Monday Updates on Reach for the Stars (Episodes 228-230)

Next day, Gauri says they have to make Raghav go out of the city. Just then, Raghav arrives and asks his mother what’s wrong? Is everything okay? She says nothing is right. She have got him after years and he don’t have time for her and is asked to go out for dinner with the family somewhere out of the city. She further asks if he can’t go somewhere out of city with her? He says it’s not like that that he will definitely go and Sammy can handle the meeting. He tells his mother he want to go and refresh himself. Pakhi insists they should go before Kamla or Kalpana come here. They pack their stuff. Ragahv says he is ready and asks Pakhi where Daadi is? She says she have informed Daadi and she will come there directly. As they are about to leave but just then Kamla and Kalpana arrive. Gauri and Pakhi are both scared. Kamla asks Ragahv how is he doing? She think he is going somewhere? She guess Pakhi and Gauri are taking him somewhere? She throws a smile at Pakhi and asks her if she is taking him somewhere? Ragahv tells Kamla to come in. She replies that she is not here for that and she wants to expose the truth in front of him today and she have to come and explain everything. Ragahv asks what kind of truth? She says the truth that will hurt him so much and that Pakhi and Gauri have deceived him. Kamla tells the truth about Gauri and Pakhi to him that Gauri had to seek her revenge and Pakhi wanted him. They planned to get Pakhi married to him and Kalpana should stay away from him. Ragahv is shocked. But Pakhi and Gauri accuse her of lying. Pakhi asks Kamla what’s wrong with her? She want Ragahv for Kalpana and that’s why she is accusing them like this. Gauri too asks Kamla what’s wrong that she considered Kamla her sister. She know she have got her son after ages and she have suffered a lot to find him and asks why would she do that to him? She asks why Kamla is lying?

Kamla tells Ragahv that she is not lying and that this is all truth. Kamla says Kalpana came to meet him but Gauri didn’t let him meet her when he was ill and asks why didn’t she let her meet him? Gauri never liked Pakhi suddenly everything became well and they are friends now. Later, Kamla tells about Pakhi filing a complaint about their cafe with the municipality and they came to crush the café. She came to meet Pakhi and that is when she heard all this. Pakhi says this is not truth and asks Kamla if she have proof that she complained? Kamla says she can prove that and asks if she wants to see? She provides Ajay as her proof and asks him to come in. The moment Ajay comes in, Kamla tells him to tell Ragahv the truth ajey but Ajay turns hostile and goes against them that they both forced him to come here and Pakhi didn’t do anything. Kalpana and her mother came to meet him for legal advise. He thought Ragahv is helping them to save their café so he came with them. Kamla and Kalpana are shocked. Kalpana tell Ajay to stop lying. Kamla face Ragahv that he know that she never lie and she was sacrificing Kalpana’s love for truth. The path of truth is difficult to follow but she never left it and the truth is that Gauri and Pakhi are one. Gauri had to seek revenge from the Kapoor’s and Pakhi just wanted him. Raghav is shocked.

Kamla says the truth is that Gauri and Pakhi are one. They have deceived them, Gauri wanted to seek her revenge while Pakhi wanted him. She always thought her Kalpana is wrong and she asked her to stay away from him because he was Pakhi’s husband but she now know the truth. Pakhi is wrong. His mother and Pakhi stole her daughter’s love. But Ragahv response to this is an unexpected one as his faith in his mother seems to have blinded him and refuses to believe the accusations laid down by Kalpana and her mother on Pakhi and his mother. He tells Kamla that he respect her and trust her but he trust his mother too. Pakhi smiles. He adds that he have got her after years and why will she do this to him? She has craved for him for ages and why will she do this? Kamla tells her daughter they should go that no one trusts them here. Kamla and Kalpana leaves his house. Raghav says in his heart that he don’t know what to do and he have to talk to kamla maa. Raghav follows them to further enquire about the matter.

Meanwhile, while the people of the chowl are working at the café, one of the lady tells Pakiya that their café is working well. Manda says in her heart that she will take out some money and that she have to buy a saree. She opens the box and takes out some money. Pakiya catches Manda trying to steal from the box in the cafe, she comes to the counter and Manda pretends like she is talking to someone. Pakiya takes the currency from where she placed it? Manda looks for it but didn’t get it. Pakiya asks her what she is looking for? She lie that she lost her clip? Pakiya takes out the currency notes out and asks if the currency is the clip? She asks what is he saying? Pakiya says she stole some money before as well but Manda deny it and says he is just accusing her. Pakiya then decides to lock the box from the next day and asks other ladies to keep an eye on Manda.

Kamla and Kalpana are at the corridor when Ragahv comes and stop Kalpana. Kamla tells her daughter that she is waiting outside and leaves them both alone. Ragahv tells Kalpana that his mother can’t do this to him and there must be a misunderstanding. Kalpana says if he trust his mother then she trust her mother too and the confusion is on his side and not theirs. He did what he thought was right and he said her mother is wrong. Sometimes she feel like all the rich people are the same. She was wrong, this is not her world and she can’t live here and tells him to enjoy his world. Ragahv holds her and says she is his world. Kalpana refuses to talk to him and asks him to live his life by himself and that this world of his never expected this from him. She leaves. Ragahv says how can he get his mother wrong. She can’t be wrong neither can it be Kalpana and they both are his.

Gauri tells Pakhi to go and see if Ragahv is agreeing to them and asks what if Ajay says the truth. Pakhi assures her that she have given him enough money. Gauri says she did just like Neetu. Pakhi replies that she don’t care what she say. She sees Raghav coming and started acting again that she just want Raghav to be happy and she don’t know what happened to Kamla maa. Gauri asks Ragahv if he ask Kamla? Why is she doing this? Ragahv goes to his room. Pakhi says they have to remove all doubts from his heart. Gauri tells Pakhi to leave all that to her. She will produce such a drama that all the doubts will vanish from his heart. She is his mother and he can’t resist to her emotions.

Later, Raghav is in his room and is still confused as to why Kamla had said such things about his mother. He recalls what Kamla said, that Pakhi and his mother have cheated him and they planned to keep him away from Kalpana. Pakhi and his mother never liked each other and how come they become such good friends. Ragahv says Pakhi has no issues with his and Kalpana’s relation. His mother can never do that and there must be some confusion. Just then, Gauri comes in his room and acts very emotional in front of him that she can’t see him in trouble. She asked him to wait for one year and today she is telling him to forget her revenge and leave Pakhi and to make Kalpana his. She admit that she want to seek revenge from the people who did this to them and she thought he and Kalpana will stay away from each other but she guess Kalpana can’t stay away from him that’s why she is doing all this and she can’t give Kalpana chances to hurt him. She have got him after years, she don’t wants to be the evil in his eyes. Ragahv says its not like that. Gauri says when Kalpana will come in this house, she will throw her out but she have no problem with that too. Ragahv says Kalpana is not like that and she can’t hurt anyone. Gauri says a few months are left and asks why can’t she wait?. She spent years alone when she met him and she thought they will live in peace. She thought they will destroy the one who did this to them but she is ready to leave her revenge. He tells him to bring Kalpana here and she can live in an asylum and manages to take control of her son with her drama. Ragahv hugs her and says she is not going anywhere and he can’t live without her. He can wait for one year, she is not wrong and so isn’t Kalpana. Time will heal everything. She pretends like crying.

Pakhi then says he is still thinking about Kalpana but she will never let him become hers, not now and not after one year. He just have to be hers. Kamla and Kalpana are on their way back. Kamla recalls how she nurtured Pakhi, how she used to give Kalpana’s time to her and how she treated her better than her own daughter. Kalpana looks at her. They are both upset.

Kalpana says in her heart how Ragahv said his mother and Pakhi can’t be wrong. He didn’t trust them for once. She is able to calmed her mother but what about her heart. Kamla asks Kalpana where is the stuff she is looking for? Kalpana asks what is she looking for? Kamla says her princess’s smile and she don’t know where she placed it. Vitthal puts his hand in his pocket and says here it is. Kalpana smiles. He asks why is she upset? Kalpana says she is not upset and that she have the best parents on earth. They also tells her they have the best daughter too. Pakiya asks what about him? Kalpana smile and says she have the best brother too.

The door bell rings, Gauri opens the door. A servant comes in with a lot of gifts. He says Pakhi madam ordered it. Gauri asks what is this? Pakhi says it’s Ragahv’s birthday tomorrow and she have planned a surprise party for him but Raghav finds out about this and asks what kind of surprise? Gauri says Pakhi has planned a surprise birthday for him. Ragahv shows his disinterest in celebrating his birthday and tells his mother he don’t wants to cleberate his birthday and not to do all this. He leaves. Pakhi says she have to make him happy anyhow and she will celebrate this birthday anyhow.

At the chowl, Vitthal is leaving for his job. Pakiya asks where his shoes are? Vitthal says he can hit him with his. He gives Pakiya 200 rupees for slippers, he gives Kamla 2000 and ask Kalpana to buy some clothes. Kalpana says she don’t want clothes but Vitthal insists her to buy some. Kalpana get upset that she don’t want to. Pakiya takes the money that he can have it.

Later, Pakhi orders balloons. Raghav hears Pakhi ordering cake for his birthday and asks what is this? Pakhi says she just wants to celebrate his birthday. She adds that Sammy and just some close people to him will be there. Ragahv insists he don’t want all this. He is about to leave then he stops and he decides to have a party on his birthday, but asks Pakhi to invite Kalpana and Kamla for the party and this might remove the misunderstandings between them. He reminds her that Kamla loves her and he hope she won’t hurt her and he also asks her to order food for the party from Kalpana’s cafe. He leaves. Pakhi gets furious hearing this and makes up her mind to not allow this to happen and also says in her heart that she will not let Kalpana come to the party.

Later, Kamla tells Kalpana to pray that the business runs well in her café today. Kamla gives her the prasad. She extends her hand, suddenly Raghav who goes to Kamla’s house extends his hand too. Kalpana and Kamla are shocked to see him. He says he need her prayers and prasad too. Kamla gives him the prasad and tells him to sit in. Ragahv tells her to pardon him for what happened last night and to forget what happened. Kamla says he is right and it’s better they forget the past. Ragahv says it’s his birthday tomorrow and he have planned a party. Kamla tells him Kalpana told her about his birthday. He invites them for the party and also tells them about the order for food from their cafe as he want their café to prepare the food. Kamla says how is that possible? How can they make food for such a party? Ragahv reminds her that the foreign delegates even loves her food and what could be a better gift for him than her food on his birthday? She asks Kalpana to take the order. Ragahv smiles at Kalpana. Kamla says she will go and distributs the prasad leaving Kalpana and Ragahv alone. Kalpana tells him that she will get a pen and paper. Ragahv apologizes to her that he didn’t want to hurt her but she insists on getting the paper and pen and he holds Kalpana’s hand. Kalpana tells him to leave her hand but a stubborn Ragahv refuses and tells her he will never leave her. He holds his ears to apologize. Kalpana nods and smiles. Raghav and Kalpana smile at each other and the song banjara plays in back ground. Just then Vitthal enters and gets furious seeing Raghav and asks what is he doing here? Kalpana and Ragahv are both shocked. He tells Raghav to leave their place. Ragahv is still, Vitthal comes forward and says people like him only know how to play and leave. Ragahv smiles and leaves.

Vitthal asks Kalpana what was he doing here? Kamla says he didn’t come to meet Kalpana. He is planning a party tomorrow and he wants food from their café. Vitthal says she don’t need to do all that. Kamla asks how can she refuse him? It’s their business and it belongs to all the people of the chowl. She can’t do the loss of everyone. She tell him to give her his lunch box and also tell him to freshen up. He leaves. Kalpana asks her mother if she can cancel the order? Kamla tells her not to do that and that this is their last chance. They have to prove that Gauri and Pakhi are wrong and she will make her father agree and Kalpana better cook his favorite food. Kalpana says she will make his favorite cake.

Kamla goes downstairs and says she have a good news for all of them that they have got a really big order. it’s the sum of 300 to 400 people and this will be such a profit for them. They are all so excited. Kamla assures them that they will get more orders from the party and they should start the order. Kamla asks Kalpana what is the order? Kalpana says she didn’t take the written order. Manda says she is starting it without order. Kamla tells her not to worry about that. Kamla asks Kalpana to call Ragahv and get the order.

Pakhi is trying to call Raghav but his phone is not reachable and she is so angry. Gauri comes there and says she have planned a part and her what if Kalpana and Kamla come here and ruin everything. Pakhi assures her that this time her plan won’t fail. Gauri asks what is she going to do? Pakhi tells her to watch the live telecast today and that from now, Ragahv will be hers forever.


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