Monday Updates on Sands of Time

Shekhar and Gyan decide not to tell Jia about Kshoms death, Rukmini on the other hand believes they should. Shekhar along with Shikhajj complete Kshoms last rites. Meanwhile, Nethra who comes home after delivering a baby girl comes to know of Kshom’s death and wonders how to use the information to her benefit.

Netra is elated to hear that Kshom is dead and that she can use this news to her benefit. She instigates Devyani to have a lavish party for the name ceremony of her daughter but Samar puts his foot down and says that he will not allow it. Jia overhears this and asks Gyan not to put her grief over Devyani’s happiness and persuades him to have a grand party. Jia is happily planning for the party when Netra comes and tries to tell her that Kshom could be dead. Jia reacts violently to it when Netra tells Gyan that if she is not made the director of the Pandey Industry then she will tell Jia that Kshom is dead. The family is stunned.Netra tells the stunned family that she knows their big secret and she will not think twice before telling Jia the truth. Gyan calls everyone to his room and tells all about Kshom’s death. Devyani and Samar are stunned. Gyan tells them that he will not allow Netra to take advantage of this fact and tells Shekhar to take Jia out for some time. Gyan then throws Netra out of the house despite Devyani pleading for her daughter needs mothers’ milk but Gyan says we will get a lactating mother but will not tolerate Netra in the house. Netra in anger and to avenge Jia steals Devyani’s child and leaves the house and calls Devyani to tell her that she will not return the baby. Jia is with Shekhar outdoors when she spots Kshom.

Jia runs after Kshom only to realize that its not him. Shekhar sees Jias’s condition and realizes what Kshom means to Jia. Gyan calls Shekhar and informs him that Netra has run away with the baby and not to tell this to Jia. Devyani hears this and lashes out at Gyan for always favoring Jia. Jia on the others side spots Netra on the road with the baby and as Shekhar is busy on phone she follows Netra and saves the baby from her and also helps Netra who has in the process collided with a cab.


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