5 Simple Things every Man in a Relationship wants

Most times, women love to be at the receiving end, they always crave attention, love and all the most unimaginable things you think guys don’t need. But the truth is this; men desire love, they desire everything ladies also crave. Men often find it tasking voicing out and they pretend it’s all cool till they are caught cheating.


14 Ways To Know Your Man Really Loves You

Your man may say he loves you but can you tell that he truly loves you? What if he has never even really said those three amazing words to you? Fact is being able to tell whether a guy really loves you or not can be tricky but I have some tips for you to know whether he’s real or not.

16 Best Ways To Know A Girl Is Right For You

Here you are dating this girl or about to date a girl; she seems perfect, nice, caring and juts wonderful. In fact your relationship seems really good. However, how do you know she’s the right girl for you? Are you sure she’s the person you want to spend your forever with? The person you want to give all your attention and love…are you sure it’s her?

5 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Abuse comes in many forms in a relationship. You could be emotionally, financially, mentally or psychologically abused without knowing. Many people are in relationships where they have no clue what is going on. Most times, when you are in love, it becomes almost impossible to say whether you are abused or not, you cover it all up.

15 Things Men Do That Annoy Women (A Lot!)

There are certain things men do that piss women off to no end. I'm sure you can think of many examples, but there are specific instances that are just different from the rest. Sure, guys may think we overreact in these situations, but, honestly, we're annoyed and don't really care what you think. Sound insane? Too bad.

6 Reasons Why Women Break Up With You

This always happens, even to the best of us. We’re hanging out with someone, we start to develop feelings, and just when you think everything’s going great, boom. It ends. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one wondering why women break up with you or even stop being attracted to you. 

How To Have A Romantic Evening At Home

Romantic evenings are when you want to sit down with your partner and connect verbally and emotionally. These special moments can revitalize your relationship and increase the intimacy between you. Planning a romantic evening for your loved one will express your affection for them and show them how much you care. You can plan an evening... Continue Reading →

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