Finale Update On Sands Of Time

Jia runs after Kshom only to realize that it’s not him. Shekhar sees Jia’s condition and realizes what Kshom means to Jia. Gyan calls Shekhar and informs him that Netra has run away with the baby and not to tell this to Jia. Devyani hears this and lashes out at Gyan for always favoring Jia. Jia on the other hand spots Netra on the road with the baby and as Shekhar is busy on phone, she follow Netra and saves the baby from her and also helps Netra who has in the process collided with a cab. As Netra sees Jia frantically asking for help for her she realizes that Jia is indeed a great woman and that she is so shallow in front of her. Shekhar reaches home to find Jia still not at home when Devyani in her anger starts questioning Jia’s place in the house and she blames Jia for Kshom’s death.

The family turn to see Jia at the door who has heard it all and then Jia faints. Devyani gets to know that Jia was instrumental in getting her baby back from Netra and on the other side doctor tells Gyan that Jia has gone into a semi conscious state and only Kshom can save her. Meanwhile, in another hospital, a man regains his consciousness and it’s revealed that Kshom is alive.

On the other hand, it seems Jia does not want to live and she is not showing any signs of improvement despite the treatment. Kshom decides to leave the city and despite doctor asking him about his family he says he has no one in the world. Kshom removes his wedding ring to pay for the hospital bills and as he leaves the nurse who is looking at the ring drops it and Shekhar picks it. He is told that some patient has left it along with his wallet. Shekhar sees Jia’s photograph in the wallet and realizes that Kshom could be alive. He rushes out to get the man and sees Kshom getting in to a taxi. He runs after the cab but falls down and the taxi speeds away with Kshom in it.

The doctor tells the family that perhaps if the family speaks to Jia then may be she will respond to them, as medical science can not do anything in such matters. A bleeding Shekhar goes to the temple and pleads to God to reunite Jia and Kshom now that he knows that Kshom is alive. And as if driven by God’s will Kshom passes the same temple and gets down as it’s the same temple where his relationship with Jia took a bigger turn. When it seems that Kshom and Shekhar are going to miss each other again by god’s will they see each other and Shekhar tells Kshom the truth about his release and what all Jia has done for him. Kshom rushes to the hospital to meet Jia and to tell her that he is alive but Jia is missing. Jia also comes to the same temple to plead God to make her meet Kshom and climbs the stairs but because she is weak she is not able to climb the steps and falls down only to be held by the hands who love her. To Jia’s disbelief she sees it is Kshom’s hands. They both pledge for their love and forgiveness and are joined by Shekhar and family. Gyan tells them to take the blessings of God. In front of the God Kshom once again makes Jia wear the mangalsutra and all bow down in front of the God.

*The End!!!



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