Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate (Episodes 428 – 430)


Daasi tells that Daadi has changed. Mitali looks carefully and says she is looking different. She says previously she used to be ill, but now she is healthy. Aaliya says their Daadi couldn’t say anything since Pragya has taken over.

Daadi says no one can go against her, and says Pragya is doing right, making her understand value of money and also making her do the work. She says if

Pragya tries to harm anyone of them then she will not leave her. Tanu asks why didn’t she stop Pragya from halting her marriage. Daadi says her soon to be husband is not interested in marriage topic, then how can she speak alone. Daasi asks where did she go daily. Payal comes and says she know.

She says she have seen her going to Gurudwara two or three times. Ronnie tells about Pragya’s rule and asks them not to sit together else he will throw cockroach and rats on them. Everyone runs from there. Ronnie sits to have lunch. Payal decides to teach him a lesson.

Finally Purabh is startled when he finds Vijay at the market place and thinks he is the one, who tried to kill Pragya recently. He gets down from the car to follow him and fails to find him. Vijay sits on a tea stall to have tea. However, Purabh searches for Vijay and sees him and immediately decides to call Pragya first about Vijay before calling the Police.

Pragya decides to enquire about the papers from Abhi and thinks he is smart and that’s why she has to wait. Purabh calls Pragya and tells her that he has seen that killer Vijay who tried to kill her on Ravan Dahan.

Pragya gets shocked as Purabh informs her that he had seen the person who tried to kill her and asks him where is he? Purabh says he is in Bandra. Pragya asks him to follow him secretly and they have to catch him red handed and question him and says she is leaving from there. Abhi is looking happy. Daadi thinks may be he is going again to trouble Pragya.

She ask where is he going? Abhi says Pragya. Daadi scolds him and asks who is more important for him, she or Pragya. Abhi says of course his Daadi. Daadi says okay and asks him to come. Abhi acts to stay back. Daasi comes there and asks Abhi to go to his room.

Abhi says he is going with Daadi. Daasi says she will go with her. She understands that Daadi wants to stop Abhi. Daadi says she wants to stop him as Abhi takes panga with Pragya and troubles her. Daasi laughs and is happy.

Pragya tells Abhi that to cancel the meeting as she have to go somewhere urgently. Abhi asks where is she going and says she is changing color. Pragya asks him to become her boss for one day and torture her all day. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background.

Pragya asks him to let her go. They have an eye lock. Abhi leaves her hand and goes. He returns her purse and she leaves. Abhi thinks if she doesn’t return on time then his plans will fail. Purabh follows Vijay.

Pragya comes there and tells him that Vijay is a dangerous man. Bulbul comes there and asks what are they doing here. Pragya asks if he call her? Purabh says no and that he has ignored her call. Pragya asks her to go. Purabh tells her that they are following someone.

Vijay leaves from there when they were busy talking. Pragya says she have diverted their attention and he managed to escape. Pragya gets Abhi’s message asking her to come for the meeting. Purabh asks her to go and says they will search for Vijay.

Pragya comes to the pub and thinks why did Abhi fixed the meeting in the puja. Abhi introduces her to the investors and says they have accepted the clauses. He says the clients wants her to dance, and wants to see their chemistry as they are making ad. Pragya refuses and says he is doing ad with them, but not hers.

Abhi says she have still qualities of old Pragya, and says she is still emotional and couldn’t dance like her. Pragya says it is not as such and sees Purabh and Bulbul coming to the pub.

She excuses herself and goes to Purabh and Bulbul. Purabh tells her that the decorator is here. Pragya says Abhi is asking her to dance with him. Purabh says it is a good idea and asks her to dance so that they can catch Vijay.

Pragya comes to Abhi and says she don’t have any objection to dance with him. Pragya dances with Abhi on the song Uffo Isse Daant ke Bhagawo. Vijay sees her and runs out of the pub. Purabh and Bulbul come out and see him already escaped.

Pragya comes and asks them to find him in different ways. Abhi wonders why did Pragya leave in a hurry and calls her. He asks where is she and says he is waiting for her near the car. Pragya asks him to go home.

Abhi sits in the car and drives the car. Pragya says she can’t talk to him now. Abhi asks who is dying to talk to her and asks her to go to hell. Suddenly his car hits Vijay and he falls down injured. Abhi gets shocked.

Pragya is busy looking for Vijay, the man who had attempted to kill her. Just then, Abhi ends up in an accident as he hits Vijay with his car unknowingly while he was busy talking to Pragya on mobile. He informs Pragya that he hit someone and cuts the call.

Pragya too gets worried when he informing her same. Meanwhile, Abhi immediately attends to Vijay and rushes him to the hospital with the help of the people around. Later Daadi calls Pragya up and asks her if Abhi is troubling her. Pragya informs her that she is following the decorator, the person who tried to kill her.

Daadi gets scared and asks Pragya to come back and that she can’t see her in trouble. Pragya says it is a good chance to catch him. Daadi asks her to return now itself else she will come with all the family members. Pragya says she will come there.

She tells Purabh that Daadi is scared and asks them to come back. Purabh says they would catch him. Pragya says it is rather difficult to catch him as it is late now and they should go home.

Later, Abhi comes home and brings Vijay to the house, unaware that he is the same man who had tried to kill Pragya. Daadi asks how is he doing? Abhi says nothing can happen to him and says he is a rockstar.

He blames Pragya that the accident happened because of her. He says Pragya is a boss by name, but she is like peon. He says she is a big liar and went out without informing him.

Abhi comes and sees her standing. He asks when did she come? Pragya says when a responsible citizen was talking about an irresponsible citizen. Abhi says he called her again and again and she have disconnected the call. Pragya says he is lying.

Daadi asks him to tell the truth. They argue. Pragya says if she give him money then how will he learn a lesson. Abhi says she wants to say that he would go to jail rather than paying money.

Pragya talks to the doctor about the injured man. The doctor tells her about his condition.

Later, Pragya sees Vijay in the house, recovering from his injury and she ends up shocked as she gets to know that the person whom Abhi hurt was none other than her killer. Bulbul says they lost a good chance to catch the decorator. Pragya thinks God wants her to expose the person who tried to kill me.

She thinks to inform Purabh and Bulbul. Pragya immediately calls up Bulbul and she asks her to come there. She informs her of this sudden development about the decorator and tells that Abhi brought him home as he is injured by his car.

Bulbul asks her to keep an eye on him and to be alert. Pragya says okay and says she will tell Daadi once they reach there. Bulbul informs Purabh and says they should go.

Daasi asks Abhi if the fish is caught in the net. Abhi says fish is not yet caught in the net. He says she do feel for him but don’t want to accept. Abhi sees Daadi spying on them. Daasi tells Abhi that there is a big rat under the curtains.

Daadi shouts. Abhi asks her if she didn’t think about him or his kids. Daasi asks what she was doing here? Daadi makes an excuse. Daasi says she won’t let her sleep today. Pragya calls Ronnie and asks him to return home. He agree.

Abhi comes to the room and thinks Pragya will get angry seeing him. He calls her girlfriend and says he brought gift for her. Pragya asks when did she become his girlfriend. Abhi says since the day she danced with him.

Abhi tells her that he is aggressively in love with her and says he wants to show 4-5 dance steps. Pragya asks how can a person fall in love twice. Abhi asks her to think and says she is very lucky. He says he has never wooed anyone till now and asks her to hug him. He asks what would he do to convince her.

Pragya gets Bulbul and Purabh’s message and leaves after making an excuse that she is hungry. Abhi thinks she is curved like jalebi and calls her jalebi bai. Later, Daadi, Pragya, Purabh and Bulbul come to the room where Vijay is brought. Purabh asks why he will tell them about the person who has conspired to kill her.

Pragya says he will tell them and then the truth will be out. She says they have to wait for him to gain conscious. Just then, Abhi enters the room and sees Pragya and Daadi standing together. He wonders about their connection. They instantly change their standing position and asks if it is right. Daadi emotionally blackmails him and says her grand son is doubting her. Purabh asks how can she doubt Daadi. Abhi says he thought Pragya has taken Daadi in her words.

Purabh says they are thinking about his betterment and if the media came to know about him doing an accident and they were discussing the same thing with Pragya. Abhi says he did accident because of Pragya, and now she will help him get out of this mess. Abhi tells Daadi that he is the decorator. Pragya says she remember and that’s why she is taking care of him.

Pragya wait for Vijay to gain consciousness, so that she can asks him about the person who gave him the contract to kill her, after his health improves. For Vijay’s safety,she asks Ronnie to guard the room and thinks about Abhi’s safety. Then, Abhi comes inside, he plays the guitar and fail to concentrate on his music. He asks Pragya to leave, who tries to convince him that practice makes the man perfect.

Abhi pretends to be upset about the fact that Pragya is not understanding his love for her and says he has no connection with guitar as he has lost his soul, heart, mind everything. He have become useless and he couldn’t make her belief of his love. Pragya falls for the emotions and later thinks he just pretends in front of her and acts sweetly.

She decides to know his truth and asks him to instantly compose a music piece, if he actually loves her. Abhi says it is not a noodle which she will eat. Pragya asks him to express his love within 2 minutes and says she is waiting..Abhi thinks she is very clever, but he have to do it.

He manages to compose a song and Saiyyara music………..Asman tere mera song plays and Pragya is impressed but pretends to remain unaffected. Abhi asks how is it? Pragya says it is okay and asks him to keep practicing till she brings coffee for herself.

Meanwhile, Aaliya and Tanu asks Robin to give them water. They see nurse and wonders why she did come here. They learn that a sick person has been brought to the house through Mitali and tells them that Abhi was responsible for the accident and Pragya is giving special treatment to that person.

Aaliya says there is something for sure as Pragya is very kanjoos. They see Pragya talking to the doctor and asks him to take care of the Patient and appoint two more nurses.

Tanu wonders who is this person? They try to get a look at this person but Ronnie stops them and doesn’t allow them to enter the room. Aaliya insists to see him. Ronnie says he is not SRK, but a common man. He asks them not to trouble him else he will call Pragya.

Tanu says they want to know if this person is their family member or outsider. Ronnie says he is not family members.. He thinks she have to do much with him. Raj comes there and asks what is happening. Aaliya tells him everything and says something is amiss.

Raj says he will find out. He goes there and asks Ronnie, what is he doing here? Ronnie says he is doing night duty. Raj tricks him and tells him that he needs important papers that are in the room and asks him to bring it. Ronnie says okay and goes inside to bring it. Raj tries to look inside.

Ronnie comes out and tells him that there is no papers inside. He asks him to go inside and check, but not tell Pragya. Raj agrees and goes inside. He gets inside and gets shocked to see Vijay in the room. Tanu and Aaliya are tensed. Aaliya tells that Raj is smart and might have fooled Ronnie by now. Raj comes to them.

Aaliya asks about that person. Raj asks Aaliya and Tanu to get prepared to go to jail, as he might reveal their plan when he comes to conscious. Aaliya asks who is that man? Raj says he is Vijay……..Aaliya and Tanu are shocked.

Raj says they had hired him on Dussera day to kill Pragya. Tanu says what will happen to her baby and marriage. Aaliya says he is still unconscious and says she is sure to do something. Tanu says she is really tensed.

On the other hand, Abhi thinks Mogambo is not getting trapped by him and thinks how to find out. He thinks to check if she signs on the papers without reading. Pragya comes there and asks him to sing the song. Abhi tells about the song’s words, and makes a deal with Pragya that if his song impressed her, she has to sign on the papers.

Pragya agrees. Abhi asks her to sign on the papers. Pragya thinks this might be POA papers and thinks he wants to take her signs. Abhi asks if she don’t trust him. Pragya thinks to signs fake signature. Tanu gets tensed. Raj says they have to vanish him from the room before he gets consciousness.

Tanu asks what did he mean? And asks if they will make him wear Mr. India watch. Raj says they have to take him away from her. Aaliya asks Tanu to keep quiet while Ronnie is sitting outside the room. Raj says they have to do everything tonight after everyone sleeps.

Though Pragya doubts Abhi’s intention, she blindly signs the papers as Abhi doesn’t let her read the papers. Abhi says these are the papers which he makes his investors sign.

He says he has added hugs and kisses instead of money, and says he will get 3 hugs and 5 kisses daily. Pragya thinks he was impressing her and gets happy knowing he didn’t take her signs on POA ( power of Anthony ) papers. But it has to be seen if she tricked Abhi or signed the papers for real.

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