Quick Guide: 5 Tips To Boost Your Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem are mostly reserved or with little or no confidence. A low self-esteem kills your moral and often, makes you settle for less than you deserve in all spheres of life. It makes you belittle yourself and also reduces your self-worth.  Do you ever desire your voice to be heard or you…

Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate (Episodes 440 – 441)

  Abhi and Pragya argue with each other via text messages. She reads that the food is rotten and if she manages this way. Pragya replies that the food was good, but might have rotten seeing his face. Abhi replies asking her to see her face in the mirror. Pragya replies that she don’t have…

Foodies, Chefs…Join In The Challenge and win!!!!

So you think you can cook? Cool! Then send in your unique and “strictly yours” recipes as comments right here on this post for a chance to win exciting and fantastic prizes. To have the odds more in your favor, send in the pictures of your recipes to feedback@afmobigroup.com. Let the cooking challenge begin. P.S:…

Tuesday Update On The Vow Episodes (432 – 434)

  Later, Divya goes to the prayer room and tells Lord Shambhunath that she is in love with Amar and is confused. Just then a flower falls on the Holy Text placed. She is about to lift it when she hears a man’s voice say, ‘I have brought it for you, Vidya.’ She then recalls…

Tuesday Update On Reach For The Stars (Episodes 270-272)

Kamla says your daughter is beautiful. He smiles. He says suhana I have brought some stuff to be distributed among poor people I want you to distribute in them. kamla says looking at this girl make me feel like my kalpi is alive. Kalpi says please or give

Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate (Episodes 438-439)

Abhi is watching TV and laughs. Pragya asks him to lower the volume. Abhi thinks he shall not mess with Pragya until he gets POA papers. Pragya gives him tablet and asks him to take it before sleep. Abhi thanks her. Pragya thanks him for supporting her and protecting her from getting insulted. Abhi

Monday Update On Twist Of Fate (Episodes 436-437)

Abhi asking Pragya to give money for Purab and Bulbul’s grand reception. Pragya says she will not give money. Abhi says if she don’t give money then everyone of them will go on a hunger strike. Everyone backs Abhi, including Tanu. Abhi says I can be hungry to keep up my promise. Pragya gets tensed….

Monday Update On Reach For The Stars (Episodes 267-269)

Kalpana lost her memory and his face has been changed.Another family member tells to Kalpana that she is Suaana and she is a partof their family. Kalpana tells them that she does not think her name is Suaana. Kalpana tries remembering her memories. Neetu gets happy as she got back her bungalow. Neetu tells Pakhi to…

Monday Update On The Vow 2 (Episodes 429-431)

Guruji tells Sindoora that God has given her the answer. He then asks Divya how Benares was and says that her roots are here and she will stay back because her future is linked with this house. On one hand, Sindoora realises that Divya is the one whom Guruji had warned her of;

Monday Update On King Of Hearts Episodes 511 – 512

  Neil hears his aunt talking about Ragini’s identity that Ragini is actually Roshni and go to her to gets it clarified. He asks what was she saying? He shouts and asks her to tell him. Mithul says she is Roshni Khurana. Neil is shocked to hear that Roshni has been hiding her true

Thursday Updates on King of Hearts (Episodes 506-507)

Meanwhile, a drunk Roshni still loses control and starts uttering senseless words that she miss him. While Neil tries to console her, he leave Roshni to get water for her and at the same time, Siddharth meets Roshni. Roshni tells Siddharth that he have come. She apologizes to Siddharth that she did a mistake and…

5 Fantastic Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are In Season

Do you ever wonder why people prefer staying in a long distance relationship than a close relationship? Some people can’t stand seeing their partner always, while it does not work that way for others. Long distance relationship as difficult as it sounds, is one interesting way to date better. It helps build the relationship and…