My parents left me with nothing

Today, on my way home from work, I engaged my friend, Emeka, in a little discussion. I asked him a particular question and he went, “Emma, to be sincere with you, my parents caused my life to be like this. Can you imagine they didn’t even leave me with anything? I see guys my age riding in their parents’ car; I see them spend money. Their lives are cool because their parents made provision for them. But me, nobody left me with anything; I didn’t even get anything when I was growing up. I blame my parents.”

I just smiled, shook my head and said to myself, “if only he knew my story.” Then I stopped him, looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “Since your parents left you with nothing, what do you plan on leaving behind for your children?” His prolonged silence was enough answer.

Many of us, like my friend Emeka, have developed the habit of blaming our current situation on the shortcomings of our parents. We still suffer from the “entitlement” syndrome that has rendered many lives useless.

Yes, your parents left you with nothing but what are you doing about it? Sulking? Get up, my friend, and think. Start from scratch. Think, think and just think. Forget about the box, just think. Your life is your life, not your parents’. Nobody owes you anything but you owe yourself everything. You have all that you need (2. Pet. 1:3). Be purposeful! Be inspired! Be driven! Live!

Writer: Emmanuel Ujiadughele


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