Wednesday Update On Sands Of Time

Nethra tactically is asking Samar to hand over a new apartment to her. Co-incidentally Tannu and Gurmeet are having dinner. Nethra is able to hear their conversation and able to guess Jia’s endeavor to fight against Daakshi.

Nethra informs Daakshi about Jia’s plot, which involves Tannu and Gurmeet. While Daakshi transacting the deal with Karan brings Gurmeet tied in front of Tannu and Karan. Karan decides to shoot Gurmeet with an intention of testing Tannu’s loyalty. Tannu panics exposing her self.

The confrontation takes place between Karan, Daakshi and the goons on one side and on the other Jia, Shekhar, Gurmeet and Tannu that ends with villains getting arrested by the cops. In this cacophony Jia gets hurt and is wheeled into the hospital where Gurmeet turns emotional and speeds to the jail with an intention of informing kshom about Jia’s sacrifices.

Tannu pacifies him telling that they don’t have the right to interfere in else’s personal life. Kshom is released and is informed that Jia is in the hospital. As he goes near Jia . Jia starts whispering the name of Shekhar baffling Kshom.

Kshom is looking at Shekhar and Jia feeling an odd man out. He moves to his residence while Jia is insisting to see Kshom. Shekhar, Samar and Gyan baffled to find Kshom missing. Gurmeet takes Jia’s leave and leaves for Bhatinda. Tannu turns restless not seeing Gurmeet and speeds to refrain Gurmeet going to Bhatinda. They both come to seek the blessings of Jia as couple.

Kshoms depression reaches the peak when he reads the letter of Jia and Shekhar, which was written, by Jia and Shekhar when Shikaj was born. It’s then reveal that Nethra has methodically implanted these letters and Shekhar’s clothes in Kshom’s house to increase his misunderstanding. Jia comes to know that Kshom has left the house with an intention of not returning back.

Source: Zeeworld International.


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