Monday Updates On Hello Pratibha – Episodes 78- 80

Sunidhi angrily watches Pratibha helping Aparna practice, Kaashi says Pratibha sings so well. Sunidhi says this is only left now, there would be singing and dancing in the houses of innocents. Peehu and Shalini get a message saying they must remember his next message and call will come to their parents. Peehu asks Shalini to go back home soon and says what if he calls her landline. Peehu tries to get Aparna’s attention who was indulged in singing, then thinks about an idea and drops a glass. Pratibha comes out worried and is concerned if they are hurt. She goes to get something to clear it. Shalini asks Aparna to go, as they got a call. Shalini tells Pratibha they are now leaving. Aparna tells Pratibha she will have won a reality show as she is really talented. Mahen comes from behind, Pratibha says had there been any reality shows then, she would happily participate. She wishes them luck, she turns and see Mahen. She asks Mahen when he came. He says just now.

At night, Pratibha comes to bed. Mahen says he is thinking that these talent shows these days are good and people get chance to polish their challenge. Pratibha says at their times, they didn’t happen. Mahen asks if she had participated in them. Pratibha says she thinks a lot but they are in vain. He asks if she will participate now. Pratibha says no she won’t and that she is happy in her life wherever she is. She adds that these talent shows are for children and not them. Peehu gets a call from Private Number, who turns to be the blackmailer, the man says he knows all their names and asks for fifty thousand to keep his mouth shut. Peehu notices her mother coming and poses to sleep. Pratibha caresses Anmol and kisses Peehu’s forehead before switching the lights off.

In the morning, a courier comes at home for Pratibha. Pratibha receives it, she turns to see what it is when Peehu comes worried. Pratibha is shocked to read it, she reads aloud ‘invitation for Super Singing Contest’. She looks at smiling Mahen.Pratibha repeats it is an invitation for singing talent competition. Mahen is smiling, Anmol comes there. Peehu tells him that her mom didn’t tell them and her mom got a chance for wild card entry at a talent contest. Anmol hugs his mother. Peehu says her father should stop her as her mom is not in the age group. Mahen says they should be happy, her mother has been called on by them. Pratibha thinks his smile says he has done it all. Peehu gets the call again from the blackmailer. She goes inside. Mahen tells Pratibha not to worry, she will do best. Peehu comes to the room, the man warns her that if he doesn’t get the money till night he will hand all the proofs to the police and if she doesn’t take him seriously, he will call her parents.

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Peehu stands worried about what to do. She turns to see Sunidhi standing there at the door. She comes inside and asks Peehu what is going on in her mind. She lost her control since she heard about it. Peehu is worried what she heard and asks what she heard about. Sunidhi says her mom would compete with the children at this age. Peehu tells Sunidhi she has to call her friend for an urgent work and asks if she come for some important work. Sunidhi says nothing but just that her mother is after losing their respect in front of the children. Sunidhi thinks she has thrown the stick to be burnt. Peehu is worried what to do, she thinks about stealing her gold earrings.

Praitbha comes to Mahen and says she knows he sent her name to the talent hunt. Mahen says Aditya Narayan did it all and he just filled the form. Pratibha was irritated and worried, Mahen jokes with her. She is about to leave, Mahen holds her hand back. She says the children of half her age would be there and how she would do this. Mahen says she is not even that old. Pratibha gives him the tickets and asks him to come to dinner. Mahen thinks about something.

Namrita brings food to Sumitra. Sumitra turns her face away. Namrita keeps the plate aside and hands her ring to Sumitra. She says she didn’t cook the food at her first kitchen turn, they ordered it from outside so she doesn’t deserve it. She keeps the ring on the table too. She apologize to her that she have to give it to her and she should keep it until she cooks the food herself soon. She says she needs nothing but her blessings. She turns to leave but Sumitra stops her and asks if she thinks she will forgive her with her sweet words. The truth is that she doesn’t have an idea how much she has hurt her. Namrita again apologize to her mother-in-law. Anmol tells his mother her singing video got so many likes and comments on social media. Pratibha asks him to come out that she is not interested in this all. Anmol insists her but Pratibha scolds him, then asks him to try and understand and go for breakfast. Mahen, who has a tough time convincing Pratibha to participate stand at the door, he comes in and sends Anmol out saying they will just come. He asks Pratibha what is all this and why is she getting irritated by Anmol. She should not regret whatever she decides, but if she doesn’t want to participate she should not. Pratibha tries to explain but Mahen leaves the room.

Peehu comes to her mother’s room, she thinks her father is in washroom and opens the wardrobe. She looks for the key and finds it. She opens up the locker and steals her own earrings in order to pay off the blackmailer. Just then, Mahen comes out of the washroom and asks Peehu what she needs. Peehu immediately keeps the earrings in her pockets and says she came to call him for breakfast. She thinks she is breaking his trust and says it in her mind to forgive her.

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Pratibha serves the food. Kaashi asks her to call Mahen and Peehu too. Mahen comes to the table, Kaashi asks Mahen to take a seat. He looks at Pratibha then tells his mother that he is not hungry and is leaving. He says there is a lot to be done at the shop. Pratibha asks Mahen to go after eating. Mahen says he doesn’t want to and he won’t eat. Pratibha is worried and hands him his lunchbox. Mahen insists that he doesn’t want to eat and also take it. He adds that one must do what he wants to. Pratibha asks why is he being stubborn like the children, Mahen says he is being mature. Mahen is in the shop. Pratibha comes with the lunch box. She tells Mahen she is also here and wants to talk to him for two minutes. Mahen takes her into the office and asks what she has to say. Pratibha plead with him to eat something. Mahen says he told her he is not hungry and he has a lot to do here. Pratibha opens the lunch and tries to put one bite in his mouth. Pratibha says she feels really bad that he is not eating because of her. He says he is not eating for a single day and she feels so bad and asks how does he feel when she is rejecting the dream of her whole life. Pratibha finally says she will participate in the contest.

Pratibha requests Mahen to eat something as she has cooked with much love for him. Mahen stops her and says when she is so moved by his not taking food for a single day and asks how he would feel when she is rejecting her lifetime talent. They have been living the same routine for years and may die, but this opportunity arrived at their doorsteps and might not get it again. He is not forcing her but he wants her to go there. Pratibha says she will participate in the contest, but on a single condition that he will have to go with her and be there with her at every step of it. Mahen says he is her husband and supporting her is his duty and not any condition. Both smile at each other. Namrita reads the recipe book as she cooks in the kitchen. Sumitra comes there and asks Namrita she has been in the kitchen for two hours and it would be better she doesn’t cook sweet. Namrita asks her to check the taste of her dish. Sumitra says she could have cooked something easy as she is unfamiliar with the ABCD of cooking. Rishi watches this, Namrita is sad as she looks at him. Mahen eats his lunch, Pratibha says he made her agree on it. She says she is tensed as her rehearsals have gone out and she might not be able to take time to practice again. Mahen tells her not to worry and this will all be done. He looks at her, worried and lost. He takes her hand and says this is a new turn in her life, she should take each step with great care. She should do hardwork and he wants to see a trophy of victory in her hand. He hands her the ticket of the wild card entry of the talent hunt. Pratibha thanks Mahen.

At home, Pratibha is staring at the ticket. Anmol and Peehu comes there fighting, Pratibha hugs them both. Sanjeev brings her a guitar and he and Anmol waits in the stairs as Pratibha plays it. She thinks if it is a dream, that she is going to turn a new page of life and she is not sure what will happen next. Mahen wants to see her win, but she wonders if she will and if it is a good decision. She thinks if she would she be able to take care of her home and children with it. Mahen is her biggest support now and pray God help her in whatever is happening. Pratibha is in her room when Mahen calls her and asks her to get ready fast and meet him at Sharma bakers. She asks if they are going somewhere, Mahen says this is a surprise for her. She tells Mahen Peehu has not come back home till now. Mahen says she must be at her friend’s house, she must hurry and come out. Pratibha says she will. Meanwhile, Peehu comes to the jewellery shop in veil. She looks at all the sales person. She asks one of them that she wants to sale her earrings and asks what will she get for it. The salesman says he can’t estimate, he asks her to sit that he will bring the owner and he will tell her the rates. Peehu thinks in her mind and apologize to her father to forgive her.

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In the way, Pratibha asks Mahen in the car where they are going. Mahen says it is a surprise and she should have some patience. Pratibha says he came home soon from shop and is taking her out too and that she doesn’t understand what is happening. Peehu is shocked to see the owner as Panday uncle who was with her father on the show. Panday says she seems to be someone known to him and tries to recall where he saw her. Peehu says he must be mistaken and she never saw him before. She asks him to tell her quick how much she can get from these and she has to go urgently. Panday makes an estimate and says she can get 22,000 out of them. Peehu says okay that he may give them to her. He nods and hands her the cash. Placing it in her bag, Peehu heads to leave but Panday stops her from behind. On the other hand, Mahen pulls up the car and asks Pratibha to sit here until he talks to Panday about the association meeting. Pratibha wonders what surprise Mahen has planned. Panday asks Peehu what her father does. Peehu says he works in a bank. Panday asks which bank. Peehu says Raji cooperative bank. Panday is still trying to recall who she is. Mahen and Peehu pass each other at the doorstep of the shop. As Peehu had her veil on, but Pratibha thinks it is Peehu.

Panday tells Mahen he will register it in the meeting. Mahen agrees. Panday says there was a girl here just like his daughter and he thought for a while it was her. May be it was a misunderstanding. Mahen says Peehu is his daughter but she is not fond of any jewellery and she never come to his shop. He adds that it is not possible she comes here, and takes a leave from Panday. Panday comes out with Mahen to see him off. The kids collect the money, Peehu says she was luckily saved today as the owner of the jewelley shop recognized her. Shalini asks her to give the money to the blackmailer soon. Peehu says she couldn’t sleep well since the blackmailer’s matter started. They go inside the woods into a desserted place, keeping the bag on a wall they look around and leaves. The man takes the bag. Mahen and Pratibha arrive at an institution. Pratibha says this is music academy.

Mahen says a little patience more and he will tell her. He asks the reception for a form. The receptionist says he is lucky that his wife is getting admission here, as they have no vacant space in the batch. Pratibha asks why is all this needed. Mahen enrols Pratibha in a singing academy and says it is her beginning and she should not worry about any expenses. Pratibha asks how will she be able to manage home, children and the family. Mahen assures her that all will get managed. The receptionist tells Pratibha that their teacher is very punctual and is strict about rules. Mahen says they will manage and makes the payment. Pratibha wi worried, Mahen notices this and asks what happened. Pratibha wipes her tears and says she is thinking she is lucky to have him as her husband, who is supporting her a lot to encourage her talent. She dreamed of something but he has done all the efforts for it. She thanks him. Mahen says he doesn’t want it and he just want a trophy. He also wants her to have a big name in music.



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