Creative DIY Shoe Sole Details You’ll Love for Wedding

Before you walk down the aisle, step up your shoe game with some must-have sole messages.

When it comes to your bridal look, the bottom of your shoes might not be top of mind. But when you consider all eyes will be on you—when you’re coming and going—adding a bit of detail to the soles of your shoes can be a fun, whimsical touch. Here are a few that’ll step up your style.

1. Save the Date


 Celebrate your new last name and the date it all went down by stamping your soles with these very important details.

2. Sole Status


Announce your new married status to guests with “Wifey for Lifey” shoe-bottom decals.

 3. I Now Pronounce You…


Leave the ceremony with a sole style that tells the world you and your partner are now hitched.

4. Meant to Be


Add a punny take on finding your soul mate by stamping “sole mates” on the bottoms of your shoes.

5. Lasting Words

 shoee 7

Looking for something more permanent than a sticker? Wedding shoes can be embossed with a traditional wedding rhyme.

6. Make Your Mark

shoee 9

For a more DIY approach, a permanent marker is all you need. Write a note to your future spouse on the soles of your shoes or give them to the groom and ask him to write something special to you.

Now! Make your wedding a memorable fun worthy of emulation…



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