Thursday Update On King Of Hearts (Episodes 494 – 495)


Siddharth comes to Anya’s room and asks her to eat Apple. Anya says he have scared her. Siddharth says her family is a spy and james bond. Anya asks him to enjoy and asks if he eat anything.

Siddharth says no that he kept the fast for Roshni. May be he can get his Roshni. Anya says she has kept fast for Aarav. Siddharth asks her to eat for the baby. Anya says if she can keep fast then her baby

also can fast. She asks Siddharth to take her to the hospital so that she can see Arav and break her fast. Siddharth agree and asks what to do with the apple. Anya keeps it. In the office, Roshni gets angry on her employee for taking Apple’s name while telling about color.

Neil comes and asks her to have food as he does not want her to fast as she had been sick earlier but Roshni stays stubborn and wants to continue fasting. Later, Siddharth reaches office with balloons and a bouquet for Aanya and asks where is his Anya and starts searching for her. He tells Mr. Sengupta that Roshni is so damm strong and praises her culture.

The employees hears him and laugh. Roshni scolds them and asks to go back to work. She tells Siddharth that he is setting bad example in the office. She asks if he don’t know any work except marriage.

Siddharth says her mind might be short of memory and says he is her partner, and business partner. He asks where is his Anya? Siddharth succeeds in his endeavour to irritate Roshni, who gets furious with him for distributing the decorum of the office.

Neil offer to give him presentation? Neil asks Siddharth, if he is really interested in the partnership? Siddharth says it is not his choice, and his dad is involved in this, and he have no choice. He says his company is of high standards and their company is not matching to his standard. Roshni intervenes and says his ideas are backward and old as 10 years old back.

She praises Neil and says he has 15 years of experience and asks him to keep his attitude to himself. She asks him to see if there is any company which will give him more good opportunity then go, and says they will be more than happy to let him go. Siddharth applauds for her.

Neil is highly impressed and says he don’t know where to faint. He says if she praise him like this then he will be shaken. Roshni asks him not to annoy her. Neil holds Roshni’s hand. Roshni asks what? Neil says nothing. Roshni looks surprised and leaves. Neil smiles.

Meanwhile, Siddharth and Anya reaches the hospital to meet Aarav. Siddharth tells her that Arav’s parents are sitting there and says he will do something. Siddharth throws paper on the nurse. The nurse turns and sees Arav’s dad smiling. Siddharth throws another paper. The nurse comes to Arav’s dad and asks why is he teasing her.

Arav’s dad says his son is in ICU and why will he tease her? Arav’s mum says he was reading the file. The nurse argues with them. People gather there. Siddharth sends Anya inside the ward. Anya is in disguise of a nurse and gets emotional upon meeting Aarav and seeing him lying unconscious.

Siddharth keeps eye on the door. Just then, Neil and his mother Naina too reach the hospital for Naina check up. Anya asks Arav to wake up and says his Anya came to meet him. She apologizes and asks him to forgive her.

She thought that he have left her and went to commit suicide and that now everything will be fine. Anya says she forgot to tell him that and keeps his hand on her stomach that she is pregnant and he is going to be a dad and asks if he is happy.

She says their baby will be born and everything will be fine. She have kept fast for him, and he will be fine. Then they will stay together with their baby. She love him and kisses his hand.

Naina tells Neil that there might be some problem. Neil tries to ask someone about the argument. Anya asks Arav to make her break nirjhala fast and takes water in the glass. She holds his hand and drinks water thus breaking her fast.

Siddharth stands outside the ward. Neil looks inside the ward and sees the nurse/Anya, and opens the door to asks about the doctor. Just then Naina calls Neil. Anya gets alert and thinks this is her mother’s voice.

After a while, Siddharth sees Neil and his mother Naina at the hospital and he instantly gets restless. Naina tells Neil that the nurse have come. Anya asks Arav to take care and leaves. Siddharth asks Anya to come. Anya comes out. Siddharth says Neil came here, and asks her to come. They leave.

Mithul is eating rasgulla and her husband asks if she is a wonder. She have barred everyone from eating food and is eating herself. Mithul says he will live for 100 years, and says she has not kept fast.

Everyone sit to do puja. The pundit do the puja and asks all husbands to make their wives drink water. Anya signal Siddharth. Siddharth says it will be fun now and to see who will make whom drink water. He takes out some powder and throws in the havan. Everyone starts coughing. Mama goes to switch on the exhaust fan.

While the place is smoky, Siddharth goes to Roshni and makes her drink water. He then drinks it. Roshni then sees Neil coming down, and wonders who have breaken her fast. She looks at Siddharth. Siddharth makes Anya have water.

Roshni think who made her drink water and looks at Siddharth, as Neil is very much far from her.

She is surprised when she realizes that it was not Neil who had made her drink water but intact it was Siddharth. Just as they are about to go, Mithul tells them about one more ritual in their family for the married couple in which the husband’s will put vermilion on the forehead of their wives.

Mithul hands over the plate of sindoor to Siddharth and asks him to fill Anya’s maang with sindoor and asks Neil and Roshni to wait till they get married. Naina says she haven’t heard of this ritual before.

Mami/ Mithul says this ritual do exist. Anya asks Siddharth what will they do now but as Mithul gets busy, Siddharth puts the sindoor plate in front of the fan diverting everyone’s attention and the sindoor falls on Roshni’s forehead while Anya too applies sindoor on her forehead.

Naina smiles seeing Anya with sindoor. Roshni is shocked and looks at her sindoor. She runs to the washroom and tries to wipe the sindoor and recalls her marriage with Siddharth. Siddharth comes there and asks Roshni to wipe the sindoor from her forehead.

Siddharth himself helps her to wipes the sindoor with tissue and apologizes to Roshni. He says this will not happen again and leaves. Roshni gets emotional and cries. She washes her face with water.

Meanwhile, Anya gets a call from the hospital about Aarav recovering and says she has been waiting for this day. She called Aarav name. She sees Siddharth coming there and excitedly hugs him. Just then, Roshni sees them.

Siddharth signal her that Roshni is standing. Roshni goes past from there. Anya apologizes to Siddharth and tells Siddharth that she got call from the hospital and says there is an improvement in Arav’s condition. Siddharth says it is because of her love.

Anya asks him to take her to the hospital. Siddharth congratulates her. Roshni returns the jewellery to Naina. Naina asks her to keep it and that she is her daughter in-law. Roshni says not yet and asks her to keep the jewellery.

Mithul/Mami taunts Roshni that it was a filmy drama that the sindoor fell on her forehead. Roshni later decides to go to her hotel and bring back her luggage to Neil’s house. Neil offer to drop her to the hotel.

Anya and Siddharth are in the room. Anya says she saw him sleeping like a cock on this mattress and that she will bring it. Siddharth asks how will she pick it up in this condition and says he will bring it in the room.

They go to get the mattress. Anya says she never thought to see him doing this in storeroom. Siddharth says he had never thought that he will become someone fake husband. He asks Anya to bring duster. He hears someone coming and thinks Anya came back.

He couldn’t act for longer and feels bad to lie to Naina about their marriage. He says what will she feel when she comes to know that they are not married, and her aunt is a spy and almost solved case today. He asks Anya to give him duster and turns to look at Naina.

Naina is shocked and angry as she learn about Siddharth and Aanya’s fake wedding and slaps Siddharth and rushes out angrily calling Neil. Neil and Roshni are in the car. Roshni asks if they are going somewhere else, as the hotel route is left behind.

Neil smiles. They get down the car. Roshni says he brought her here and it is closed. Neil says she always says that he is a boring type, so he have planned this. He asks her to sit down on the swinger with eyes closed. He makes Roshni swings. Roshni smiles.

Naina calls Neil. Mami says Neil haven’t returned home. Anya and Siddharth try explaining Naina the reason for their fake wedding but Naina asks them not to utter a word and asks them to leave her alone.

Mami tries to hear them. Naina says a big betrayal, and lies since many days. Siddharth asks her to calm down. Anya gives her water, but Naina refuses to drink. Anya apologizes to her. Naina asks did she think about Neil? What will he feel when he comes to know about her lie.

Anya looks on tensely. Naina says she should die knowing the big betrayal. Siddharth plead her to just listen to him once. Naina says her daughter is staying with a stranger man in her own house. Siddharth asks Naina to listen to him once. Anya tells Naina that Siddharth and she love each other a lot and will marry soon.

Siddharth is shocked and asks her to have trust on her daughter. Anya apologizes to her repeatedly. Naina says she gave her liberty and she took advantage of the same. She ask if she thought about Neil.

Mithul/Mami tells her husband that something happened between son in-law, Anya and Naina. The next day, Simran comes there. Naina comes up with a decision of getting Siddharth and Aanya engaged the same evening and get them married within two weeks and announces that she wants to announce their relation officially, and that’s why today will be engagement and there will be marriage within 2 days. Siddharth says today? Naina says she have decided and this is her last decision. Simran asks if he is happy? Neil asks why is he hesitating to get engaged again, he is already married. Roshni also looks shocked. Simran says they both love each other, so they both have thought to get them married again with all the rituals. Roshni says she is right and she will do the arrangements.

She gives Siddharth’s hands in Anya’s hands and wishes them happy married life. Naina talks to Roshni about the arrangements. Roshni says she will hire her company’s designer and asks her not to worry. She congratulates Siddharth and Anya again.

Anya asks Naina, why is she hurrying up? Naina says she didn’t tell this thing to Neil, as he doesn’t like Siddharth, but she have accepted Siddharth as her son in-law from her heart. Siddharth asks her to trust them that they haven’t done anything wrong.

Naina says they both are staying in same room and she can’t bear it if anything wrong happens with any of her child. She asks him to get engaged today and marry after 2 weeks. She asks him to promise her.

Siddharth thinks this is happening because of Roshni. Simran is busy with the arrangements. Roshni comes there. Simran says they are both doing good duty of a daughter in-law and she never fulfilled duty of a daughter in-law at their home and they are lucky to get Anya.

Mami asks Simran about Siddharth’s first wife, and asks Simran not to make Anya leave like Siddharth’s first wife. Roshni takes Simran’s side and says that girl might have done a mistake by leaving this family, and praises Simran. Siddharth hears her.

Anya comes to meet Arav in the hospital. Siddharth asks Anya to make it quick as nurse can come at any time. Anya plead and cries holding Arav’s hand. She asks him to come back to him and not to make her wait.

She is tired of handling things alone. She cries and says she love him. Siddharth asks Anya to come and takes her from there. Naina asks where Anya is? Siddharth and Anya come there. Naina says she called the jeweller here.

Siddharth and Roshni are shocked to see Durgardevi jeweller. He sees Roshni and Siddharth, and asks what they are both doing here. Kesar comes and asks him not to talk about Roshni and Siddharth here.

The Sarees seller come there. Kesar asks Neil to select saree for Ragini. Siddharth selects a saree for her. Mami says their choice is same. Naina says it is good. Neil tells Ragini that this saree will suit her. Siddharth says red saree will suit her.

Neil says he should let Ragini decide. Roshni says they will select saree for Anya as it is her engagement. She think this red color will suit on Anya well. Siddharth says right and covers Anya’s head with red saree, and says Ragini is right.

She will look like the most beautiful bride of this world after wearing this saree. Roshni gets jealous and leaves. Siddharth smiles looking at Anya. Neil goes after Roshni. Roshni gets angry thinking Siddharth have come.

Neil says they will choose different color. Roshni says she is liking it. Neil smiles. Roshni says he is blushing. Neil leaves. Roshni picks up the saree and says now he know what to say? She sees Siddharth standing in front of her.

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