Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 438 – 440


At home, Abhi reminds himself that he has to take Pragya’s signatures and thinks he should not confess his feelings to Pragya from now onwards, but then decides to woo her for one last time. Pragya comes to room and gets ready to flirt with Abhi to find out whether he actually loves her or just doing drama and thinks now he will see how she flirt with him. She thinks seriously he won’t do anything and thinks she lost a good chance. Abhi throws dumb bells on his feet mistakenly.

Pragya asks where is his concentration and understands that he is acting. Abhi says first my heart broke and now feet. Pragya goes on with her plan when Abhi pretends to have injured himself and says who said that she don’t care for him, and that she care very much.

Abhi asks her to come closer. Pragya now execute Bulbul’s idea starts getting close to Abhi and she lies on him closely surprising him. Abhi gets up from bed and starts walking with her help, but they fall on bed. Pragya asks him to look at her…..and caresses his face lovingly and seeing this, rock star begins to sweat and asks what is she doing?

Pragya says his pain will be gone, and asks him to feel it……She says nobody kiss her anytime before, and says she will kiss him now. She says meow……Abhi gets shocked and is ssurprised to see Pragya’s weird behaviour.

Pragya apologizes to him that she couldn’t understand his love, insulted and hurt him….He have to punish her for her mistake…..and says I but before she could complete her sentence. Abhi gets scared and gets up from bed shockingly. Pragya asks him to hug her. Abhi somehow manages to escaped from Pragya saying he is thirsty and goes to drink water.

Pragya asks him to come soon. Abhi comes out and thinks if she is mogambo or someone else. She has shocked heavily him and his hands are shaking even now. He collides with Tanu and he asks her to check if he is having temperature. She checks and says no. She asks him to tell if he got Pragya’s signatures on the papers.

Abhi says no and asks her not to remind him. Tanu tells about their marriage and kids….Abhi says she is saying as if her marriage date is having expiry period. He says there comes an earthquake in his room. Tanu asks him to take Pragya’s signatures on the papers, or else she will go away with the baby. She sends him again to the room.

Purabh and Bulbul come home. Sarla asks what happened? Bulbul thinks their plan failed. She tries to lie, but her lie is caught by Sarla. Purabh tells her about Vijay. Bulbul says Pragya did right by taking back her case against Abhi. Sarla says she think she is doing drama…..Bulbul asks why is she saying this. Sarla says Abhi bore her betrayal once, and thinks God saved Abhi like men from those kinds of girls.

Abhi thinks he is trapped between ghar wali and bahar wali……Pragya asks him to come inside. Abhi asks what happened to her and why is she coming closer to her. Pragya says she believe on his love now, and says there should be no distance between them.

Abhi thinks she might be flirting with him and playing same game with him. He asks himself not to be scared and play the game along with her. He says she want to come closer, and he was also waiting for the same moment. He asks her to come closer that even air can’t pass through them. Pragya gets tensed.

Abhi asks if she have changed her decision. Pragya says they love each other a lot. Abhi says so much closer that they are not themselves. He gets closer to her……Pragya thinks please not to come near her. Abhi tells himself not to take a step further.

Abhi informs Pragya that they both should try to bridge the gap between them, Pragya tries to restrain herself from getting close to Abhi but she fails to stop herself. and Pragya coming closer. Both Abhi and Pragya share an intense eye contact and are overcome by emotions and are unable to resist themselves from hugging each other.

As the two of them engage in a tight embrace, the two of them realize what situation they are in, but Pragya break it off and asks Abhi to sleep and says it is late night. She gets tears in her eyes and apologizes to him in her mind as she is going away from him though she is very near to him. Next morning, Abhi thinks of a plan to get Pragya’s signatures on the documents somehow, and decides to take her finger prints instead.

He touches her fingers to know if she feels anything. He sleeps on bed beside her and touches her fingers, but Pragya is still sleeping. He thinks to take her thumb impressions this way. As he tries to get Pragya’s thumb impression, Pragya wakes up and thinks Abhi is sleeping. Abhi feigns to be sleeping.

Pragya thinks to show him stars in the morning. She closes her eyes and asks where her teddy bear…come closer. Abhi says since when he became teddy bear…Pragya touches his face and asks where is his soft cheeks and hairs, and asks teddy to come closer.

Abhi wonders what is she going to do? Pragya asks teddy to caresses her hairs……She hits him with her hairs and it leads to a romantic moment as he pulls her closer and they almost hug. Aasman Tere Mera song plays in the background. Abhi kisses her on her cheek. Saiyyara song plays in the backgroun. Pragya gets up from bed…..holding her cheek……

Aaliya and Tanu remain unaware of the person within the family who has been helping Pragya and doubts that Daadi is with Pragya. Tanu says Daadi can’t go against her grand son and Vijay might have said just like that to get money from them.

Aaliya is still worried. Tanu says they have to be careful now. Aaliya asks her to be extra careful about Nikhil and asks her to take Abhi’s signatures.

Tanu asks her to handle Nikhil and says she will do some drama to make Abhi get Pragya’s signatures today itself. Aaliya thinks the same thing. Pragya thinks whatever has happened today was not right. She couldn’t break her own limits.

Ronnie comes to her and says he sees the decorator outside with Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya says she know. He adds that he has seen a man with them, but couldn’t see his face. He talks about his responsibility towards her as her brother.

Pragya asks him to find out and he assures Pragya that he will find out about the third person who has been helping Aaliya and Tanu. Taya ji and Pammi talk to each other. Abhi thinks he has to hold on his feelings.

Tanu comes to Abhi. Abhi says he want to tell her something. Tanu says she has seen a dream and she saw him getting Pragya’s signatures and then he is buying house, etc for her. He says he needs time to take her signatures.

Abhi gets worried thinking how he should take the signature from. He decides not to get closer to Pragya as she would flirt with him with her eyes and will make him her servant for life. He decides to take the signature by tricking her into consuming alcohol.

On the other hand, while Abhi is busy thinking for a way to get Pragya’s signature, Pragya is disturbed and disappointed as she finds out that Abhi is trying to deceive her by asking her to hug and agree to him. Abhi too think of what to do to make her believe on his love. Pragya thinks how can he do this? Thinking about Abhi’s prank and says he can’t choose this way, and she won’t let him change.

Abhi thinks this is not her character and thinks to come in power, and make her realize his love. He says he will change Pragya back to fuggi, and then he can spend his life happily with her. He thinks this is the only way to come in power. Ronnie comes to Mitali, Pammi and Taya ji, and asks if they went out. Taya ji says he went to meet his friend.

Ronnie doubts that Raj’s father is the third person who has been helping Aaliya and Tanu. He comes to Raj expresses his doubt before him and asks why his father always stay at home. Raj replies that when his son is working, what is the need for him to earn. Ronnie says he saw Tanu and Aaliya talking to the decorator, and there was a man with them. Raj is shocked.

Ronnie says that third person is his dad and asks Raj to make his dad understand to do puja and not to support wrong people. Raj says he is right. Ronnie says if he does any mistake again then he will take him to Pragya, and he will be punish there. Raj realizes that Ronnie is trying to play detective and decides to be careful from Ronnie.

Pragya thinks where is Daadi and thinks to get some idea from her. Bulbul calls Pragya. Pragya asks if everything is fine at home, and asks about her mother. Bulbul informs her that their mother is hating her very much and the limit was crossed yesterday. Pragya asks what did she say? Bulbul asks her to concentrate on her work. Pragya says everything is complicated.

Daadi comes and asks what did he do? Pragya says how did she know? Daadi replies that she understood. Pragya tell Daadi that Abhi is going on the wrong path now and after that she tells her about the whole conversation between rock star and Tanu. Daadi then tells Pragya that this matter is serious.

Pragya comes to room. Abhi thinks how to make her drink wine. Pragya thinks he is doing wrong and is not ashamed. Abhi tells her that whatever he did was unintentional (kiss on cheek).

Pragya thinks she can’t trust him. Abhi apologizes. Pragya asks him not to make her remember it. He says he want to go out. Pragya asks him to drink and freshen up his mind. Abhi refuses. Pragya thinks something is wrong as he is not making her drink.

Pragya decides to teach Abhi a lesson and sprinkle wine on her clothes and starts acting like being drunk. Abhi comes back to the room and asks how can she drink? Pragya says her mood was off and that’s why she drank to keep her sadness out. Abhi says he can give company to her and watch cartoon with her.

Pragya asks if he is sure that he don’t want to drink. Abhi is surprised when Pragya herself invites him to have wine but he understands that Pragya is trying to fool him and refuses. Pragya asks him to drink water. Abhi is drinks water to give her company. They laugh comically. Abhi thinks she forgot the taste of wine and water.

Pragya tries to make him drink. Abhi changes the drink and gets her to gulp down a glass of wine. Pragya mistakenly drink it and gets tensed. Seeing this, Abhi starts thinking that it’s the right time to get the power of attorney papers signed and he gave her the papers telling that this is a form for learning a new form of meditation.

Pragya signs the the papers. Abhi gets successful and says superb. He says she have signed on the blank cheque and her money is his now. Pragya asks him not to go and goes.

Abhi thinks he have done it, baby and he is not not her servant anymore. He says she will rule again. Soon after that, Pragya snatches them from Abhi’s hand and says she will keep the papers and put them in a locker and locks it. Abhi asks where is the keys.

Pragya falls down and says he is very cute. She miss him very much and she can do anything for him. Abhi asks her to give him the keys. Pragya refuses and wish him good night.

Pragya then hides the keys in her nighty outfit pockets. Abhi thinks she is still sleeping and thinks to take the papers easily. He tries to open the cupboard and thinks the key will change his destiny.


Source: Zeeworld International.


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