My Undercover Grad Roommate: 1

She wasn’t supposed to be here. She wasn’t meant to see this. I thought she went to class.

“‘Rele, what are you doing with my laptop?” Her eyes had begun sparking with anger. She’s usually angry and secluded now.

“Uhm…”I gulped. “Nothing really. I was just checking some vacancies online. I need a part-time job”.

Lying didn’t come easy to me but I had no choice. I couldn’t let her know that I’d just found out the secret she’d been hiding for the past 8 months since we were assigned to be roommates. If she knew I knew, I couldn’t imagine what she’d do to me.

“‘Rele, I know you’re lying. I’m not stupid. What were you doing with my laptop?”.I knew Mount Vesuvius was about to blow but I couldn’t defuse it. Anytime she spoke so calmly, that’s when she was usually the most angry. She is always particular about not entering her room.

Curiosity had killed many cats. I was wishing it wouldn’t kill me today. My love for deciphering puzzles seems to be really out of line today.

I prayed for a pig to fly across the window; something, anything to distract her while my brain scrambled to look for a more believable lie. 

“Yasmin. You know I’m not capable of lying. And I never said you were stupid. Why would you say that? Why would you even think that? What is wrong  with you?”

I knew the only way to escape this confrontation was to be on the offensive/defensive. Whatever they call it. I just wanted to run.

“‘Rele”. That was the third time in a row. She never most often called my name. She just ignored me.

“I’d let you go this time. But I don’t ever want to see you near my laptop or my room again!”. She barked that last word. Made me think of a rottweiler.

Now that I knew she was even more dangerous than one. I couldn’t let her see how afraid I was of her.

“Fine. I’m sorry. I just heard there were some really cool vacancies online”. I sighed, trying my best to sound bad.

She stared at me, opened the door and when I was out of her room, closed it. I could hear the turning of the key in the lock.

Bummer. Nothing like finding out your grad roommate is actually an assassin.

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