Terms and Conditions

By participating in the pageant, you hereby expressly agree to follow, respect and apply the Rules and Regulations mentioned below:
1. All contestants will be subjected to sign up on our Palmchat (click here to download) and PalmPlay (click here to download) apps to register as an entrant for a Pageant. They must understand that the Palm ID will be a mode of identification for application process.
2. Contestant warrants that he/she has made all necessary disclosures and has answered all the questions on the application form completely, honestly, and accurately (i.e. must be a bonafide student with legal Matric number). You must register and submit forms online through our blog https://afmobiblog.wordpress.com/. 
3. Miss Palmchat Must be a registered student of the University of Calabar. Must be between 100 level – 300 level (faculty/institute of learning), 100 level – 400 level (college of medicine). Delegates must participate in preliminary pageants on our Palmchat app to enable him/her participate in the grand finale. Must be between the ages of 18 – 25 years of age. Must be unmarried as of the start date of the Pageant event.
4. The contestant agrees to release his/her right to make any press releases whatsoever, without the consent of the organizers and written approval to the press before publishing.
5. The contestant is responsible for all transportation to and from the competition venue, may it be for judging, rehearsals or when he/she is needed by the organizers.
6. If finalist is crowned and relinquishes this position for any reason, all prizes must be returned in FULL and in the condition received.
7. The winner of the pageant title must be available to visit his/her sponsors during his/her reign. The contestant accepts that the decisions of the judges are final. No correspondence will be entered into. Contestants agree that the contest judges decisions on all matters relating to the pageant are final, absolute and binding.
8. The contestant will not be permitted to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke or use foul language at any time during the pageant and must have no tattoo on his/her body.
9. The contestant agrees to participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout the training program in accordance with the schedule of events that will be given to them and participate in all the rehearsals.
10. A Contestant, or any individual related to a Contestant, must not approach Judges with the intent to influence or harass. Action of this type will be reported to the committee of the pageant, the contestant understands and hereby agrees that in the event he/she is crowned the winner, he/she will be required to sign a one-year contract with the AFMOBI GROUP INC.
11. He/She further understands that the inability to fulfill his/her contract may result in the forfeiture of his/her title and all prizes must be returned and his/her successor will take his/her place for the remainder of the year. All pictures and videos taken during the course of the Pageant are the property of Palmchat, and by signing this contract, you agree to release any right even in case of disqualification.
12. The winner of the Pageant must allow a duration of a maximum of up to 2 months to receive his/her prizes. By signing this contract (written and/or electronically) with AFMOBI GROUP INC., you accept to apply and respect the rules and regulations of the entities. Any act considered fraudulent, or detrimental to the Pageant will result in Legal actions.

I, as a contestant, will abide by these rules of this competition and will not get involved in fighting, disruption or interfere in any program or event in this competition, start or participate in any Crime and Injuria Act against the organizers, presenters, sponsors, or any organization or individual involved in this pageant, or make false accusations of any sort to any person. I/we also understand that if I/we have a problem, I/we are obligated to discuss the problem with the organizers first as first approach.


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