4 Signs That He Doesn’t Love You Back

Are you in a one-way relationship? The one-way street has been around for years and used to keep traffic flowing in one direction. While they are efficient in a city where traffic and pedestrians co-mingle, the one-way concept doesn't serve the same purpose in relationships.


Top 10 Breakup Lines And What They Truly Mean

Sometimes, couples and the sort of couples break up with each other because they are bored with each other or they don’t want to get along anymore. If you find yourself in a relationship and other people start giving excuses like all these then you need to understand its time.

10 Most Know About Marriage.

So I visited my childhood friend whom I haven't had the opportunity to see ever since she got married due to work and my numerous trip out of the country.  I called up my girlfriend and her number was not connecting for a while, minutes later I called again but this time it kept on... Continue Reading →

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