anya that Neil is very strange, and they can’t stay without each other. Roshni gets jealous seeing their affection. Siddharth thanks Anya and says she is an angel.

Raj tells Bunty and Pinto that Siddharth has gone mad, and now they have to do something. Pinto asks what happened? Siddharth comes home. Simran asks if he is serious about Anya? Siddharth says he is serious about his wife Anya. Simran takes Roshni’s name.

Siddharth says he don’t know any Roshni, and don’t want to know about Ragini. Bunty tells Raj that Siddharth hates Roshni. Raj says he is just angry and they have to do something to bring out the truth. Bunty says they can’t do this. Raj says only she can do this and signal at Mithul who is having ice cream.

Neil and Roshni are busy discussing about Siddharth and his immature behavior. Neil asks what Anya has seen in Siddharth? Roshni laughs hearing his talk. Just then, Siddharth arrives with chefs and food and asks the chefs to arrange the food on the table for lunch.

Anya too walks in and asks what Siddharth is up to? Siddharth claims that since her brother did not allow her to leave for her meal, he had to get the food here itself. Anya kisses on Siddharth’s hand to make Roshni jealous. Siddharth asks her to kiss him again, and says he will feel relieve.

Siddharth checks the menu and jokes. He says they will not eat veg food, and says they will eat non veg dishes. Neil orders veg food. Roshni asks Neil to order non veg food which he used to eat. Neil says he will eat when she likes. Siddharth sings Qurbani Allah Ko Pyaari hai……(he means Neil is sacrificing his food for Roshni).

Roshni gets irked. Meanwhile, Raj speaks to Mithul about Siddharth and Anya mysterious relationship that he doesn’t know when Anya and Siddharth meet? Raja plants further doubts in her head about the strange relationship and Mithul says she was wondering how did they get married? Raj tells her that Anya was having a serious affair when she was in Delhi and may be it didn’t work out.

Mithul comes to know about it. Anya and Siddharth shows PDA. Siddharth tells Neil that he is thinking to shift to their house and be with Anya, and that he will entertain them all. He says he will become their son in-law.

Neil says he has objection with him as the marriage is not properly done and that Anya can go when she have a proper wedding. Siddharth tells that their couple is made by God and they complete each other sentences.

Anya says of course. Neil brings medicine for Roshni’s head ache. Roshni says she is glad that he understands her without her sayings anything. Mithul keeps an eye on Anya and Siddharth. After awhile, Siddharth asks Anya to act and shout, and rings the door bell. He takes her inside the house in his arms.

Naina asks what happened? Siddharth says she had tripped while walking on road and all are shocked to learn that Anya has injured herself. Seeking this opportunity, Siddharth decides to stay at Aanya ‘s house for a few days and asks Naina, if he can stay in their life for few days.

Anya says yes. Naina is in dilemma. Siddharth asks Anya to act. Naina agrees to let Siddharth stay at home. Roshni gets jealous and looks angrily. Siddharth lifts Anya in his arms to take her to her room. He asks Ragini to move aside. Roshni fumes.

Naina says they love each other a lot. Mithul thinks she have to spy on them. Roshni thinks what Siddharth is upto. While everyone is having dinner, Siddharth signs Jaanu Meri Jaan song. Roshni gets tensed. Mithul asks why is her concentration is on Siddharth and Anya.

Neil asks her to have her food. He says what nonsense? Is this a hotel or home. Siddharth comes there wearing vest and says Anya is such a naughty girl. Everyone look on surprised. Siddharth apologizes and wears his shirt.

He tells Naina that Anya is unwell, so if she permits then he will have dinner with her in the room. Neil calls Anya. Naina says no problem, he can take food to her room. Siddharth thanks her. He asks Ragini, how is that dal? He says Anya loves it.

He takes gulab jamun and says Anya will be happy. Roshni tells Neil that something is stuck on his lips, and cleans it. Siddharth gets jealous and asks him to enjoy. Roshni decides to show Siddharth how to play game.

Siddharth thank Anya for her help. He says Roshni get jealous and tried to make him jealous by wiping something from Neil’s face. Anya is happy and says she should be thankful as he saved her life and she is uniting the two lovers. Naina asks Ragini to give something to Anya and Siddharth.

Anya tells Siddharth that she don’t want Neil’s heart to break and has suffered with a heart break before. Anya apologizes to Siddharth and says everything will be alright. They hug each other. Roshni enters the room and is surprised to finds them hugging and romancing each other.

She gets jealous. Siddharth realizes Roshni is behind him, and asks God, why he didn’t make him meet Anya before, and wasted his time with wrong people. Roshni tells him that Naina gave custard and keeps on table. Roshni leaves looking sad. Roshni gets jealous and closes her eyes as she couldn’t hear their romance.

Siddharth is happy that he could get Roshni to feel jealous. After a while, Neil approaches Roshni with two movie ticket and Roshni is taken by surprised. She agrees to go out for the movie but just then, Siddharth arrives and excitedly asks them to go for the movie so that he and Aanya can have the entire house for themselves to romance.

Roshni instantly tells Neil that her head is paining and changes her mind about going for the movie and insists to stay in his house for tonight. Siddharth asks her to go home, and says he knows a good doctor if she wants. Neil and Roshni both say thanks together. Siddharth says they both are sync.

Neil says this is her house, and she can stay. Roshni thinks it is good that Siddharth is getting closer to Anya, and thinks she should get close to Neil also. She gets thinking. Just then Neil comes there, Roshni asks him to go thinking him to be Siddharth. Neil asks what happened.

Roshni apologizes. Neil asks her to take care and leaves. Roshni thinks Neil is so sorted and matured and other side is Siddharth, who is an idiot. Siddharth tells Anya that Neil must have taken tablets and slept. He says Roshni must be awake and will come out soon. He says they should follow up the plan.

Later, Roshni is unable to sleep and is restless. Just then, Siddharth and Anya peeps in her room, a CD of a comedy movie is slipped down the door and goes in the hall. Roshni believes that Neil has sent her the CD and appreciate his mature behavior.

Siddharth plays the music on the music system. Papa jag jayenga plays………………..they dance romantically. Neil, Roshni, Naina and Mama wake up and see them dancing. Roshni gets jealous seeing Anya and Siddharth dancing….Anya hugs him and go to her room. Roshni collides with Mithul while seeing them. They make an excuse and go to their room. Muthil thinks if Ragini is spying on them.

Next morning, Roshni thinks to serve juice to everyone in the room…..She goes to Siddharth’s room. Siddharth comes out and asks if she came to give him juice. Roshni asks him to keep dreaming and goes to Neil. She gives the juice to Neil and says she made it for him. Neil drinks it and says it is fresh. Roshni thanks him. She asks about his workout and says he has nice body. S

iddharth gets jealous. Mithul peeps in Siddharth and Anya’s room and sees them sleeping separately. She decides to find out. Anya sees the door open and closes it. Later Mithul refuses to let anyone have food. Neil is about to drink coffee when Mithul throws the cup away and it falls on Roshni. Everyone is shocked. Neil scolds Mithul for throwing coffee on Ragini and asks her to get medicine.

Mithul tells them that today is karva chauth fast. Neil says they don’t believe on the fast. Siddharth says he believes on nirjala fast and says they will have to fast. Roshni says they will also fast. Neil asks since when she started believing on this. Roshni insists that they will. Mithul decides to find out and says she will expose them all. Siddharth says fast will break, and that of Roshni and his.

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