5 Proven Things That Can Improve Your Relationship

Kindness is a fuel that brightens up any relationship. Do you ever wonder why people stay back in relationships that make them feel bad? Well it’s not just because of what society has to say alone or kids involved. Sometimes, it is that little act of kindness from their significant other that makes them want to stay. It could be the way they talk, accept or appreciate them.

So many times, we feel like we are not doing enough for our partner, we feel like making them satisfied but it seems so impossible. Below are some acts of kindness that could help you boost that relationship that feels dangling.

  1. Acceptance

First step to kindness is understanding that no one is perfect. Regardless of the flaws in your partner, be ready to accept them and help them grow. Stop whinging about what others have that you don’t have, instead embrace it and see it as a part of you. Stop focusing on your partner’s weaknesses, instead concentrate on good stuffs about them. When you learn acceptance, it strengthens the bond and makes you see your partner as a growing person and not perfect.

  1. Compliments

This is a perfect way of boosting a relationship. Compliments never goes out of fashion. The way you make your partner feel about him/her shows how you value them. Always spice up your words with compliments. It makes them feel loved and sends positive vibes to them. Tell them how wonderful they look, how good the meal tastes, how lovely they make you feel. When you add compliments to the relationship, it becomes less boring and more romantic. Never make your partner feel it is their right to do all they do to you.

  1. Listening ears

The best thing to give to your partner is the listening ears. It puts you in a better position with them. When you both have great listening ears, it makes the communication flow properly. The person communicating with you feel relaxed and less tensed when you are receptive. The importance of listening attentively to details can never be over-emphasized. Paying attention makes your partner feel you are interested in all they have to say and they get to share important issues with you. They always come to you when there is something on their mind.

  1. Showing love

You could boost your relationship by showing love to your partner. Love is also an act of kindness on its own. You could show love by staying true to your partner, getting them nice stuffs, planning dinner together, surprise vacation, cool massage. When you are flexible and less rigid, it makes both of you feel better. Stop ding the norms, be spontaneous and ready to get better. Showing love is in various categories, it could be as far as making out, renewal of vows, showing interest in all that concerns them.

  1. Trust

Trust is a very vital part of any relationship. It is the foundation upon which relationships are built. This is a very important act your partner owes you. If you don’t trust your partner, you struggle to believe all they do. When you trust someone, you can easily defend them and disregard whatever anybody has to say about them. Trust makes a relationship stronger and makes the bond deeper.

No act of kindness is too small or wasted. Whatever you do to a person today comes back to you in several folds. What you give to a relationship is basically what you get back in return. So, to boost your relationship, it is necessary to do what is right.

Written by Yinka Bamidele for Palmchat.

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