5 Fantastic Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are In Season

Do you ever wonder why people prefer staying in a long distance relationship than a close relationship? Some people can’t stand seeing their partner always, while it does not work that way for others. Long distance relationship as difficult as it sounds, is one interesting way to date better. It helps build the relationship and make you stronger. Long distance is fun-filled depending on how you decide to spice it up. It requires trust, commitment and understanding.
These are 5 of the fantastic reasons why long distance relationships are in season. So, if some people prefer dating someone in a different city or country far from them, don’t blame them.

1.You have time to yourself

Compared to dating someone you see always, long distance relationship gives you opportunity to have time to go after your career, passion and interests. You don’t feel unnecessarily pressured of forced. It gives you time to acquire more knowledge, get into healthy relationships, get to develop yourself. This helps in growing you to become a fun-filled, independent and happy person. The extra time of not seeing your partner always should be properly maximized. This does not make you unfaithful to your partner, it only helps you learn how to develop on your own and appreciate yourself more.

2. Better ways to communicate

In long distance relationships, there is eagerness to communicate with your partner. You get to devise different means of reaching each other, it could be through texts, video calls or mails. This way, you are able to connect deeply as that is your only means of talking. Also, no matter how good or happy you try to act, there are times when words are not enough, you argue, get mad and so on. Couples that stay apart tend to resolve issues amicably and this helps to foster relationship in future.

3. Trust is developed

Being in a relationship with someone that is in another city apart from you, where you are not so sure what it is they are doing is real hard work. You both must practice trust no matter how difficult. Once you earn your partner’s trust, the relationship becomes less stressful. In this type of relationship, you are left with no choice than ignore the insecurities. Once trust issues are sorted, the rest is history. People are able to trust their partner completely without stress or doubt.

4. Patience is earned

Long distance relationships require some level of patience and waiting from partners. You have to wait on your next meeting, communicating and so on. Truth is, this is difficult and it takes patience to do this. It teaches you how to appreciate the essence of patience and to understand that good things come to those who wait. Once patience is earned, you are able to stay calm in times of frustrations and anger. Patience in long distance relationship helps to develop your character and teach you how to handle kids and other issues in future.

5. Moments and memories are built

Long distance relationship gives you opportunity to make memories and moments count. It makes you put more efforts in making your time spent together wonderful. It gives you opportunity to travel to see your partner, visit places, take nice pictures for reference. You always long for a picnic or vacation with your partner. All these moments make a wonderful story in your relationship. These moments are cherished and treated as gold. Long distance relationships give you something to hold on to.

 Written by Yinka Bamidele for Palmchat (click for app download)




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