Monday Updates On Love Oh Love – Episodes 176- 178

Raj and Avni argue in the garden, Avni says this wedding might not take place then. They both change their paths, then stop to look back and both Raj and Avni don’t come to a common decision and instead think of each other’s happiness as they both recalling their love for each other. Raj takes Avni’s hands and kisses them. They come inside, Suket asks if they have decided. Avni says that she loves Raj, and wants to marry him whatever the venue may be. She says the wedding will take place where Raj wants. Raj, who has decided to make the wedding venue where he and Avni’s love story all started asks if she is sure, and takes her promise that she won’t regret.

Anjali is happy but Raj says that wedding will take place where Avni wants it to, in the same house as it is also evident of their love-story and how their friendship turned into love. Avni asks him not to sacrifice for her, he says that the wedding is important than the venue. Bauji says that today children teach them what true love is. Anjali thanks Avni and says that she has started to love Raj again. Suket asks Anjali to tell about the rituals in her family, but she says that they don’t know anything about them. They look back at Raj and Avni who were busy in their talk. Avni is getting facial treatment, Bhavna tells Raj that Avni is busy. Anjali is getting the room interior, Avni calls and Anjali tells her to say that he is busy. Avni is in kitchen when Raj calls, she says she busy. At night, Raj and Avni talk on phone. Raj says that he had decided they will talk in front of each and that they are going on date tomorrow.Raj tells Avni that he is about to leave, Avni promises him that the date will be great. Bhavna and Arpita get designer sarees for her then and involve her with trying them. Raj comes downstairs, while Avni looks at him from her window. They both sing an old song. Both Raj and Avni’s family deliberately keep them busy throughout the day and hence the two of them are not able to talk to each other. Avni comes downstairs; Arpita takes her to select the jewelry. She heads to bring the tea for guests. Akshat and Suket then get her to select the wedding the cards, but finally Raj takes her to the room to get ready. She comes dressed up downstairs, when Abhay comes to Raj and says he has to go to decorator with him. Avni tells Raj on phone that she is so tired. Raj says that he is also tired. They both discuss about the preparations but are so tired that soon fell asleep with their phone on.

Bhavna and Anjali come to see Avni and Raj respectively, caresses their children. Raj’s mother sees Raj sleeping with his phone and finds out that even Avni was doing the same as Bhavna says Hello, Anjali replies and says it seems they still didn’t take time to talk. She says they should give them time to meet tomorrow and both Bhavna and Anjali plan to let the two of them meet. Raj asks where is everyone going? They all say that they have preparations of the wedding to look after. Anjali tells him his designer is coming home to take his measurements. Bhavna takes Avni to Raj’s home and tells Avni to give this bag to the designer. Anjali meets Bhavna outside and says they should go shopping together, Bhavna says after mandir.

Avni comes inside and asks about the designer. Raj says neither is Madhuri here, nor the designer. He calls her inside for breakfast and finally Raj and Avni are by themselves in the house. The table is all set, a note said to Raj that his mom and Bhavna planned this time for them both as they were not getting time to talk to each other. Avni says she is happy that they are getting married. Raj says he will try to fulfill every wish of hers. Arpita goes for a job interview. She shows them her CV and her designs. The interviewer appreciates her designs but asks that she is from Khandelwal family and why she wants to work here? She says she wants to work on her own. They get a call, and tells her that their boss selected another candidate. She asks them for the file, and after checking the designs and finally manages to impress the manager as she says that his decisions are wrong as these designs are outdated. The owner comes there himself, Arpita is about to leave but the boss stops her and says that when she has the courage to say the truth, he is honest to accept his mistake. He welcomes her on board that she got the job for herself, she shakes her hands with him introducing herself as Arpita Khandelwal and he as Rohit.

Avni and Raj go to see what changes are to be made in their room. Raj visualize Avni is front of the mirror after marriage. They do not open the door when the doorbell rings as Raj reminds her that his mom said they must not heed about anyone ringing the bell. Avni tells him that at night she has nightmares and what will he do. He says he will hug her to make her feel safe. The bell rings again, Avni asks him to look who is on the door. Finally when Raj opens the door it turn out that it was his neighbours at the door. He welcomes the ladies. They complain about him being late, Avni comes there. Raj introduces her as his bride-to-be. Avni invites them inside, but the ladies ask what she is doing alone at home with him and try to insult them seeing that both are alone in the house.

Anjali comes there and defends her children from the old ladies. She shouts at the neighbours for scolding her daughter-in-law and tells them that they can leave the house. Anjali asks why she didn’t say anything to them? Avni says that they were her elders. Anjali says that this doesn’t mean anyone can say anything to her. Bhavna comes and hugs Anjali. She tells Avni that she is not worried about her anymore. Avni thanks them to fill her life with such happiness.

Bhavna asks Anjali for Raj’s birth-chart. Anjali says that it is their love-marriage but Bhavna says that she still wants to show it to Shastri ji. Raj says Madhuri has this. Anjali promises that she will send it to their home, as soon as Madhuri comes home. Avni hugs Anjali; Raj comes behind her and asks why she is upset. Avni says she just disliked how his relatives had to leave; she goes saying the feeling will just go away. Arpita’s boss Rohit calls her, Akshat attends the call and asks who he is and why he want to talk to Arpita. Arpita comes from the bathroom, takes the phone from Akshat and talks to Rohit. He asks Arpita to come to meet him and sign the contract with him. Akshat hears her and insults her by questioning about Rohit to her and who this Rohit is? Arpita says that Rohit is financing her business and her business associate. He asks how can she work with someone out of the family. Arpita says that she is talented, and asks why can’t she work when Anjali can? Akshat throws her file away, and says he wants to know about Rohit, he sounds to be young and must have agreed to finance her only because she is beautiful. Arpita takes her files, she says that what matters for her is to know that she is married, and tells Akshat that he should peek into his own heart before Rohit’s to see what his thinking is.

Raj comes home, Suket and Bhavna asks him that they called him for something important and ask if he see Abhay and Arpita out. Bhavna takes his birth-chart, and sends him out. She and Suket discuss that they are happy to get a guy like Raj. In the garden, Arpita and Abhay were there with the set-up of pre-wedding shoot. Raj gets excited but leaves that he has some important things to do. Meanwhile, Madhuri prepares Pooja for school. The orphanage management come with Pooja’s mother who claims her child. Madhuri gets a shock when Pooja’s mother comes to her house and tells her that Pooja is her daughter and cries, while Savri peeks from door thinking she has been successful to make her cry. Madhuri feels devastated when even the members of the orphanage ask her to give Pooja to her real mother and adopt another child instead. Savri’s dirty trick works and as a result, Madhuri is left broken. Avni is attending a photo shoot but she is upset that Raj is not there. She says she will have been happy if Raj was here too. She closes her eyes and feels extremely pleased when Raj appears in front of her after she opens her eyes. Avni complains to Raj that he left, though she wants everything perfect for their wedding. Bhavna calls her inside, Anjali is there. Bhavna says someone has come to meet her. The old relatives of Raj were here, and apologize to Avni for what they had said. Anjali tells Avni that they called her themselves. The ladies tell Avni that Raj is behind this. Avni says that this was the important work of Raj, and runs to him.

Meanwhile, Shastri ji the astrologer sees the horoscopes of both Raj and Avni and feels that their horoscopes are a dangerous match and decides to warn their families about it. Raj tells Avni that his smile was missing; he promises this would be the best wedding of the world. Shastri ji says that this wedding can’t take place. Raj tells Avni that it has started to raid, so the set up is in her room now, they go for the photo-shoot and get their photos in different out-fits. Avni tells Raj that she wants their true wedding now. Shastri ji fears that the girl has a shadow of an older event, which is causing this problem and wonder whose past can it be. The family comes to celebrate the photo-shoot with Avni and Raj. Shastri ji tries their number, but thinks that he must go to Suket soon.

Suket tells Anjali that they should now finalize all the matters of the weddings. Bhavna tells him that Shastri ji has been calling him, but he should first go to Bauji. Anjali gets a call and comes out to listen to it. Shasti ji first goes to Anjali. Anjali introduces herself and asks him for the dates. Mr. Shastri reveals some shocking news about Raj and Avni’s horoscopes and tells her about the dangers that might follow this marriage as their is a problem in the birth-charts. Anjali asks him to talk to her first, they sit in the garden. Shastri ji is hopeless while Anjali thinks she won’t let anyone come in between Raj and Avni.

Anjali says that she won’t let anything come between Raj and Avni. She tells Shastri ji that they must all believe in the stars, opens the chart and says that the timings mentioned here are not right and explains that she doesn’t believe in these birth-charts so her mother in-law got this made. Shastri ji, the astrologer goes to Avni’s house and announces that the ‘kundali’ is a perfect match and the entire family is extremely happy. Anjali asks God for forgiveness as she lies to the astrologer about the timing of Raj’s birth in order to match the horoscopes of both Raj and Avni. Abhay tells Raj and Avni that there birth-charts had to match, one of them is smart and handsome while the other. Avni asks what is with the other? Arpita and Abhay tease her. The date of the engagement is fixed as Suket decides that engagement should take place the day after tomorrow. Avni gets worried, but Bhavna and Suket tell her not to worry. Everybody starts to make arrangements for the engagement as they have very less time left for it. Abhay talk to decorator for engagement. Suket talks to Pratab for the jewellery. Arpita tells Rohit on phone that she has a function at home so she might not be able to work. Bhavna calls Savri for shopping. Arpita comes to Raj, he says he called her to ask her to design the engagement ring for Avni. Anjali comes there and says that she should not worry about the money and hands her a blank cheque; saying not to worry about money or discount. Arpita Arpita gets excited about her first order and first cheque. Rohit calls Arpita, and shares her excitement with Rohit that she got her first cheque. Akshat sees this, he then comes to congratulate her and only taunts her by saying that she will get orders only from her family as a favour and not someone from the outside. He drops her cheque on the floor, she picks it up with tear-eyed.

Everyone is busy preparing for the engagement. Avni and Devika chose the jewellery. Avni says that she is not ready to compromise; Devika says that on such short notice, she might not get all the things. Anjali comes there, and says she thought about helping them. She notices Avni worried, and shows her some designs she had downloaded from internet. Avni chooses a dress, looks at the address of the store and asks her mother to go and buy this now. Bhavna asks where the store is? She says it is in the Umad Village. Bhavna is shocked, so is Bauji. Avni and Devika head to leave but Bhavna says that no one will go there as that place is far away. Avni promises that she will return soon, Suket also supports Avni but Bauji also says that it is not right to go so far away from city before her engagement. Bhavna hands Avni a dress what she chose before and leaves the room. Bauji comes to say that she did the right thing, and she should keep the wedding things away from the village. Meanwhile, Raj talks to his dad and asks him to come home soon for his marriage. He tells Madhuri that she should tell Pooja to hand the gift to Savri. She nods. Raj sees some letters, but Madhuri asks Jashan to take the orphanage letter from him. Jashan sends Raj to try his dresses, and gather courage to open the letter which said that they must return Pooja in two days. Madhuri cries hard. Madhuri and Jashn do not reveal the matter about Pooja in front of Raj as they do not want the joyous atmosphere to be affected in any manner.

On the table, Avni gets a present which had the dress she liked from the Umad Village. Avni cheers and thanks her mother for bringing her this dress. Bhavna is confused and says she didn’t order it. Abhay shows the letter that came with it that it is from Anjali. Avni thinks she will thank her and calls Anjali. Suket tells Bhavna to thank her too, but Bhavna is lost. Anjali tells Bhavna that like her, she can do anything for her daughter-in-law too. At night, Bhavna comes to Avni’s room. She sits by Avni, kisses on her forehead and sees the dress lying beside her. Bhavna say that Umad is her own village but she still fears hearing about it. She prays it should be the last thing for her wedding, from that place. If something else will come, it might bring the dark shadows of her past.

In the morning, Bhavna comes to Avni to wake her, then sits by her. She is about to leave, when Avni holds her hand. Avni asks why didn’t she wake her up. Bhavna says that it is a special day, of her engagement. She thought she should let her sleep at her parents house for a few days. She says time flies, she grew up so soon. Avni says she fears about her responsibilities. Bhavna says that house will change, but everyone there loves her so much. She asks her to get up and be ready. Avni hugs her mother and she prays that the secret about Umad must never reveal.

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