Monday Updates On Love Oh Love – Episodes 191 – 193

Raj and Vikram come from running. Anjali tells them about Avni and her family’s arrival. They get excited. Vikram teases Madhuri upon wearing a skirt on Sangeet. Anjali scolds him, and they come down to receive them. Avni and Suket were there. Vikram stops Avni from touching his feet. He asks about her mom, Suket says she stopped in the way to buy some Shagun. Vikram tells Suket that they have heard that they own a lot of hotels in India, and asks him to give him a few to them as dowry. Suket and everyone is shocked. Vikram blames Anjali for saying this to him that he must behave like a groom’s dad. Anjali says she didn’t wanted that, and he says that he has left him with no choice. Vikram asks if he can come to his own person now, and stands up, hugs everyone. Anjali apologizes to Suket. Anjali goes in to bring snacks, Raj and Avni go to his room. Vikram tells Suket that he must call each other (formal ) as Mr Purohit and Mr Khandelwal. Suket tells Vikram that when he will meet Bhawna he will know, how well she brought up Avni.Suket talks on a call and promises to be there in a while. Vikram stand up and tells Suket not to leave. Suket is skeptical but Vikram asks if it is important of him to be there. Suket says that Avni will come back with Bhavna. Vikram hugs him. Suketh takes leave from Vikram’s house and meanwhile Avni continues to stay in his house. In the room, Avni asks Raj to do the dance practice while Raj is not in the mood. He thinks about telling Avni how foolish her vows are.

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Raj’s father Vikram comes there and decides to spend some time with Avni and ask her for a date. They come downstairs. Raj is excited to see the table decorated, but Vikram teases Raj by calling it a date and tells him that it is his and Avni’s date and that Raj will work as a waiter. Vikram gift boxing gloves to Avni, so that she can help herself if Raj teases her. She and Raj laughs. Vikram calls Raj, he brings a chair and joins them. Vikram tells him it’s not his date and make him leave with the chair.

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He tells Avni that her smile is so innocent and gifts her bangles. He apologizes to her for coming so late, they both won’t be able to know each other. Vikram and Avni have a great time together and Avni suggests a game to him in which she will ask questions and they will have to answer randomly. They both play, and enjoy. Avni asks Hate? He randomly says Sangeeta and stands up. Avni gets shocked when Vikram tells her about her hatred towards Sangeetha (aka Bhavna) and she asks that if he hate someone being so fun loving? He says that she is not a part of his life. Later, Bhavna enters the house, Madhuri meets her. Vikram says that some people snatch ones smiles even, and tells her she has gone forever from her life. Bhavna asks about Raj’s father and they heads towards him. Anjali calls from behind, Bhavna and Vikram turns towards the same side so as to face each other’s back. Avni takes Vikram to his mother Bhavna and Vikram is about to see her but just then he gets an important call. It is the pundit, he asks how he can forget today’s date. Vikram immediately leaves the house. Anjali says it is so bad, he left without meeting her. Bhavna says it is not a problem, but Anjali says that her husband is a big problem.

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Meanwhile, Rohit tells Arpita in the office, that he feels bad for her today as there is Sangeet at his place. He tells her that an assistant is coming to help her. Rohit goes to take a call, and a young man comes there. Arpita mistakes Sagar who is Rohit’s brother to be her assistant and speaks rudely with him telling him to begin the work and doesn’t listen to him. Rohit comes there and introduces the young man as Sagar- his younger brother. Arpita apologizes to him and goes on to invite Sagar and Rohit for Avni’s wedding celebrations.

Suket asks Bhavna and Avni how the meeting was. They tell him that Bhavna couldn’t meet her but Avni has become a fan of him. Akshat hears Arpita telling Abhay to give her song to the DJ. Akshat asks him about her feet. She says that Rohit brought her a medicine and her foot is fine now. Akshat says she have made a joke of everything. She says that he have made a joke of their relation, and that he have become that narrow minded man who can’t see his wife succeeding and if had her work been wrong the elders must have objected it too. She says that it is only him, who doesn’t want to accept his fault. Akshat says that he is right, she has got new people and doesn’t need him anymore; he threatens to divorce her as soon as Avni’s wedding end they will end this relation. Arpita says that he is absolutely right, they will do this. She leaves, while Akshat says that she neither care about him nor his respect; now he will tell her what disrespect is.

Avni is ready, Bhavna blesses her. Devika says that when Bhavna is here, nothing can touch Avni. Bhavna tells Avni to come downstairs and Luxmi Devi is waiting for her. Devika says that she is a well known lady and people call her before any big event. Avni hands the Luxmi Devi – she male some money. She denies taking it, and says that she will give something to Avni instead. Devika says that one has to wear that blessed gift she gives. These were old flowers. Avni is worried, but Luxmi Devi tells her to keep whatever come out of the pocket.

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Avni’s mood is off, Bhavna tells Avni to take it and asks Devika to take her inside. Bhavna asks Luxmi what it is, Luxmi says that there must be some reason. She asks Bhavna what is important about this date? both Bhavna and Vikram seem to be extremely tensed about the date 24th september and are worried that the date clashes with the day of the ‘sangeeth’. Bhavna recalls, and the significance of 24th september for Bhavna and Vikram is the dark night while Vikram tells Anjali that today is 24th September that his mom and dad had died. Bhavna denies anything happening. Luxmi Devi leaves. Bhavna is worried that today is that black day. Raj calls his mom and Dad. Anjali comes to check Vikram. She looks at Vikram, and asks why is he dressed up in such clothes. Vikram tells her that today is his parent’s death anniversary and he will do what he does always. Anjali agrees, and asks him not to be very late for the Sangeet.

Sagar and Rohit come to meet Ankita for the Sangeet, she invites him and his brother inside. Sagar says he might not be able to come inside as he has got his flight. Just then Akshat sees the two of them and the situation gets extremely tensed. Arpita asks them to sit in the garden and goes inside. Akshat asks Sagar what is he doing? He tells that he and his fiancé are trying to increase their bank-balance in order to make a restaurant of their owns. Akshat says that he ( Sugar) take money from his wife even before their wedding but he says that when they have to live together for the whole of their life, why say so. Arpita brings sweets and snacks for Sagar, he says that he would have selected her for Rohti had she not been married. At Sangeet, Raj arrives with his mother Anjali. Suket asks them about Vikram, Anjali says he has gone for some important work and will be here soon. Anjali asks about Bhavna, Suket says she must be here. Later, both Bhavna and Vikram take part in a prayer but separately at different places. Vikram prays for his parents, Bhavna also prays for the same . Vikram asks for his parents and sister, while Bhavna for her father and for all those who died in the accident. The pundit asks the reason of their death from Vikram, he names it as murder.

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Anjali asks Bauji and Suket to begin the Sangeet as Vikram has requested to begin the ceremony. Bauji says they are waiting for Bhavna. She comes downstairs, Bauji says that the happiness of the future means more than the past. Later the ‘Sangeeth’ function begins and Arpita gets ready to begin her performance. Akshat gives the DJ a CD to play while Arpita’s perform and place it in the first place; he says he will see what his wonder wife will do. Arpita gets surprised when a wrong song begins to get played and stops performance while everyone comments what cheap kind of song is she performing. Everyone calls her names. Akshat remembers the old memories they had shared together and thinks he should not have done this. Arpita runs to the DJ, he tells her Akshat gave him the song. Arpita surprise turns into a shock when she finds out that her husband Akshat was responsible for changing the song. Arpita feels insulted and begins to cry, Akshat feels that he has crossed the limit and goes to apologize to Arpita and tells Arpita that this is the CD with the right song and she should dance on it. Arpita runs to the room as she is extremely upset and asks him that he wanted to take revenge from her. He says that he will owe him and he found the right CD. He asks if she would dance with Rohit, she replied him that Rohit would never have played such a cheap song for her. She reminds him the time he made her comfortable, and now asks where he stands.

Arpita finally decides to end all relationships with Akshat and suggests why should they even wait till Avni’s wedding, when they can hurt each other so much. Akshat gets shocked hearing this. Bhavna is worried, that it was the DJ’s mistake and she will go to make up with Arpita. Anjali tells her that Akshat went after her and that he is her husband. Avni asks her mother Bhavna that it is Abhay’ performance and that Abhay has gone to bring special sweets for Vikram. Bhavna asks Avni and Raj to bring Arpita. Arpita come downstairs, Raj announces that it was a technical problem and Arpita will perform. Avni insists upon her to perform, she does while Akshat watches her. She thank them all, and that her special thank goes to the bride-and-groom to be, as they have always been there and prays that they always love and trust each other. She calls the two special people on stage, Raj and Avni.

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Avni asks Raj if he remembers they have to take vows; she asks where her plan is. He says that they all sound so stupid, and that he can’t say all this. She asks what she will speak now, he promises he will manage. She is annoyed, and tells him to manage it all alone. Her mood is off. Madhuri gives the wedding to card to Bauji, and asks to keep it to Kana ji. Bauji gives it to Bhavna. She opens the card to read it but it fells down. She picks it up, and was about to read the name when the phone bell rings. She looks around to see whose call is it, and sees it is Raj’s father; thinking it must be something important she pick it up. Bhavna and Vikram have a telephonic conversation but they do not recognize each other’s voice.

Bhavna and Vikram have a telephonic conversation but they do not recognize each other’s voice. She tells him that she is Avni’s mother and that Raj is busy. Vikram asks her to tell him that he will be late. Raj comes on stage, and says that he was extremely annoyed when he first met Avni and was angry when she talked to him. Avni and other’s were shocked hearing this . Raj says it was so, because he wondered why he did not meet this girl before. He says that Avni is the one who wake the good side of him, hidden inside himself. Avni gets tear-eyed. She comes on stage, and says she doesn’t have words to say anything after him now. Raj and Avni give a scintillating performance during their ‘sangeeth’ and everyone enjoy their performance.

Meanwhile Vikram finally arrives at Avni’s house to join in the function as a car stops out, Abhay takes Vikram home. Vikram asks if he has to change the dress, Abhay says he can change in the guest-house. Vikram takes a pottery and places it near another such pot. Abhay comes in, while Anjali and Raj were worried about Vikram. Vikram comes downstairs and later meets Suket and his father. Bhavna hears Suket welcoming Vikram, Bhavna turns to look at him but he has his back to her. She thinks that till now, everything is going fine in Sangeet till now. Anjali says that she will bring Bhavna here, but just then Bhavna leaves the house and goes to the backyard. Bhavna comes to the pot of Pooja and she finds a pot that has been used for the rituals related to ‘shraadh and thinks who else can do the Pooja. Anjali comes to bring Bhavna and gives her the mask to wear saying it is for the finale of the dance competition which everyone has to wear masks. Later, all the family members are made to wear a mask and dance wearing the mask and to make matters worse, Vikram and Bhavna are in the same room.

They begin the dance, Bhavna and Vikram too wear the masks and hence do not recognize each other although they come in front of each other. putting the masks on dancing together a number of times. The dance ends with Bhavna and Vikram dancing together. After the dance is over, they were about to remove their masks when Raj and Avni come and say that they will remove their masks and introduce them as the world’s two sweetest people to each other. Finally, after the introduction is over, both Vikram and Bhavna have their masks removed and the two of them are utterly shocked seeing each other. Anjali comes to ask Vikram if he has become a fan of Bhavna in a first meeting.

The family begin to cheer, while Vikram, who finds out that the woman whom he never wanted to see in his life is now going to be his son’s mother-in-law and shouts that this wedding can not take place. Everyone is shocked. Raj asks his dad what is he saying. Vikram is about to leave, but Raj and Anjali stop him and ask him to stop this joke. Anjali apologizes to everyone, that he has a habit of joking like this. She tells Avni to relax too. Suket comes to Vikram, and asks him for dinner. Madhuri forcefully takes him to the dinner. Bhavna turns to the temple, the candle blows off. Anjali comes to take Bhavna, she says that everyone has gone for food and takes her. An upset Vikram watches Bhavna sit on the dinner table. Bauji offers food to Vikram, and appreciates how he brought up Raj. Anjali appreciates Avni, while Suket and Bauji gives all the credit to Bhavna. Vikram asks Bhavna where her family lives. They are all quiet hearing this.

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