3 mascara mistakes you need to stop now!

Mascara is an amazing piece of makeup technology. Yes; makeup technology. Mascara come in different shapes, sizes and colors but one thing we ladies know is that they help maximize the beauty of our eyes.


23 Quick Tips To Make The Best Impression At A Job Interview

It should be known that the most important part of a job interview is the beginning. It is when you have an opportunity to make a great impression—or a not so good one—on your interviewer. Many interviewers and bosses usually know, within the first few seconds of talking with interviewees, if they’re worth a shot at being hired or not.

How To Ace A Job Interview With A Smile

“First impressions last longer”. This is a saying that we’re all familiar with. It is a bad impression when you have an interview and you are not well-prepared. You don’t use the right words or wear the right thing or you even get to the interview session late. To help you prepare well for your next interview, review this advice on how to ace a job interview with a smile in 9 steps. By doing this, you can make a great first impression on your potential employer.

Got Bad Breath? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

I found it embarrassing to be unable to open my mouth to speak or laugh or even cough because of the way my mouth “stinks”. I hated it even more when others couldn’t talk to me because they were afraid I’d kill them with the ooze emanating from the recesses of my mouth. At first, I didn’t even realize I was the problem, until I woke up one morning and discovered that I’d drooled on my pillow and it stank. I couldn’t bear it at all. That was NOT just morning breath- that was some seriously bad breath that I could almost taste. I later found out it was called halitosis.

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