Monday Updates on Love Happens – Episodes 16- 18

Though Raghu knows that he is no match for Shankar Pahalwan, he agrees to fight with him. The fight begins and Aanya cheers for Shankar Pahalwan. The fight, which looks like a comic caper, is won by Raghu, much to Aanya’s dismay. As per the mutual agreement, Raghu asks Aanya that she will have to dress like a village girl. But Aanya is not in a mood to don the village outfit and runs away from the scene. Later, Raghu is pleasantly surprised when he comes to know that Chhotu had asked Shankar Pahalwan to lose the fight. Raghu thanks Shankar for saving his day.

On the other hand, Arjun and his friend get irked when they run out of fuel and get stranded again. Meanwhile, Inspector Bali also arrives at the fair and gets suspicious when he comes to know about the arrival of GD who is from the city.Sarpanch gets excited when he comes to know that Inspector Bali has also come to see the fair, and in his excitement, he announces over the loud speaker about Bali’s presence. GD and Aanya are shocked to hear this. Both feel that Bali has come to arrest them. GD then forces Aanya to wear the village outfit so that Bali does not recognise her. Raghu is pleasantly surprised to see Aanya in village attire.

Later, Bali bumps into Gehna and falls head over heels in love with her. He even tells his mother that he has found a perfect match for him. While trying to run away from Bali, Aanya collides into Bali’s mother. Both enter into a heated argument and when Aanya comes to know that she is Bali’s mother, she runs away. However, Bali’s mother calls Bali and asks him to teach Aanya a lesson. Bali then stops Aanya and says that he had seen her somewhere. Aanya gets a breather when she sees Raghu, and immediately tells Bali that she is Raghu’s wife, leaving Raghu in total bewilderment.

Raghu realises that Aanya is trying to get rid of Bali, so he also pretends to be her husband. However, he makes Aanya pay a heavy price by compelling her to participate in the cow-dung cake making competition. GD asks Debbie and Isha to hide inside a photo studio while she goes to find Aanya. Isha, who is facing a hard time to control a drunken Debbie, gets another shock when Bali enters the studio to get his snap clicked. Isha and Debbie manage to hide behind one of the props, but unfortunately their picture also gets clicked with Bali’s snap. Meanwhile, Aanya, who has somehow managed to get rid of Bali, gets shocked when she sees Arjun in the fair. In order to prevent Bali from seeing him, she picks a cow-dung cake and throws at Arjun. But she misses him as Bali comes in her way.



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