Thursday Update On Sands Of Time

Gurmeet takes Jia’s leave and leaves for Bhatinda. Tannu turns restless not seeing Gurmeet and speeds to refrain Gurmeet going to Bhatinda. They both come to seek the blessings of Jia as a couple. Jia comes to know that Kshom has left the house with an intention of not returning back.

Jia gets hysterical and moves out from the hospital looking for Kshom. Jia goes to the office and the bank and out of bad luck she misses Kshom who had gone there to comply with the

formalities. Jia goes into her residence and is baffled to find Shekhar clothes and letter. She realizes why Kshom has left her. She vents out her angst on Shekhar by suspecting him. Later she realizes it was Nethra’s cheap trick to get back at her.

Jia reads letter written by Kshom carefully she realized because of Nethra Kshom misunderstood her and Shekhar relationship. Kshom watches poor couple and their understanding.

He says to himself that he is the poorest man in the world as he does’nt have Jia with him and no body in the world loves him. Jia goes to Pande house and slaps Nethra and says because of her she has lost Kshom.

Gyan Pande tells Nethra to leave the house right now but Dubbo stops Gyan by telling that Nethra is pregnant and she wants her child. Gyan tells he get child when the child will come in this world but now Nethra has leave because she has done lot bad to Jia-Kshom.

Nethra faints while leaving and she is taken to hospital where doctor says that she is serious as this 9th month. Jia thinks it was all because of her that Nethra is in hospital but Shekhar’s Mom tells her that Nethra deserves it because she has done a lot of bad to their family.

Jia tries to talk to Devyani and her mother but both avoid her. Inspector comes and tell Jia that they are not able to find Kshom.

Jia tells God that she has not done anything bad to anyone and she loved Kshom with his whole heart then why he left her. Doctor tells Devyani that they have to deliver the baby now because baby has changed his position and its very crutial condition.


Source: Zeeworld International.


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